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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, Been fairly frustrated with this for a while. Nice to know all the parts of a game before i continue to play it but this one has eluded me for a bit now. I am in a town/ inn and I still cannot seem to access the contents of my stash. I am just reminded that i have 44 items in there with no means of getting at them. My screen tells me to press (R) however that either takes me no where in the trade menu or switches characters when I am in the inventory menu. Is there something I am missing? is my stash a chest that is located somewhere?
  2. Can't flip Stash pages when Selling Stash!!! I cannot flip the Stash Pages when selling my stuff, WTH. The scrollwheel does not work because with 1 flick it drags you to the last Stash page or the 1st one, so instead of scrolling you hit the arrows near the page numbers, and now you cannot even press it no more. I have 4 pages of my Stash and no longer can move between the middle pages. What can i do???
  3. Playing an adventure offline for 2 days yielded a few hundred items in my stash. (It didn't offer/force me to remove cards.) attempting to empty the stash causes the game to stick on the first card. Each subsequent click seems to click the card I attempted to remove from the stash, not allowing me to remove the cards. At this stage I have 1000+ cards in my stash, and I'm forced to disconnect after each scenario. Annoying.
  4. I had taken a break from the game for about 6 weeks. I come back and now there's a stash and I have to get rid of some cards. THIS IS F****** ANNOYING AS F***. GET RID OF THAT. I've purchased the game, I've purchased cards, I've purchased gold, I've purchased the goblins expansion too. I DO NOT WANT TO GET RID OF CARDS THAT I HAVE PAID FOR. THIS IS PLAIN ROBBERY. 1) I PAY FOR THEM; 2) IT WASTES 20 MINUTES OF MY LIFE TO HAVE TO CHOOSE THEM, ONLY TO SEE THEM DISAPPEAR FOREVER. STOP THAT. FIX THAT.
  5. I read on the last post that there had been demands for an expansion of the Stash. I had a thought and wanted to share it. A limited sideboard is one of the hallmarks of the game, and important for balance purposes. My proposal is: Each party gets its own Sideboard (renamed from 'Stash' to 'Sideboard.' Those sideboards are unique to that party and that campaign. A new tab, "Trove," is created, and at any point between adventures, players may move a card (like the Robe of Runes, or Amulet of Mighty Fists) from their party sideboard to the Trove. Trove becomes the mechanic for trading cards across parties, while the sideboard remains for those situational cards that you may not want in your deck full time. Thoughts on my thoughts?
  6. Hello. I can't seem to be able to use Ingredients and Quest Items in Stash. I can't drag or transfer them anywhere. For other items in stash, like food and weapons, works absolutely fine. I was at level 4 when I learn that I can enchant my weapons. Too bad before that I had put every single items in the Stash. Now I can't enchant my weapons, because the ingredients needed for enchanting are in the Stash. It's so frustrating. I tried going back to my Stronghold in Caed Nua (because I read somewhere, you can access the items when in the stronghold) but I still can't do anything. Is it a bug? Please help.
  7. An army of invisible and invulnerable donkeys that follows you trough the world? A bottomless bag of holding? Or are you in possesion of a magical wand capable of reducing objects to a miniature size? I'm curious... PS. I'm dissapointed with that feature... I mean, if you are trying to enhance immersion with the limited camp supplies (a great idea), you shoudn't destroy it with an inventory of infinite capacity.
  8. Hi! So I really like the game, still there is one minor thing that bugs me with the game, it’s that you can’t sort your items in your stash or inventory, at least I’ve not found a way to do so, I’d like to be able to sort my items after their type, like wand or medium armor and so forth. It be a lot easier to equip your companions and main character. Also the same type of items should stack up by auto. Kind Regards: SpecH82
  9. I was moving things into the stash and trying to combine my many beetle shells and venom sacks. When I figured out I couldn't combine them I closed the stash but when I did there was an item stuck on the cursor and I couldn't get rid of it. I couldn't drop it, give it to someone else, or close the inventory screen. I finally just had to close the game.
  10. This thread is to discuss the inventory mechanics described briefly in update #36: Equipment and "Top of Pack" resemble the inventory system used in the IE games. The unlimited "stash" however is new. According to Josh Sawyer this unlimited inventory mechanic has been proposed in order to remove the "degenerative action" of "players making five trips in and out of a dungeon after clearing it to haul all of the loot out". I am personally on the fence about this mechanic and agree with the opinion of other fans that this mechanic might be watering down the inventory mechanics by removing the ability to build the inventory of your party/character, e.g. improving your carry weight or inventory size, and removing decision making. As we know, building your character and making (wise) decisions are pivotal elements of an RPG. There have also already been recommendations on how to improve or build upon this mechanic, e.g. Beasts of Burden. While I like this mechanic, my personal favorite is the system used in Baldur's Gate 2 where you could find/buy "Bags of Holding", gem bags, scroll cases, and other goodies in order to improve your inventory. Aside from stat improvements that increase your carry weight of course. Discuss!
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