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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Everyone ! [& Devs included, if you're coming by ! ] Josh was recenty talking about Quarterstaffs & I wanted to talk about Magic Staffs (in D&D type of Game). For 20+ Years now, we've always had those "Two-Handed Melee only Staffs". Moreover, most of them where somehow, kinda Sh**ty in my opinion. But here's the thing, we've never had Big "Ranged" Magic Staffs, that shoots Magic Bolts of whatever you want (Let's say Minelotta's type of projectiles, would be a perfect exemple for that). Pillars Of Eternity was the perfect Game, & perfect Setting (with Archmages being around & quite common in Eora), to finally introduce this ! But it's not here, & I think it lacks a lot. It would bring more Diversity, Unique Playstyle, Unique Visual Animations, Awesome Epic Loots for Mages (Unique Skins for big Archmages fights), diverse types of damage, (just random guessing here but for exemple : Ice, Corrosion, Fire, etc). Instead we continue to get these Short unappealing Sticks, Wands, Rods, or whatever they're called. I have to insist on "Unappealing" because... Really, these things are not that cool. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From a Visual standpoint only, it would feel more Rewarding, & especially "SATISFYING", to see Aloth (or PC) wearing one awesome Magic Two-Handed Ranged Staff, instead of those Sushy-Grabber Sticks we're always getting. Plus, I'd assume it would be wayyy easier for a developper to make a Gorgeous Unique looking Skin for a Big Magic Staff, than it is to make one for a Short Wand that we can barely see In-Game anyway. I'm really wondering why bother making unique visuals for Sticks, that we can't see most of the time In-Game. But anyway... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I asked Josh about this & (Thanks to him), he responded : But again, "Rods" translate as Short Wands (Baguette Magique) to me, like, something small. I don't know if you get the difference I'm pointing at, between : Une "Baguette Magique" & Un "B√Ęton Magique" So, there you go, I think Ranged Magic Staff lacks a lot, & are very interesting. In terms of : Mechanics it can bring. Auto-Attacks Animations (you can create really Stylished Moves & Cool Projectiles). Probably Easier to work with, when it comes to create Unique Skins. Are Visually, a lot more Satisfying & Rewarding to wear on a Character. Repeating myself, but Pillars was the perfect New Game coming around (at the time), to introduce this. I hope they'll take a look at it, iterate on it, & maybe consider this in the future. Thanks for reading ! PS : I think visually Unique Mage Robes were lacking aswell, but hopefuly they'll do something about this in Deadfire !
  2. I've been on the fence for a while about how I feel about consumables in games. There's been some debate about potions which I mostly agreed with: Either you have an overpowered effect and the consumables become game breaking, or they fulfil a use which you can otherwise get using abilities of your characters, in which case they get unused. Consumables tend to be wasted if the intended effect is either useless, underpowered, or not applicable; or if combat is likely to resolve successfully without the use of consumables. Many consumables will either be too specific in application to be used broadly, or the intended effect is not certain to be worthwhile using a one-off. So here's an idea (but feel free to post your own): How about the consumables in this game, rather than having their own effects, boost the effects of specific abilities you have. Soul abilities affected by food or potions for instance, while class tools affect (class)skills. And I'm not talking about just buffing the effect, but possibly changing it. For example: say a "Day potion" will have different effect if you consume it for your defensive fighter, who's engagement ability now also deals damage over time to undead, your offensive fighter whose attack target can no longer use stealth, or your rogue whose attack temporarily blinds his target, if his target was in the dark. A player would be able to tell which abilities could be affected by the consumable using a colour scheme for skills/abilities and potions. For instance a purple coloured potion can affect any ability which has a purple icon. There'd be broader use for consumables and they'd be tactically interesting because of the different effects on different class builds. Consumables which boost or alter abilities which you already possess rather than give you something completely new and separate. Something which has nothing to do with your playstyle. (Currently consumables will always have only one type of use) thoughts?
  3. Many people do not like Vancian casting because it causes Wizards to often be passive actors with very limited numbers of actions. They are often torn between the choices of expending their limited and precious resource in an overwhelming manner on an "unworthy" engagement to participate, or throwing darts if not. The problem with non-vancian systems though, is that the frequency and reproducability of spells forces the scope of their effects and potency to be reduced for terms of balance. Enter the Scrolls and Wands. Scrolls allow you to hold infrequently used situtational and utility spells indefinately, without sacrificing spell memorization slots for more practical, desirable, and frequently used spells. Wands allow Wizards to remain a presence on the battlefield for ordinary engagements, so that they can save their "meaningful" spells for dire engagments and scenarios for which they were intended. To step outside of the proverbial convential box, imagine a scroll that is not consumed with use, but merely has a percent chance of being destroyed. My point is, that through the implementation of scrolls and wands, a spell system can be designed with maximum usefulness and originality, while preserving the utility and endurance of spellcasters. Furthermore, from a design standpoint, it is easier to create more consistent rules which limit wands and scrolls, than meticulously balancing out every detail of a spellcasting system without error. So don't forget about scrolls and wands! Food for thought. Ideas? Suggestions? Critiques?
  4. My primary draw to medieval fantasy games is spellcasting. Hence, my greatest draw to Infinity Engine games (D&D) has been the incredible sophistication of the spell casting system. While Vancian systems have their complications, every other system I've experienced pales by comparison. Since P:E has chosen to use cooldowns, I have some very serious concerns. Meaningful Effects Will spells be able to meaningfully alter the status of an opponent? I speak of spells like Emotion, Hold, Confusion, Domination, Sleep, and even death spells. Outside of vancian systems, the most wizards can hope for is "Stun for 0.089786976 seconds every X seconds" or "Slow for 1.09809 seconds every X seconds". Cooldowns & mana casting are the primary culprits for this devolution of spellcasting. Since P:E has chosen cooldowns, I am deeply concerned. How much should I fear spellcasting will be a stupor of generic damage spells with different durations/animations? Potency & Resistance How will the effectiveness of spells being determined? Will there be a roll to save type device as in D&D where DC is pitted aginst Saving Throws, or a percentage based system (45% likely to effect opponent)? Likewise, will wizards be able to meaningfully increase the potency of their spells, or will they have to accept the harsh reality that their limited quanity of spells will only work 40-60% chance at best? Spell Protections & Counterspells Perhaps one of the most shining aspects of the spellcasting in the Baldur's Gate series were the myriad of spell protections (Spheres, Shields, Traps, etc.) and their counters (Breach, Spell Penetration, Warding Whip, etc.). Will this degree of depth be present in P:E spellcasting? I apologize if these topics have been previously addressed. Should that be the case, I would very much appreciate links to those discussions.
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