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Yeah, that's the one. Glad you like it! I'm very fond of it too. :)

It's a very cool item. Which item did you create in PoE if you don't mind me asking.


Thank you!


The item in PoE1 is called Jêna's lance. It's a pike. It can be found in a store in the first town you enter in the game, where you hook up with Aloth. Been so long now that I can't even remember the name of the town. :/



Guilded Vale I think? It's been a while. Do plan on doing a playthrough of it soon tho lol


Yeah, that is correct I think.

I'll do it, for a turnip.


DnD item quality description mod (for PoE2) by peardox

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Awesome stuff guys, It will be good to connect the person to the item when I come across it.



Interesting. On the photo in the OP you remind me of Yul Brynner. Did anyone ever tell you that? xD



xD  I can see that, good call.



Lol at your roleplaying!


I’ve backed the “create an item “ but haven’t found it yet. It’s a battle axe named Amra, anyone here found it?


Have you found it yet?



I contributed something! It's, uh... A small line to a logbook. About a Skaenite cult worshipping a godlike baby. It's not a particularly memorable line, but I'm glad to see it's made it! :grin:



Looking forward to reading it, I'll keep it in mind


Sorry to bump this Thread. But yes, they've added Amra! You can find it in Dunnage east outside vendor.

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