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Update #50 - New Patch and What's Coming in July

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Eh, small question, if we were late in confirming our pledge details on Obsidian, will this disrupt the possibility of us receiving our physical box? I couldn't find info about a cutoff date anywhere. I suppose technically my physical copy was accounted for in my original fig pledge, but well, I suppose if I'm screwed, I am screwed.

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Looking forward to see combat issues fixed. No point in adding new features without making the game playable and somehow balanced in its current state. Absence of the difficulty achievements looks like a confirmation that the gameplay basics are not finished yet.

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Hi Everyone, 


Within my Steam Library, the Scalawag's DLC shows as being installed. 


Within my PoE2 main title screen, the Scalawag's DLC appears in the list of extra stuff that's installed, albiet with no checkmark next to it. 


All of the other DLCs I have installed appear with a checkmark next to it. 


Also, there's an additional entry, named ''GODANDAG'' underneath the Scalawag's DLC in my main title screen....not sure what that's referring to. 


If I can figure out how to do it, I'll post a screenshot of my PoE2 main title screen. 






I had exactly same problem as you. Anyway game does not have any problem with that. Everything is installed corectly. For my first time I had it same as you, without check mark and with grey "godandag". Second time when I launch game "godandag" was not there anymore and now after maybe 4-5 launches is everything correct. Gold name of dlc with check mark and notes as another dlc's.

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I don't know if any of the devs will read this, but I have something minor that I'd love to see.  Maybe 2 related things.


1. The Nekatakan queen has an outfight that's absolutely gorgeous.  But sadly, it's just clothing.  I'd love to see it turned into a nice Robe so that it can be used, and not pretty much ignored.


2. I'd love to see the clothes that Ydwin wears turned into padded armor.  I see no particular reason why "padded armor" has to only look like armor.  Why couldn't it be an outfit that looks like clothing, but is actually padded like "padded armor".  And along these lines, I think that it'd be cool if there was a cloak or robe that looked like a long coat.

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