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  1. I stopped playing because of this and i see i won't be playng anymore. You can say what you want but from my point of view you just don't care that a companion quest - let me say that again - A COMPANION QUEST, not some randombull****, is without an end... Yes, you don't care... I don't think it won't take much time to find and fix wrong referrence or smth. I backed you for PoE I and II and now i know one thing for certain - i won't be jooning your PoE3 run (if there will be qny). Don't get me wrong, i love "BaldursGate" type games, but the quality of control is long gone - this is the age of "release date 60-100% game size" updates that fixes 20% of problems...
  2. I give up, we won't get any info, they'll release 1.1 and it won't be fixed either... I'm done with this, gl.
  3. Assuming that's a bug. EDIT: Any news about scavenger hunt on GOG? I really want Cutthroat Cosmo for my 2nd playthrough! It is, it was acknowledged 13 days ago with "will be fixed", but this quest is scripted and once you cross certain point you cannot evade it, so you're stucked either forfeit the closure or wait... I even asked if there's anything more there we would miss by continuing, but so far no response...
  4. So is the Serafen's quest finally fixed (you know, the blank end of the battle
  5. Still not fixed (happened to me just now)... I'm literally locked on the island since i cannot go on sea, because Malnaj is waiting for me outside of the dock. It's been reported 10 days ago. I don't want to be rude, but how long till you fix this? Days, weeks, months? And no, i don't want to continue, it feels weird and wrong to end it like this, without uttering a single word, requisitioning / pillagin / sinking her ship or w/e... Just making red paste of everyone and leave... weird. EDIT: Can you at least tell us what should happen? Because if it's only some random loot i would gladly sacrifice that and continue playing since i'm waiting for a fix without the option to do anything else in the game (unless i want to loose 3 days worth of progress due to lack of saves).
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