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Was thinking about a tactician / ghostheart would it work well?

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I was trying to do a ghost heart / frenzy barb to try and make a shaman from WoW but you aren't allowed to have them both up at once which is sad....


So I was thinking of a ghost heart since it's immune to engagements and let's you get an easy flank / enemy engagement + a crazy amount of knock downs available from both the classes. I was thinking of using the morning stars for the modal not sure which one.


Would this work how I think it would? Or am I overlooking something?

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For all your shamanistic needs, might I suggest a Nature Godlike Furyshaper/Lifegiver. The combo offers a fine level of healing, offense, and support, all while sporting a name fit for a Rhapsody of Fire side project. The general idea is to combine Frenzy with Wellspring of Life and the Spine of Thicket Green to boost your HoTs and DoTs to higher levels, and cast them faster under Frenzy and the totem.

On the Furyshaper side you get:
Frenzy to trigger Wellspring of Life, and add bonus Action Speed and +15% more to your DoTs and HoTs. Since plague spells deal raw damage you don't have to worry about losing Berserker's PEN but lowering Fortitude is important.
Spirit Frenzy to add Staggered to spells, lowering Fortitude. Burst of Summer Flame and Sunbeam are good triggers for this.
The fury totem, which couples well with Chanter wyrms and ranged characters. Positioning it can be a bit of a pain so having movement abilities on your frontliners is a good idea.
Other Barbarian staples that boost your Action Speed/Recovery. While these will trigger sporadically since death-by-DoT can be unpredictable, they make a noticeable difference with slow Druid spells.

Lifegiver grants you:
Excellent healing through increased Rejuvenation Power Levels, further boosted by Wellspring of Life. The shift bonus is nice in a pinch but I'd prefer having access to SoTG or Rot Skulls.
Solid DoTs empowered by SoTG's +Beast PL enchantment and WoL. Touch of Rot's damage scales well with PL though getting it to PEN can be taxing when multiclassed; raw damage plagues work well enough.
Conditional crowd control through Hold and Charm Beasts.
Access to Sickness, which meshes well with Spirit Frenzy's Staggered.
Rot Skulls for dealing with trash encounters or after landing your long-lasting spells.

No real malus since Furyshaper's totem will take up your summoning slot anyways.
Druid spells generally have superb range and AoE, which is helpful due to the multi's low defenses.

The combo starts off a bit slow unfortunately, and its deflection and will are gimped so it'll need some babysitting during harder encounters and boarding battles. Still, I've found this to be the most satisfying shaman build.


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Yeah I thought about it since I really like the flavor of druid. I was actually going to go fury druid (the elemental spell caster) because I didn't want to use healing abilities just for flavor reasons than I realized cipher or wizard would be better than but I really liked the storm thing. I may even use the mod to get the companion druid subclass just because it seems like it fits with what I want pretty well... or the blood mage for spamming out abilities

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I'm not sure Ranger with any class is a good choice but our resident expert Boeroer surely disagrees :p

Yeah I was actually thinking of a ghostheart/devoted (or maybe something else?) Using a morning star and focusing on knockdowns between my fortitude debuff and pet against backliners I have trouble reaching

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Just some food for thought. Consider dual wield with bardatto's luxury and skull crusher or as a second set for blunt resistant/immune rust's poignard and kapana taga. Not only a chance to lower fortitude via afflictions but a chance to knock down. I assume you're not talking a solo run so your companions could throw in lots of druid, rogue, wiz and priest debuffs that attack fort too. An interesting approach, but with no solid full tank in the mix.

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