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[Quest] A Sorcerer and a Gentleman - a bug or a feature?



Please see this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98181-quest-a-sorcerer-and-a-gentleman/


It seems that the Serafen quest still doesn't have a real ending. At least none of the patch release notes mentioned that this was fixed (as i write this, 1.2 is the latest version). 


Could the developers comment on this please? Do you plan to fix this? If yes, when? Or is it intended this way? Since I saw this bug, I haven't played a minute. I'm quite disappointed. 

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Hi stadi,


I've read the previous thread and will escalate the priority of this issue. In the meantime, we would like a save before the player fights Malnaj and a save before deciding to let Remaro go so that we may investigate this issue thoroughly.


Save File: %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II
Thank you for bumping this issue.
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I've also had this issue. Here are my save files:




Between the first and second save I did the following things:

- approach Remaro and let him go

- continuously press 1 during the follow-up conversation with Serafen

- ignore Maia and head to the docks (the exit)


Hope this heps.

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I stopped playing because of this and i see i won't be playng anymore.

You can say what you want but from my point of view you just don't care that a companion quest - let me say that again - A COMPANION QUEST, not some randombull****, is without an end...

Yes, you don't care...


I don't think it won't take much time to find and fix wrong referrence or smth.


I backed you for PoE I and II and now i know one thing for certain - i won't be jooning your PoE3 run (if there will be qny). Don't get me wrong, i love "BaldursGate" type games, but the quality of control is long gone - this is the age of "release date 60-100% game size" updates that fixes 20% of problems...

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Hmm i just did that, it seems that quest ends when you send Remaro free, you get weapon reward and serafen gives me that crit headpiece(only reason why i do his questline). Thats the end. Then, when you enter boat, Malnaj is waiting - i just killed them (she appears there just as consequence), looted all, nothing happens, but it doesnt need to happen anything, IMO.

Either mine two last playthroughs are not bugged (i never take Maia - if that helps) - or it doesnt feel bugged to me.

I am allways very nice to Serafen, and shady in general. So i hit 2 relation before i get to Remaro, while doing this quest as one of first (at first enter neketaka - buy spyglass > fort deadlight > progress through serafen quest), so i can get rid of him asap from party. Never felt bugged. Fair favor earned, task completed. Malnaj is just some consequence encounter after that.

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