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So using sworn enemy seems to drop me out of stealth - i always thought its due to lack of stealth but tested it on a >20 stealth character and it has the same result.


The skill does say "loud" when using it - i assume that factors in, but at the same time it says "impact quiet"


Can anyone elaborate if this is supposed to happen or a bug and what exactly "quiet on impact" means in that context?

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You sworn someone as your marked enemy and you expect them to not discovery u from stealth ?!


well maybe you just swore to yourself and don't yell it out lout...thats semantics... i am just wondering what the specifc notion Lout / Quiet on impact means..... because this sounds to me as as long as your far away you're not being heard

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As for the sound, this how I believe it works.


Loud (use) means the radius around your character where mobs might hear you use the skill is decently large.

Quiet (impact) means the radius around your target where mobs might hear you use the skill is small (or doesn't even exist).

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Do you drop out of stealth when you are out of hearing range as well?

i cast it at the maximum range available....i don't know what the hearing range is or how i could increase the range


I am just wondering what relevance the quiet impact has because if the radius where enemies hear you is larger than the distance you have to cast it, this is kinda pointless anyhow

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Sworn Enemy

Cast Time: 0.5 sec

Recovery Time: 0.0 sec

Range: 10m

Noise: Loud


Foe Target:


Marks an enemy as the focus of the paladin's righteous fury, granting Accuracy and Damage bonuses against the target until combat ends or the target goes down.

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