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Found 6 results

  1. Hello there, I've just bought PoE and was full of anticipation. But after creating my character, the game keeps crashing.. It crashes to desktop a few seconds after loading a savegame - I couldn't play further than to the first wolf. This happens with the "game is not responding" message. I already verified the game files via steam and observed the takes manager while "playing": CPU won't go higher than 50%, memory won't go higher than ~1,2 GB. The video card driver is up to date. I attached my system specs and the output log (should be playable with windows 10 64bit). Does anyone know a way to solve this? What I've seen so far lets me really wanna play this game.. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. I need help, I've tried reinstalling, I've tried Confirming Cache and nothing seems to help. Crash instantly no splash screen. I purchased the game via GOG.com and installed via GOG Galaxy. I played for a short time a day ago and since then I have gotten nothing but the instant crashes, I made no changes to my computer before or after. Attached are the last created crash documents and the DXdiag file for my computer. DxDiag.txt 2018-04-29_012728.zip
  3. 24 hours ago I bought 4,000 gold in game. When it didn't show up as credited, I thought that perhaps I had somehow not completed the purchase so I tried it again. A day later, several restarts of the app and the update to the news app release I still haven't seen it credited. I have the Apple Store in app purchase confirmation Email so I know both purchases went through. How long does it usually take to appear in the game? I can submit a screenshot of my purchase to confirm if needed.
  4. So, I was having issues with my PC, and finally it failed. I can't figure out what's wrong with it, seems like everything is. Before I just junk the mobo I want to be 100% sure it's faulty. Here's what happened in chronological order, maybe some of you guys can help me diagnose this thing. 0. Installed a new CPU (Intel Core i5 3570K). For a week everything seemed fine. Here are the new specs: Intel Core i5 3570K (brand new) Corsair 8 GB DDR3 1333 RAM kit (cmv8gx3m2a1333c9) (2x4 GB) (3.5 years old) nVidia GTX 550 Ti (4 years old) Thermaltake Toughpower XT 575W PSU (3.5 years old) 2xSATA HDDs (Toshiba and Seagate, system on Toshiba (3 years old)) Gigabyte Z77X-D3H mobo (3.5 years old) All settings in BIOS were set to factory defaults after clearing CMOS. 1. Graphics driver started crashing, sometimes accompanied by a hard freeze. Clean driver reisntall didn't help. 2. After a couple of freezes and reboots system files got corrupted. Had to repair my installation. Also, PC started beeping at POST, hinting at some issue with the graphics card. A reboot would fix it. 3. After a day of regular freezes PC started rebooting randomly. 4. Two days ago my Seagate HDD failed (I could hear the head moving back and forth without stopping, which prevented the system from booting). I freaked out, thinking my PSU or mobo is killing my other parts. I replaced my PSU with an older 500W Thermaltake Purepower RX. The symptoms remained. After two freezes my system stopped loading again, requiring a repair. Trying to repair it with my flash drive would send it into a reboot every time right after POST. 5. Tested the system HDD on another PC, system partition turned up unrecoverable. I am now about to see if the HDD is alive at all, so I could at least recover some files from it. Now, I've read a bunch of threads on what could cause all of this, but there are so many possible reasons I don't know where to start looking and how not to kill my last remaining HDD in the process... Could a faulty mobo fry HDDs? Tomorrow I will try and test all my parts excluding the HDD from bottom to top. It looks like an HDD issue to me, but why would both HDDs fail inside the span of two days? Could this be a coincidence?
  5. - Too much content, do people really care about so many classes and so many plotline replays, which frankly, only the tiniest portion of people would ever consume? - You focused on the quantity of the content, not quality. - By focusing on the quantity instead of quality, you tricked people into this illusion of false dichotomy, that they will enjoy more content even if it is poorly realized, and in the process rendering yourselves as hardcore old-school developers who care about deep gameplay mechanics and story. - Why not 6 classes instead of 11 ?? Do you really think that gameplay archetypes can be achieved if you shove as many character labels and "unique" spells as possible, instead of just dispersing various pertinent talents and abilities, properly implemented, across 6 classes? - Ask yourselves; what is more enjoyable for the vast majority of people: creating highly polished reactive classes which visually emphasize how you lead and develop them in the gameworld, or shoving as much stuff as possible so you can say that the game has a lot of stuff ? You actually are trying to put so much stuff in it that if you remove half of it, people would still think it's an epic RPG(of course, if it actually had production values) - You completely failed at game development, this is not an interactive novel! It's a video game, put some production values in it like you did with Dungeon Siege 3. It's frankly embarrassing how you let your standards fall to the ground by entertaining this ludicrous notion you got from people when they tell you that they don't care about animations and graphics. Don't trust them when they tell you this! They're confused because they're conflating categories and misinterpreting the nature of the product. But when they actually start playing the game and everything feels like total crap because of those two foundational components(which most people can't pinpoint anyway) severely lacking, they will cluelessly let everyone know how much they have encouraged you to make it exactly like that! Over 4 million dollars was more than adequate to make an enjoyable, epic, isometric, pseudo 3D RPG with high production values. Just stop listening to the incoherent nostalgia people; focus, polish, and streamline!
  6. I've been thinking about this for a while. It's one of the many things I think have been lost over the last two decades: The ability to fail and continue the game. Now, for the main quest this is obviously the end. But in a content rich environment it should be perfectly OK to have the player easily fail their tasks and yes, have doors close on them. One of the major problems with games lacking challenge these days is that a player failing a quest or questline can end up seriously disadvantaged. So you often see that quests are fairly basic, lacking complexity or challenge. It's easy to get it right. But that shouldn't have to be the case Because one of the greatest enjoyments you can get from a game is succeeding at something difficult. Failing and coming back to retry, and that sweet victory when you finally figure out how to succeed. And I think this philosophy applies to quests as well. In a world which has a high density of content, it doesn't generally matter if players don't succeed at everything they do. Sure, many players may reload (which is why long, multi-stage quests are desired!) But if there is more to do, then it's OK for us to occasionally see a door closed. ESPECIALLY if you're already particularly invested in this. For instance you've joined a faction, and done quite a bit of quests for them already, and then suddenly you fail one tragically. You now cannot proceed with this faction any more. That'll be a serious hit to the player. It'll get your attention. "This **** is for real!" and lend some weight to doing quests. Quest investment will certainly lead players to be more immersed in what they are doing. I think of games like Assassins creed, where if you fail the game actually resets you to the last checkpoint and lets you retry. You get to do EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING right. Which is boring and narratively weak. Her name is Mary Sue, good at everything. I'm not saying I fear this won't happen, but I feel it is worthy of discussion.
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