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Some basic info:



Main question: 

Are deception skills free to cast AND add 6 focus if they hit?

Or do they cost their normal amount and you get a pityful amount of focus back when they hit?

Do those 6 focus scale with level?


Side question:

How should I use the class? I really like the ciphers crowd control abilities, but I can't imagine any suitable way to approach combat.

The wiki suggest combining it with rogue/assassin, but then I have the hard choice of opening the fight with EITHER backstab or something like "phantom foes".

It appears to me that this subclass consists mostly of disadvantages...

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I found soul blade and ascendant way more powerful and fun.

Soul blade + assassin had extreme single-target damage

Ascendant had a sea of focus and was a very good brainwash caster. Even when used not at maximum focus.


I also didn't understand beguiler's flavour.


I double the question.

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I was planing on doing priest/beguiler as a support charmer or maybe a chanter/beguiler. I like the sound of the class but I also am not sure how I would play a pure one.

Atsura, the intelligent Psychopath of my dreams.  I like my elves grumpy and my godlike fishy!

And my Rekke romancable!

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they cast for normal amount and return a certain amount of focus if they target enemies that are able to be sneak attacked.  so it just reduces overall focus cost.  the major bonus however is the added range on a lot of the attacks, and with a lot of cipher spells setting people up for flanked is pretty easy

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You pay first, then get payback.

Really max int/per. Keen Mind helpfull. Crit builds complete self. Hearth Orlan. DW Drain Whip.

You could eyestrike, phantom foes as enabler, and then ringleader. Or just cast eyestrike "free"

You can still cast shred powers, just not get focus back.

Mindblades  or Recall Agonny+Ignition.

Borrowed Instinct, Body Attuned always

Amplified Way, Desintagration end game



Use Guile for smoke veil for backstabs. Dont overdo. This is just for building up focus.



Use zeal for glorious beacon. Also FoD to build focus.


Chanter (trubadour)

The long night + Illa


But overall Beguiler does nothing new from Ascendant.

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