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Found 8 results

  1. I would like to be able to tame and ride larger bugs as Mounts and ants could be tamed like a pet or be able to mount the Soldier ants... spider Jr's to be pets and large spider could be tamed and mounted after breaking them as you would a horse I think a taming/breaking option would be cool. Maybe make a glider out of wings of insects or feathers or even flower pedals. Thoughts?
  2. Hi all, I’m starting to think the red ants would make the perfect mount, I’m not suggesting in any way that all insect should be mountable however. the fact there’s no queen is what gave me the idea, what if a quest was to lead you to become the red ant queen and after becoming the queen all red ants can then be mounted or offer fast travel! what’s everyone’s thoughts?
  3. Here's my outline for mounting mechanics. I'd like these to be engaging and unique, and fit the style of Grounded as closely as possible. Ladybug The Ladybug seems to be the perfect ride, but she also has some fight in her. Once tamed, she can be used as a pack mule, or a war mount. This starts by choosing a saddle, which will either be a War Saddle, or a Pack Saddle. The war saddle will be large, and consist of tough outer armor, and a comfy spot for her chosen warrior. The pack saddle sacrifices comfort for storage, allowing you to attach acorn chests, as well as pile on grass planks or weed stems. Initially, she will be limited in her abilities, but by accessing a menu, you will be able to provide her various cooked meals to upgrade her stats, such as carry capacity, max health, movement speed, and max stamina. The saddles themselves can also be upgraded, but you must be sure that her carry capacity allows for this. The pack saddle should be unlocked around midway in the game, allowing you to carry large quantities of supplies as your base ideas become more ambitious. The war saddle, however, will be a late-game unlock, but you can swap these saddles at any time, so be sure to tame that Ladybug as soon as you can. Keep in mind, however, that saddles can only be carried on your shoulder, and can only be stored on grass pallets. Bee The Bee is a dutiful and speedy insect, adept at flying high above the action, and all across the yard. Because of this, it seems only fair that they aid you in your quests, given you can earn their favor. In order to do this, you must construct an offering, which looks a lot like a flower. From there, you must keep it chock full of that sweet, sweet nectar. If a bee stumbles upon your offering, she will return there the next day at the exact same time. Be sure to arrive on time, and you will slowly gain her trust. Upon the 3rd consecutive day, after collecting the nectar from your offering, she will begin to follow you. You have until nightfall to offer her a Petal Bow, which will allow you to keep track of her as she buzzes around the yard. You have now tamed a bee! But you aren't even close to riding her yet. To do that, you'll need a Sleek Saddle, crafted by rare end-game materials. You also need to continue to maintain your offering, as well as spend time with your bee to increase her trust to the maximum level. Only then will she allow you to place the saddle, and finally ride off into the sunset. There's no choice for combat when riding a bee. Not only is she non-confrontational, but she definitely doesn't want you to get hurt! Ain't that sweet?
  4. I've been playing Grounded since the beginning. Lot's of fun. After playing through Subnautica and No Man's Sky I was looking for something like those two. Grounded has many similarities I enjoy with those two titles plus new ideas that add a lot. So with that said I just have some feedback and ideas I'd like to share. I love base building and Grounded has a system that is really versatile so far. My suggestion to improve it would be adding a detached camera view for base building. This was something that was added to NMS and it really improved creativity and quality of life. Basically what happens is by hitting a button (maybe clicking in an analog stick) while in build mode, the camera can be freely flown around a build site within a certain range. When you're trying to place objects intricately, in high places, or trying to blueprint items in either situation, you don't have to physically place your character in a position to do so. It makes building a lot easier and takes away the tedium of trying to get in position instead of purely concentrating on your build. Certain building pieces don't connect in ways that would seem intuitive. An example of this is are the triangle pieces that connect in every way to each other except to make a square. That may seem arbitrary, but not only would it add additional aesthetic flair to be able to use two triangles in that manner, it would also allow more options in choosing to fill in gaps in flooring or roofing. Can we get some floor lights, or a way to cast more light across flooring that doesn't just necessitate placing light sources closer to the ground? The inventory system is nice and I like the hot key wheel. One thing that drives me nuts is my personal inventory constantly shifting depending on what I use and what I pick up. What I mean is I would like items that I pre-arrange in the bookbag to stay in those slots. The game has no pause and only so many hotkeys. Sometimes during while trekking I find myself in a situation where I have to find something vital that isn't hot-keyed and/or make an on the fly inventory decision concerning space. With things constantly moving it makes those moments more frustrating than fun. If I place something in the bag in a certain slot please leave it there. Can we make it so the in game aiming reticle is actually the center of my character? When building or aiming it seems the dot is not centered to my character in the third person view Now as for gameplay suggestions I have a few. Maybe these have been repeated elsewhere as have the above suggestions concerning building or the UI and inventory system. Apologies if that's so. Mounts. Training certain animals to be ridden, including Ladybugs who could help to haul wood stems and planks via the pallet and, my personal fav, Bee's. The idea of having a Bee mount that you could care for and take to flying around the map would be great. Considering that it has to carry you as well there could be a limit to how far it could go before its stamina runs low. Training and feeding your pet would give it more stamina, and in the case of the bees maybe you could unlock new maneuvers for it ( Do a barrel roll anyone?). You could also craft armor, saddles, saddle bags, bridles etc for these pets Wind gusts that you can learn to ride to get to parts of the map faster with whatever gliding tool you have. A wingsuit would be awesome as well. But just having wind gusts that appear at certain times of day in certain sections that can be ridden as ferries to particular places, would make exploration fun and introduce another wrinkle to the "learning the terrain" aspect that I really like about Grounded A cold biome in a cooler. Recently in the "Into the Woods" update, there is a mint box that you have to manually open. Maybe make it so the cooler at the picnic table has a similar but more complex mechanic and once you open it you have access to ice. There could be a mechanic that works like the sizzle for cold. I am sure Obsidian is already working on this. But chunks of ice would allow us to make a fridge to store food and keep it from spoiling. And maybe ice can be something that allows you to store more water when going to hot zones. Every biome should have a bug, which can be a problem with cold temps but there is the arctic midge. It's harmless to people but it looks absolutely terrifying, go check it out. Boats and rafts. I have my base on the lily pads and I even have a dock, but sadly no boats. It would be great to be able to construct a kayak or small rowboat to get around on the pond in style and allow me to ferry supplies like grass and wood stems from other places. It could open up a new series of perks and tools to acquire. Seafaring mutations. Anchors and oars to create. Kayaks and boats made out of lighter more durable material to create. A climb button would really be helpful. Even if it were contextual. Again I'm on the pond and getting out of the water onto a lilypad with the camera alone is sometimes an exercise that just isn't fun. Having my character just grab the edge of a surface to host themselves up in those situations would be a huge plus I'd love to see glass added as an item to build with. Glass and Quartzite. A city guy like me dreams of building a small hub of alluring downtown spaces that gleam in the sun to invite potential tiny consumers to buy my wares. Having skyscrapers made of metal and glass, or chic beach bungalows in a minimalist modern design would be great Lastly you can never have enough furniture options. Seriously one of the worst feelings in base building is having a huge space, or multiple rooms and buildings and very little to furnish them with. They end up barren. There are people who love carving their own miniature furniture pieces for doll houses and the like, and they fetch a lot of money for a reason. Please give us more recipes for furniture. Maybe even include a marketplace where people can build and sell their own unique pieces to other players for similar items or some other form of currency? That's all I got right now. Love the game, excited to see it grow and interested in any feedback or thoughts people have regarding any of these ideas.
  5. Here are a couple suggestions I was thinking. 1. Some sort of cart to carry items around the yard. Rather than just moving stem pallets around it would be nice to have a small wheel barrel or garden cart that you could take around with you to gather items. Perhaps it has a set amount of slots in it. 2. Would love to see some sort of creature that was specifically tamable to be used as a transport mount. My suggestion would be a Walking Stick. It can climb certain objects, but doesn’t move the fastest. It’s main attraction would be to take on journeys to use as a carrying mount. Perhaps it can hold up to 12 slots. 3.Other types of creatures in the game such as beetles, moths, butterfly’s, grasshoppers, crickets. I’d also love to see a 2 person flying mount such as a dragonfly. But have it be low on stamina so it can cross the map in a single flight or perhaps it has lower defense. 4. I would also love to see weather effects. Perhaps a sprinkler system installed in the yard. Every so many days it rains. This would open new opportunities for new items like a rain collector. I would even love to see hazards like maybe a garden snake or even a weed eater that targets set locations. Maybe you have to build a metal fence section around your base to “deflect” the weed eater from destroying any property. 5. Would love to see more furniture and base décor to make your backyard abode feel all the more cozy. 6. I get the idea that this backyard experience has just happened to 4 individuals. So, the idea of custom characters are out the the picture but it would be nice to be able to edit them with new outfits, hairstyles, etc to make them more unique to us or add a few more characters to be able to pick from.
  6. i know large ground mounts wont be that usable because there's no roads and that a lot of people want things to ride so they're mainly going to be smaller mounts or air/water mounts 1. Gerridae also known as water skimmers : could be used/tamed on the pond area and used like jet skis to get across the pond quickly with the ability to jump and glide out of the water considering some species can fly and some can't so its an equal balance of both and not so overpowered by being able to fully fly as well, there could also be an area near the pond where there's oil on the surface what they could skim across which is slower to swim through and harder to get air if u go beneath with a dark underwater area underneath that leads to a new late game area with better resources and maybe a boss fight like cave dwellers such as tailless whip scorpions. They could be tamed by feeding them certain insect parts that you have obtained with the harder items to obtain being the ones that fill up its taming bar the quickest like ant eggs or spider parts and the more easier insect parts taking longer like having to use 50 gnats or mites instead of like 10/15 spider parts on the other hand they could also be killed and farmed for resources 2. fruit flies : these could be used as a more early game way of transportation being worn like a backpack and just having the ability to rise up into the air and glide back down kind of like a jetpack and just make the fly look like its tired out from carrying you as a reasoning to why it cant just constantly fly around like a regular fly they're also considerably small flies so the scaling to the player shouldn't be bad. They could either be found ; near the bushes (rotting berries), near the garbage heap ( rotting food/ fruit), or in a location with a grow bed with vegetables like tomato plants on the decaying fallen fruit. 3. dragonflies : they could be spotted near the pond are and could be a more aggressive tame where you have to bola its wings or knock it out to be able to tame with the ability to break out of bolas so it could be a more tanky/ boss like insect where it could be fought and killed to be obtained to make dragonfly armour that has wings so you can glide without a mount when you have the full set and the goggles could be used to give you better accuracy when above an enemy. they could also have a fuel system where you have to keep putting insect parts on a rope that's dangling in front of it that's attached to the saddle to keep it in flight 4. tadpoles/frogs : i know they're already in the game but they could be used as a quicker way to get around under the water kind of like a little underwater propeller. They could also develop into different stages of a tadpoles lifecycle developing different things such as ; developing back legs after being fed a certain amount and having the ability to swim a bit faster, developing both sets of legs so it can go on land for a small period of time before having to go back in the water and fully developing into a frog that gives it the ability to fully go on land and jump from place to place like a 10/15 meter jump or cm in game with a tongue that does a small amount of damage and can pull items/ insects closer with the ability to go fully underwater as well. with a small amount of health compared to the other creatures 5. praying mantis : this could be an insect that is located inside the house in a terrarium that's kept as a pet that can be fought as a boss and obtain items like its front legs that could be used to craft a scythe that could be used to chop resources faster or a katana that does good cutting damage and strikes fast with armour that looks kind of like a samurai with a praying mantis Hannya mask to fit the praying mantis' origins that does increased striking speed when paired with the katana and full set of armour. The mantis could also be used as a good tame to gather resources like grass and weeds with and clear out areas of grass more efficiently with decent damage against other mobs like spiders with its front arms and the ability to pick up and bite/carry other smaller insects like ants. 6. Pholcidae also known as daddy long legs: this could tame that could be worn like a backpack like the fruit fly but instead its arms attach to the walls of main structures like the house walls the oak trees trunk, the branches inside the bush area, the bench etc. kind of like doctor octopus from spiderman but it tires out after a small amount of time with the ability to upgrade its stamina so you can climb bigger surfaces this would give you the ability to get up to the areas like the upper floor of the house so you can enter through a window and the canopy of the oak tree. it would be found either crawling around the garden on its own or on a hive somewhere. 7. jumping spider : these are necessarily small spiders so they could be used as a tame that you wear on your wrist or back more like a grappling hook that you can swing with than an actual rideable creature they could also be fed string to actually be able to use considering most actual spiders eat there own webs to make them again anyway. they could be found hopping around in the garden mainly higher up on the grass or walls tho 8. bullet ant : these could be an aggressive tame that does large amounts of damage to players and other insects that can be tamed after killing the queen located in an artificial ant farm inside the house. There could also be other variants of them like fire ants that do less damage but leave a burn affect and live in a more hostile area or normal ants that just do a standard amount of damage with the ability to carry materials. all of them being mainly PvE mounts to attack other insects 9. remote control helicopter / car : these could be found inside the house and used to get around on the inside quicker without the ability to bring them outside because of the size and inside would have a lot more flat areas for them to be able to work correctly there could even be a small sub or scuba toy that u can use in the drains of the baths, sinks and toilets to move around quicker and discover other areas or secret areas 10. this one isn't a build just a suggestion for an insect : this could be a mutant/ hybrid insect found in a lab inside a room of the house where all of the other insects and areas are kept inside all of there terrariums used by the scientist who shrunk everyone. this could have the abilities of other insects so it can jump like a frog, chop and grab with its arms like a mantis, sting with its tail like a scorpion or just with a stinger like a bee and a bite attack like a spider this could be a very very end game boss that comes just before completion
  7. Hi All, I've decided that since I have a lot of ideas for the game and am a big fan I wanted to create a forum for all my ideas and thoughts. Critiques are always welcomed. Thanks,
  8. I was going for a poll but I'll wait for some feedback first, as also to see on what you think on what the possibilities could be. So let's see how it goes, and if it's worthwhile I will start a poll. Maybe some of you are getting the "y u wanna do that?" reaction, so I'll tell you my reasons for wondering about this: 1) combat is RTwP and there was mention of trying to explore its mechanics What better way than considering kinetic energy equations and Newton's laws of motion? And what can be more fun that ridding across the plains with a polearm (or a gleave) and impaling (or slicing) hordes of minions? 2) there was mention of fast travel and skills So at the very least this could be a way to fast travel as long as you have the appropriate tame/ride skills. 3) this was what planted the seed and made me wonder about it. You can blame it on Justin Sweet I hope I don't regret starting this thread... Disclaimer: I never played WoW nor Mount and Blade. (two opposites, I know)
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