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[BUG] Weapon Modal disables other stacking bonuses



Certain weapon modals completely remove other passive effects.


For example: Rapier modal gives +20 accuracy. If this is enabled, neither the Fighter's buff from Warrior Stance, nor the Paladin aura buff of Zealous Focus will apply.

How can anyone in their right mind try to ship a multimillion dollar product without making absolutely sure that they don't upset all their players with a degree in Medieval English Linguistics?

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Yes, all passive abilities stack, all active abilities do not stack.

Spells, potions, auras, stances and weapon modals count as active, so they do not stack.

Rule of thumb: Things on the right side of the talent screen stack, everything else does not. ( there may be exceptions)


The basic rule ( passives stack, actives not ) is nice and simple.

But the game does a bad job telling us what counts as active and what as passive.



For everything that changes stats ( attributes, acc, defenses, power level, AR, penetration, maybe others ) add a tag if it counts as active or passive.

If you give us the rule "passives stack, actives not" everyone can see what can work together and what gets suppressed then.

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Pretty sure that's not a bug.  Active bonuses of the same type don't stack with each other.  Passive bonuses stack though.  Perception inspirations are a bit different so you can stack one with zealous focus or whatever.

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To be honest it's kind of stupid.  I'm sure I remember a developer interview where they said they were making it so bonuses on items would stack because it's simpler, easier to understand, more straightforward, etc....   Then there's a ton of active abilities that don't stack and you really have no idea that they won't until you actually try to stack them with each other.  


What happened to keeping things simple?  The concept didn't seem to last...

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