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  1. I've always wanted to do a very powerful Blunderbuss builds due to the awesome aesthetics (nothing like 2 boomsticks). It was sort of my plan before the game came out but then I heard it was meh. Apparently I was so wrong! I've gotta try this! Ya blunderbuss builds are a ton of fun, headsup tho on POTD both of those guns in questing target reflex, so in some fights unless you are dual classed with a way to reduce reflex you may run into accuracy issues, but nothing more fun than full attacks in an AOE
  2. You mean, other than the stacking boost to recovery on hit, up to -20% recovery, so it eventually matches dual wield-recovery rates while being able to attack multiple opponents? That sword is the best weapon in the game, bar none. And you can get it for 3000 gold as soon as you reach Neketaka. It's insane. It's still bugged afaik, so you can only get it if you put it in your game yourself. I'll just wait, my current character is a devoted fighter with longswords anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it really isnt bugged tho. Are you supposed to get the sword fragments if you forged the sword
  3. they cast for normal amount and return a certain amount of focus if they target enemies that are able to be sneak attacked. so it just reduces overall focus cost. the major bonus however is the added range on a lot of the attacks, and with a lot of cipher spells setting people up for flanked is pretty easy
  4. Priest of Berath shouldn't be able to multiclass with Bleakwalker as they have opposing dispositions, or has this been changed? Good to see universal weapons still have some benefit. I thought it was just a holdover from PoE. Ya just saw i put is instead of would be, tried it ingame you cannot multi. Been playing a monk/wizard weapon build trying out universalist tag.
  5. Most fun ive had is creating a weapon summon melee wizard. Any summon weapon with universalist in tagline modifies all equipment to affect the target weapon. Ie hawkeye from blade hood affects melee hits granting 15% hit to crit to all priest weps with the highest 50% lashes ingame. Berath priest with fighter (pally bleakwalker isnt possible, wish it was it would be insanely fun). Summoned weps have the best possible itemization of any weapon ingame. And people thought they were weak. Not tried yet but should work druid firebrand with fire accuracy +10 ring. And shootist hood +5 accuracy and
  6. Depending on how much of carnage bonuses they allow with the added defenses gained from paladin levels, a barbarian/paladin will be beefy, have a good use of flame lashes and apply aoe retal and DPS. A ton of the combination classes seem to make for interesting choices as far as character styles go. Still waiting on seeing early skills for my favorite classes of all chanter (ranger too) to make him more than a flashy AOE tank (levels in barbarian for aoe carnage or warrior for some toughness). Overall it seems ranger and chanter are in the same boat
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