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  1. I periodically check this thread - only because I have it bookmarked. Can only echo those statements above. I've stopped playing mostly because of this. Perhaps as minor as this may be considered, I don't want to progress and potentially miss out on what might be an interesting conclusion with Serafen and Malnaj.
  2. Another bump. Still an issue that has been persisting for months and quite disappointing. Thanks
  3. Ah. Not sure then, I did the same and put down the game since this bug and haven't loaded it up since. I miss playing it, but fortunately I have other games to play. When this is fixed I'll likely resume.
  4. Her crew doesn't attack her, not that I saw. The quest didn't update in the journal, however.
  5. This issue is not fixed since the latest update. You leave Sayuka and get intercepted. After the conversation with Malnaj, you kill her and her gang, then nothing. No triggering of dialogue. You CAN loot their corpses, followed by having to click the button to go back to the world map and go on your merry way as if nothing happened. I have a save just before this happens if useful to a dev.
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