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  1. I got it now. I can't enchant my weapon because the weapon I tried to enchant is a Fine Sword. Apparently we can't enchant 'Fine' weapons. Thank you Boeroer anyway for the reply.
  2. You said 'Ingredients are used automatically when you enchant equipment'. The problem is I can't do that. I tried to enchant a weapon, and I have all the ingredients needed. Except they are in the Stash. Because they're in the Stash, I can't do the enchanting.
  3. Hello. I can't seem to be able to use Ingredients and Quest Items in Stash. I can't drag or transfer them anywhere. For other items in stash, like food and weapons, works absolutely fine. I was at level 4 when I learn that I can enchant my weapons. Too bad before that I had put every single items in the Stash. Now I can't enchant my weapons, because the ingredients needed for enchanting are in the Stash. It's so frustrating. I tried going back to my Stronghold in Caed Nua (because I read somewhere, you can access the items when in the stronghold) but I still can't do anything. Is it a
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