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Quest Bounty in Temple District

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I've only ever had the guards attack when I damaged Civilians. I've done that bounty like 5x, but the only time I ever had problems with it was when I had Maia using her quest Arquebus which bounces into civilian NPCs. AOE spells would have this effect as well I'm sure, but I was avoiding those for obvious reasons. Since I had just gotten and equipped that Arquebus, it was the first thing I tried swapping out and I immediately was able to complete this bounty without angering the guards. That said, this was before even the 1.1 patch so things could have changed since I last completed the quest.

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Lure them down the stairs that are on that screenshot to minimize the possibility of some hapless idiot blundering into your AoE. Better yet, do not use AoEs. The guards attack when they see you killing civvies and it's easier to remain unseen down there.


Also, just in case -- those constructs that always aggro are not city guards, they are with the bounty and will aggro no matter what.

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