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  1. Just a small point that irritates every time I make a new character: Aumaua: "... They are known for their unparalleled strength" Might: +2 Dwarf: "... Dwarves are known for their great strength..." Might: +2 Not really unparalleled then, eh?
  2. If you click on a portrait in order to move it around (i.e. change character order), it starts a drag and select square, which I guess shouldn't happened.
  3. Possibly related: before this happened I comploeted the farmer's quick and clicked on a piglet and got a "Placeholder bark text. This is a programming error" message. No idea what caused it, but attached is both a screenshot and the saved game that has the problem (I reloaded a couple times and always happens). Loading my other quicksave after I had done the above has the same problem, but loading other games before hadn does not have te problem. Attached is screenshot. Save game here: http://www.upload.ee/files/4260970/1e3f19eb9b7944d2869094536a74a854_DyrfordVillage_7630413.savegame.html
  4. When I click my barbarian's Frenzy ability during combat, it doesn't always activate. Sometimes he just keeps on whaling away at his enemy, ignoring my commands. I sometimes have to click several times to get him to use the ability. It's not a delay, either--I've waited many seconds after clicking Frenzy to make sure of this.
  5. [Description of the issue] Under circumstances I do not fully understand, the health bar does not actually reflect what a character's health actually is. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] In this case, 1. A character of mine got hit by a beetle poison. 2. After it wore off, the character's health was very low. The health bar was still near full. 3. After a bit, the health bar changed to reflect the health. [Expected behaviour] 2. The health bar should be an up-to-date representation of the character's health. See picture for explanation of the discrepancy. [Other remarks / Comments] The Auto-Pause for low health still worked. [Files]
  6. Combat HUDs appear over the top of portraits. This shouldn't happen. The Main HUD should always be at the front. This looks like it's by design though, but I find it really annoying, especially considering I plan to use the Solid UI bar. Nothing should show up over the Solid UI bar, ever.
  7. [Description of the issue] Wizard spell Essential Phantom makes the Wizard portrait dissapear from party roster, makes him unselectable (selecting his model defaults to selecting the PC), inmobile and uncontrolable (he just stands there, the same as his duplicate). Note: I have 6 party members as I recruited a chanter. As pictured: This originally happened in the Skaen Temple but Ive been able to reproduce it everywhere else. The picture is after combat. After casting the spell, while still having the Wizard selected, you can open his inventory though he doesnt apear with the other characters: Once you unselect him you cannot acces his inventory again, and he doesnt appear in the Character Screen either. This was in Tyrgil´s shop encounter so its not area-specific. The Wizard was right next to Tyrgyl but no attack ensued. Enemies and the party can attack the Wizard in this state though he does seem to have extremely high defenses: Should you run away from the Wizard his icon apears on the edge of the screen like with other characters: When the illusion´s time runs the illusion disapears but the Wizard doesnt go back to normal: [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Initiate combat with a level 7 Wizard. 2) Cast Essential Phantom 3) The Wizard is removed from your party and becomes uncontrolable and unselectable. [Expected behaviour] The spell working as intended and creating a duplicate of the Wizard to attack enemies as the tooltip describes. [Other notes] Maybe related but when I reloaded the safefile of right before the Skaen encounter while still in Tyrgyl´s shop with the bugged Wizard the entire party disapeared except for BB Fighter who was stuck in a wall. BB Wizard was there without the phantom and was controlable but still didnt appear. And when combat started he was still with ridiculously high defenses. Also, the Skaen cultists started to fight each other. After a while the BB Rogue died somewhere off-map: Clicking on the inventory screen brings up this: Here we have the Character Screen were it initially pesenting the stats for BB Priest but on clicking next character it showed a level 0 barbarian and nothing else since: Clicking on the Level Up button takes us to the level up screen where the character apears to be the level 0 barbarian: And after clicking "Done" you get a black screen and the only way out of that is to close the game (thanks for Windowed mode). Closing the game and loading the save shows what is expected: the full party with the wizard before the skaen cultists with no problems so It doesnt seem to be a savefile-corrupting bug at least. So yeah, pretty severe bug which can cause other bugs aparently. Hope it was useful.
  8. When pressing A, the attack cursor displays. Note that my keybinding for this action is Ctrl+A. 1) Set custom keybindings to Attack: Ctrl+A 2) Set custom keybindings for camera movement in the WASD scheme (up W, left A, Down s, Right D) [might be optional] 2) Create game. 3) Press A. 4) Notice the attack cursor is up. The camera function fine though. Expected: Ctrl+A brings up the attack cursor. A alone should not. Note: Possibly affects other keybindings. Possibly any of the type Ctrl+<something>. This caused a mass genocide in the Dracogen Inn by accident.
  9. So during combat the characters and enemies are displaced from their circles. Which makes selecting anything just about impossible. Jpg attached,
  10. There should also be an [Audio] tag on this, but it doesn't exist. If you click on the stat "arrows" after they disappear (when you reach the max stat, or min stat), you still hear the "decrease/increase stat click. To reproduce 1) Create game 2) While in character creation, max the stats and keep clicking. Do the same for min stats. 3) Notice you still hear the ticks. Expected: No audio ticks when clicking on arrows which aren't there. Bonus issue: I don't know if it's just me, but I got surround headphones, and the "min" tick seems to be coming from behind me rather than from a (spatially) neutral location. I'd check the audio levels on that sound. If it checks out, it's probably just me.
  11. If you turn scouting circles on, they persist when you're in various menu. To reproduce 1) Create game 2) Turn scouting mode on 3) Level up CHARNAME. 4) Witness the scouting circles everywhere Expected: No scouting circles Note: Possibly affects other menus/screens as well. Didn't test it.
  12. To reproduce, save a game, try to load it via the load screen. You should see something like: Notice 1) All games report 1 second elapsed game time 2) The timestamp (Friday, August 29, 2014 - 1:58AM) is super, super tiny. (Also, I would also suggest an ISO timestamp, or at least International format [2014-08-29, 1:58 AM] or [29 August 2014, 1:58 AM]. Day of week seems pretty useless to put here. But that's just me.)
  13. [Description of the issue] When alt-tabbing away from the game with the map open, the map texture is wrong when alt-tabbing back to the game. See image. [steps to Reproduce] Start a new game. Open the map. Alt-tab away from the game, then back to the game. Notice that the map display is replaced with something else entirely. [Expected Behaviour] Map should maintain its correct texture. [Other Remarks / Comments] Seems to only happen with the local map.
  14. Two of the three auto-pause option screen bugs that I reported in the previous build are still at large: The option to auto-pause on enemy sighted is disabled. This is true whether on the main screen before starting a game, or after starting a game. I can only get the option to select by clicking Set All. When I click Set All and then click an individual option to turn it off, ALL of the options get turned off.
  15. [Description of the issue] Popup boxes cannot be closed using the 'esc' key. See image for the type I'm referring to. [steps to Reproduce] Start a game. Use a hotkey that opens a popup box (p, r, h). Attempt to close the popup with 'esc'. Note how it doesn't close. [Expected Behaviour] The 'esc' key should close all boxes with an 'x' in the corner (or just all boxes - whatever). [Other Remarks / Comments] Enter still closes these popups. 'Esc' works fine with other kinds of popups (character screen, inventory, map, loot, etc.).
  16. [DESCRIPTION] When selling items from your stash at a merchant, if you have a long string of things to sell and just start clicking to add them to the sell window, when you have your cursor over an item the item name/description pops up. Sell the item and all the items shift to the left to fill the empty spot. But in doing so, the new item under your cursor does not change description. The old popup remains unless you move the cursor off the item and back on. [DETAILS] Put several items in your stash, then go to a merchant to sell them. When you have the store panel open, click on your stash to sell the items. Put your cursor over the item in the top row, far left. Wait for the popup description.Then, click on it to sell it. Note how the stash items all move to the left to fill that now-empty slot. Note also that the description popup stays as the sold item. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] I'd expect the popup to disappear when the item leaves the inventory and when a new item appears under the cursor that a new popup would appear with the proper item description. This is a relatively minor issue, but it's annoying, since you can't see what the new item's value is unless you move the cursor off the item and back on. So it may just be an issue with functionality as opposed to an actual bug. But either way, I think it would be good if this were addressed.
  17. [Description of the issue] When a character kills an enemy that another character is queing an attack for, the first attack get a death announcement (and autopause if enabled) and the other attack by the other character instead of cancelled also gets reported, with0 damage and gets an autopause and registered in the combat log. As shown in this image: To reproduce attempt any combat with more than once character attaching an enemy. [Expected behaviour] The character´s death being registered only once and any subsequent attacks being halted. [Other remarks / Comments] It may be due to having a ranged character causing the first death.
  18. [Description of the issue] After a battle the chanter did not stop chanting resulting in about 17+ verses recited to use in spells. This happened againt the wurm slayers. For the record my verse count never seems to go up until this one time. Though even if it doesnt go up (aka stays at 0) I can use chanter spells. Once a spell is used the verse count goes down to 0 and the chanter stops chanting. I had the pig pet equiped. This was a 6th party member as well. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Go fight the wurm slayers with a chanter and pig equiped 2) Dont use any chanter spells 3) Kill them 4) Repeat until chanter does not stop chanting after the battle. May work with any other battle though I havent had it happen again. [Expected behaviour] Chanter not continuing to chant after combat. [Other Remarks] This might be related to this other report: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68406-278-pet-combat-repeatedly-reactivates-with-no-enemies-in-sight/?hl=chanter&do=findComment&comment=1504911
  19. [Description of the issue] Going to the Character Screen and repeatedly clicking the Level Up button will take to to the Level Up screen for the character. After the level up options are selected and you click "done" the screen will become black. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Open Character Screen 2) Click on Level up button until Level Up screen apears 3) Proceed to level up. 4) Click "done" 5) Game will black screen with background music still on. [Expected behaviour] Not being able to level up without the required experience. [Other Remarks] While in the black screen you can click and hear clicking noises should you click around the lower left part of the screen. You cant enter any menus while in the balck screen and the only option is to corcibly close Pillars of Eternity. There is no crash message or anything. I had just finished the Dragon Egg Quest and had recieven some XP for that. I also had a 6th party member in the form of a level 5 Chanter. Was in Windowed Mode. EDIT: For what its worth this is how my character screen looks: Whenever I open that save and open the Character Screen I get a mess of text and numbers and have to click on the "next character" button to get rid of them though the character portraits and names never appear despite their information appearing. re-loading does not solve the black screen isssue mentioned above as there is no way to re-load afaik.
  20. I was levelling my characters after completing Rumbald's quest and noticed that some of my character models weren't showing up in the level up screen. Also, on the same save, character portraits and details disappeared from the Character screen.
  21. I ran into a bug fighting the 3 Pwgra guarding the ruins in Stormwall Gorge. When a Earth Blight was summoned by the Pwgra I noticed it appeared on my character bar as a blank white portrait and I could control it's movement. The other characters could still attack it as if it was an enemy. I did not cast any spells/abilities that allowed me to control the enemy.
  22. I think this is related to loading a save. [Description of the issue] BB Rogue and BB Wizard have more total Health than expected [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Start a new game Create a character Level up your PC Go to the Dyrford Crossing Defeat the first Beetle encounter Loot their gear Save the game Quit Pillars of Eternity Load the game [Expected behaviour] BB Wizard and BB Rogue should have the same Health / Health numbers at full HP [Other remarks / Comments] The first value (eg 102/87) is being used for the total health rather than the second, when you go into combat, the health number on the left side is reduced from that total)
  23. There is a 3 pixel gap between the portrait and the left and right side of the portrait HUD that is see through on the first, second and third portrait slot
  24. [Description of the issue] Encountered a floating cape in the character inventory screen behind the paperdoll [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Unfortunately, I'm not sure what triggered it, and I don't think I had a cape on any of my characters. I just noticed it floating behind an Orlan as the cape was much taller. When I switched characters, the cape remained floating behind each character. If you rotated the paperdoll, the cape did not move. I closed out of the inventory screen and came back in, and it went away. Sorry I can't be any more specific! [Expected behaviour] No floating capes! [Other remarks / Comments] None [Files] Screenshot of floating cape attached.
  25. [Description of the issue] After teleporting to another location the Rogue´s model becomes invisible and takes no damage from enemies, not even poison. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Bring roude to a large group of enemies (Spiders in thsi case) 2) Once combat has started and the Rouge is being engaged, make her jump/escape to a point across the mob of enemies (we are taling about 10 or so meters) 3)Repeat until bug is achieved. Having the rest of the party dead may help. [Expected behaviour] The rogue apearing on the targeted spot and operating as norma. [Other remarks / Comments] I was fighting the Spider Queen on Hard difficulty. Party was nearly dead and the Rouge was engaged by one or two spiders. Made her jump to the other end of the mob. She re-apeared a few meters from her starting position with an invisible model being unable to attack or move, still being attacked by every spider and the damage registering in the combat log but without the rouge´s health going down. Employed heavy use of the pause. Heres a picture: Waited for a while and her stamina never went below 28. Incidentally I had just reloaded a save before the fight and noticed my barbarian had extra visibly unused skill slots: I cant think of what is causing this bug. I might have experienced the same bug with the wolves but since I won that encounter the rouge probably re-apeared while in the spider encounter since it was a TPW and combat didnt end, the Rogue stayed glitched. Thats all I can think off.
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