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  1. If you have time, you should repost the bug report (and maybe include a link to the old thread). The QA team tend to ignore answered threads. Also, make sure to attach a save file generated with the most recent game version (for example uploaded to dropbox). Even if a bug is easy to reproduce, they will ask for a save file.
  2. Hello, I've also had this issue. Here are my save files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3fyhe44abvpv3ce/MalnajBug.zip?dl=0 Between the first and second save I did the following things: - approach Remaro and let him go - continuously press 1 during the follow-up conversation with Serafen - ignore Maia and head to the docks (the exit) Hope this heps.
  3. I threw together a little test scenario. I hope it helps. The game version is v1.2.2.0033 LAXABCE -steam. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xyewskdfq81r55n/SharedFlamesBackstabBug.zip?dl=0 Level up the Watcher to level 10 and pick up "Shadowing Beyond" and either "Shared Flames" or something else if you'd like to test the other Flames of Devotion versions.The Watcher also knows "Smoke Veil" for comparison. Thanks for investigating.
  4. Certainly! https://www.dropbox.com/s/vnmt6yivih6o5wu/DuskfallBug.zip?dl=0 The Watcher is carrying a Duskfall without enchantments. Just enchant it and hit the guard in the face. Switch to fists and back to Duskfall in order to get the Drawing Cut or Drawing Parry effect back. Another thing: If you start combat by performing an attack, Duskfall's Drawing Cut is not applied to that first attack, but the second attack instead. I think this might also be not intended. Thanks for looking at the issue. Best regards, fahnsen
  5. Hello again, the enchantments "Drawing Cut" and "Drawing Parry" of the sword Duskfall are apparently not working as intended. The enchantment descriptions state that both effects should only occur "at the start of combat". However, when you switch to your other weapon set and back to Duskfall, the buff is reapplied. This can be repeated multiple times. I mean, the enchantments are named "Drawing", so it might make sense that you get the buff everytime you draw the weapon. But an already awesome weapon granting you +15 Deflection for virtually the whole fight seems rather bonkers to me, so I think the enchantment descriptions are correct and the enchantments are intended to work only once per encounter. Best regards, fahnsen
  6. Hello everyone, I'm playing a Holy Slayer (Goldpact Knight/no Rogue subclass) and I noticed the following bug. When you become invisible using Shadowing Beyond and then attack with Shared Flames, the extra damage from Sneak Attack and Backstab is not applied. Notes: - Sneak Attack/Backstab damage is correctly applied when using Shared Flames out of regular stealth or Smoke Veil - Flames of Devotion and Eternal Devotion appear to work with Shadowing Beyond - I was using melee weapons (Watcher's Blade and Whispers of the Endless Paths) - my targets (random Neketaka guards) had no afflictions and were not flanked I hope you can reproduce the bug under "lab conditions". Unfortunately, I don't have the save file any more. Best regards, fahnsen
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