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Found 7 results

  1. All my saves load me into the same spot - all my gear is missing, my backpack is missing, and I always load into the same spot by the can near the oak tree no matter what, whether i load my day 1 save or my day 123 save Please help as as it stands I've lost all my loot and progress
  2. I have a problem with the VTC quest line. After finishing Skipping Ahead Director Castol said I should talk with Govenor Alvari, but she is not in her office. In fact I have never seen her so far. Her office is always closed. And I checked the VTC headquarter every time I visited Neketaka. I have finished Dirty Laundry and I believe I have finished The Storms of Poko Kohara without ever speaking with Alvari. The main quest is on the final step (The Coming Storm). Now I'm a bit at a loss as how to proceed to advance in the VTC quest line. If I gatter the information on the internet right, "A Vote of No Confidence" should start now, but no source explains as to how and where. P.S.: I play on PS4, if this has some relevance to the problem.
  3. The biggest issue I´ve always had with pillars 1 was the ammount of "obligatory" items required to pass at least most statchecks, wether they were in scripted actions or dialogs. You were punished by the game, if you chose different than an item with +3 or +4 attributebonus. Whats even worse, those items were rarely worth the effort, since they both exhibited useless or even downgrading second enchantments (speedpenality or spellbound) and occupy itemslots better used on other items/effects (bonus spells for example). However what makes these items so terrible is the fact that they have little to no alternatives. The player cannot enchant items with a +4 boost to any stat. They cannot anything except armor, weapons and shields to begin with (so no headgear, rings, etc.). I wish Obsidian would remove this issue in upcoming games (probably to late for POE2 now) or at least not make matters worse as with the white march dlcs (I HATE those rings +4) As I can see it they could: 1 Add a wider variety of items with the higest available attribute-bonus 2 Making all attribute-enchantments usable (as an option for crafting) to the players 3 Implementing bonus attributepoints as a part of characterdevelopement The last option could be done either by granting points upon level-up (easy way, but unpersonal) or by rewarding points for progressing the characters reputation. As for the last mentioned option, let me explain. Pillars 1 had 10 reputations/allignments, always in opposing pairs (benevolent/cruel, diplomatic/aggressiv, clever/stoic, passionate/rational and honest/deceptive) Each of them maxed out (to my knowledge) at 4. If each reputation grants boni to an attribute that seems logical for it (aggressive->might, benevolent->perception, clever->intelligence) based on its own progress and countered by its oposite, the players would be both rewarded and supported for their chosen playstyle. Example1: 4 Benevolent/ 0 Cruel -> +4 Perception/ 0 Might Example2: 4 Ben/ 1 Cr -> +3P/+1M Example3/4:2 Ben/ 2 Cr OR 3 Ben/ 3Cr OR 4 Ben/ 3Cr -> +2P/+2M for ambivalente personality etc. What is your opinion on the subject?
  4. After finally slogging through AD6 with some horrific glitches on Into the Eye. My personal favourite was setting up Kyra to do the second battle on the final fight with Karzoug with discarding her weapon and throwing a load of blessings on it, went to play Swipe with Seoni and it wiped all my dice out, needless to say Kyra did not win the fight with her strength alone. The fourth or fifth time round my party finally beat Karzoug (there was much celebrating). Having completed the path I deleted the party and went to add my maxed characters to another party for some 6 player gold grinding. I then made the horrible discovery that Merisiel and Kyra were gone! Long story short, can someone from Obsidian retrieve my lost Merisiel and Kyra? Thanks in advance edit: My PFID is: D31679A076922E6B
  5. After a power interruption while playing the game, the 'continue' button did not do anything and the 'story' section only shows a blank banner/profile where the old party used to be. The 'play' button underneath the blank banner doesn't do anything either. However, unlike most of the 'loss of progress' posts i see here, all of my experienced characters are still in the selection menu with their decks intact, and none of the solutions to the usual posts worked (log in/out of game profile, restart app, restart phone). Creating a new party allows me to use the old characters, and since the game says you cannot choose versions of characters that are already in a party, so i'm guessing just the profile record got erased/corrupted, but not the characters. When starting a new group i can select the experienced characters and the ones i purchased. The Adventures show that they are completed, but only the lowest difficulty for each scenario. I could redo the progress, but some of those scenarios were only completed by the skin of my teeth so i'd like to get that progress back if i can. The only usual thing i haven't tried so far is uninstalling/reinstalling the app just in case that would make me lose the rest of my info. (PS- usually power interruptions aren't a problem with the game, it loads fine usually, but this time when i turned my phone back on it tried to boot up but shut back down immediately so maybe the file was corrupted by the second power interruption?) Is there any easy way i can roll back to a backup/sync point that has that party and it's progress in tact? Info: -PFID- C43D23B35F915882 -Phone: HTC One M7 -OS: Android 5.0.2 -picture of what the party profile looks like is here: http://i.imgur.com/SWQbkcT.png because i don't know how to attach pictures here-
  6. Hope this is the right place to post this, and please excuse my bad language, and I hope something like this hasn't already been posted. I downloaded the app for my phone on launch. Yes, my phone, I know it isn't supported, but I like to live dangerously. That being said, since I know that there is a release planned for phones and pcs, I wanted to ask if it will be possible to port the progress made on one version to another. If so, that would make me happy, if not... well tough luck for me
  7. So I finished the burried temple stuff last night saved and went to bed. Today I go to play and clicking on continue gives me a black screen and the gauntlet cursor. I try to load other saves and while they are all listed they all load a black screen with a cursor and nothing else. Hitting escape will not bring up the game menu and the only way to get out of the game is to drop to a term and kill it. I saw others post about the game deleting saves but this appears they are there, they just won't load or have been corrupted by something. Xubuntu 14.04 RTK Core i3 4gigs of ram nVidia 540M
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