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I'm a new PoE player trying to learn the game so please correct me if my way of thinking is wrong :) I noticed everyone recommends to max INT and MIG for pala but from what i see, paladin isn't a support untill high levels. Early-mid game pala is more like a melee warrior, without any support abilities which benefit from int yet, maybe except lay on hands.

That's why i'd rather build my main paladin this way 16/18/3/18/3/19 with big shield and plate armor. Race, background etc. i'm picking in terms of RP so i won't min-max here. Talents and abilities:


lay on hands

deep faith

zealous endurance (focus will not work really for my dps cus my pala is usually alone in front and they are clearing stuff around)

weapons and shield style

flames of devotion

superior deflection

reviving exhortation (can't see anything better to pick at level 7)

weapon focus knight or intense flames or apprentice's sneak attack or cautious attack (here at level 8 i have big dilemma)


Doesn't it make more sense untill you get more abilities to actually be a support and benefit from int? I can even go solo and tank a group of enemies and kill them all in this way and not even get hurt much. I'll benefit from this build all the time cus i always have to tank and autoattack. 

What you think? Can you help with the best picks at level 7 and 8? Any ideas to improve it more?

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INT important for a Paladin: it makes your AoEs bigger (zealous auras, Sacred Immolation, Inspiring Triumph, Sword and Shepherd and so on).


It also prolongs the duration of healings such as Lay on Hands. Which means you heal more.


Of course it does not do much if you don't use those things. ;)

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BTW, just a little terminology debate here.


I would argue that dumping INT down to 3 early-on, for the sake of maxing CON, PER, & RES for early defensive benefits, with the intention of retraining at about 6th level for AoE & duration buffs when they are more meaningful...


… is a very definitive example of Min-Max-ing.   :yes: 

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