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How viable this class would be?

Rogue is a damage-focused class and Paladin is a tank or a supporter, but the ability to buff myself, therefore increasing DPS looks promising.

What attributes and abilities are recommended? Is there a soulbound greatsword?

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bleakwalker/rogue worked fine for me prior to 1.1 and neither class seems to have been axed that badly in the patch -- rogues even benefited from reduced guile cost to sap. i would want to check whether flames of devotion is still a full attack but in my recollection it applied a constitution affliction that then proc'd the rogue sneak attack passive.

don't know for RP or tactical reasons what any other rogue/paladin combo would look like. but it's not the most versatile build since w/ paladin you virtually use nothing but FoD for the accuracy and maybe sworn rival and beacon. as aeon said though, you benefit from improved defenses and virtuous triumph allows you to replenish zeal for even more FoD spams. 


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That's what I'm doing right now.  Solo POTD.  Brand enemy, fire an Arterial and Gouging Strike with blunderbuss at an enemy, then teleport/run away.  


You're tanky, you've got heals, and you do good DPS.  Weapon switch to sword and shield and do riposte for the times when you can't run away.  




Each class covers the weaknesses of the other.  

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