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  1. Months later, nothing is addressing this issue. No updates have affected it. I have 2k+ cards, but can't play online and must wait for 5-10 minutes between scenarios as I wait for my stash to load. I have spent money on the game. Where is the support?
  2. Still looking for help. It now takes about 3 minutes to load my stash, which exceeds 2200 cards. I need to disconnect from the internet EVERY time I complete a scenario.
  3. I'm playing on Steam. Wouldn't mind deleting the local saves, if I keep my characters and their decks. However, I can't keep doing it. I spend about 1/3 of my life in places without internet.
  4. Playing an adventure offline for 2 days yielded a few hundred items in my stash. (It didn't offer/force me to remove cards.) attempting to empty the stash causes the game to stick on the first card. Each subsequent click seems to click the card I attempted to remove from the stash, not allowing me to remove the cards. At this stage I have 1000+ cards in my stash, and I'm forced to disconnect after each scenario. Annoying.
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