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[BUG 4.1] AoE weapons no longer apply afflictions in an area



Heyho my busy QA-crowd, ;)


we had this problem already a while back - then it got fixed. This time it's back - with a vengeance! ;)


All weapon with AoE capabilities (Whispers otEP, Citzal's Spirit Lance, Hand Mortar etc.) suddenly don't apply the effects of certain abilites (Crippling Strike: hobbled, Blinding Strike: blind, Stunning Surge: stun and so on) in an area anymore.


Since this was not mentioned in the patch notes (at least I didn't see it) I thought I should bring this to your attention.


Also because in this  thread where we talk about the problem it was reported that:


After doing some digging, I think this might be a bug.


Patch v4.1.0.0011 BETA introduced the WeaponAttackAbilityComponent.ApplyEffectsToPrimaryOnly to abilities.gamedatabundle. According to the Game Data Formats Documentation:


ApplyEffectsToPrimaryOnly - Boolean

If set, status effects will only be applied to the primary target of the weapon attack (if there is one).



I looked through attack abilities such as Crippling Strike and the like, and found all ApplyEffectsToPrimaryOnly were set to "false" by default, which is strange since that implies they should be applying as usual. Also, the devs haven't released the problem as a nerf, and as far as I'm aware, haven't commented on it yet.

Certain effects like dmg bonuses from Finishing Blow and lash from Flames of Devotion etc. still work with the AoE attack rolls.


Can you give us an info or two whether this is intended or not? Thanks a bunch!

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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is a bit frustrating to realize obsidian being "in the process of having this issue remedied ASAP," is a multi-month effort.  is even more disappointing to observe how new and more annoying bugs has been spawned in the interim. have not played deadfire since january.



IF obsidian were doing the work o' michelangelo, we might be more patient. 


will need be patient regardless.


HA! Good Fun!

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I think all the team is on Outer World.


Snif  :cat:


Ha-hah... Considering the current state of Deadfire and all this mess with Epic Store, i predict the Epic Fail :dancing:

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