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Found 6 results

  1. Which is the reccomended party on each dlc to have optimal and more interesting interactions with the companions?
  2. One: Ship Combat Upgrade. First, replace the scripting ship combat with zoomed-in real-time isometric ship combat, with a selection of (editable) AI options. Remove "close to board" as an approach option and instead only make it available when you've actually gotten your ship alongside the enemy. Additionally, make attacking ships matter for your reputation — both faction rep and disposition. There should be options to be an all-out pirate, a privateer, or an actual hero who doesn't, y'know, sink merchants just to get more swords, hats, and coats to sell at the nearest fish shop. Towards that end, there should be many more ships at sea, including some that are full of vampires, vessels, and clearly hostile wilders. And make the latter come to you and chase you down some of the time (as would ships from factions that aren't happy with you). Seriously, I'd happily pay $25 for this upgrade. Two: Free form pirate mode This is a little different, but it's basically a request to get some replay out of the fun character class and combat engine. Maybe this would be part of the above, or maybe it'd be its own thing. Either way, I'd pay. The idea is: 1. You create a whole crew, with five character-class characters and a complement of ship's crew. No pre-gen companions, just all roll-your-own. 2. There's a randomly-generated map — islands could stay as in the main game, but add completely randomized encounter maps. Use the existing maps, throw in thematic enemies at random. Give XP for clearing each of these. 4. Keep Neketaka, Port Maje, etc., but limit interaction to merchants and inns. Maybe have the bounty-assigners available. 5. And have lots of ships to attack and otherwise interact with. Possibly you could pick a faction alignment to start. 6. Level-capped: when you get to the top of the XP ladder, you're given a leader-board score and are done. Sure, the main story of the game is great — and don't get me wrong, I love its depth and wouldn't be playing PoE without it — but it doesn't really invite constant replay. A mode like this would be fun and exploits the existing depth of the game engine to create a new experience.
  3. So I've been thinking of starting a few threads about stuff the community would like to see in the upcoming expansions/DLCs going forward under different various topics. I think it's safe to assume we're going to be seeing 4 DLC's/Expansions at a minimum, due to the level increase increment stated in the White March Part 1. If it's raising the cap by 2 to 14, it can probably be expected that Part 2 will raise it to 16, and I doubt we'll see a stop there and assume that the final level cap will be at 20. So that's a lot of content coming down the pipe, and plenty of time to suggest/opine/discuss stuff we might like to see added to the game now that we've had some time with it. So . . . NEW SKILLS! One of the things I'm especially wondering about is how the Skill system is going to stay balanced as the higher levels come in, especially since the current soft cap of 10 levels in any skill is more than enough for anything you could want to use that skill for. I mean, if you max out Mechanics at 10, while there may be some new level 10 traps and locks here and there, are they really going to be adding level 11 and 12 locks and traps? While Lore going up makes more sense (for higher spell level scrolls), what's the real benefit for going higher than 10 in Athletics or Stealth. At those levels you're already way beyond the skill's average utility bonus. But you're still going to get six points for skills every level, and so it seems like every character is going to just max out all their skills by the time they reach level 20 once all 4 expansions are done . . . unless new skills are added. Adding new skills is really the only way I can foresee making the Skill system going forward into the higher levels stay relevant, so what are they going be? What do you want to see? What would make for a good skill in PoE that isn't already in the game that would match how the skill system in PoE works already (as in, there's both a definite Conversation possible effect AND a definite in-game mechanical effect, either passive or active)? For myself, the skill idea I've been mulling over is skill to affect the trading aspect of the game (not that you can't get enough money already, though I tend to think the in-game economy needs to get a bit of a rebalance to maybe make it tougher to get quite so much money as you can currently outside of quest rewards and potentially Stronghold taxes, and there DEFINITELY needs to be a system in place for merchants to clear their inventories since they pile up with the junk you sell them). Mostly because trade skills always feels very tabletop-style RPG to me. At the same time, since Perception doesn't seem to affect mechanical detection values (only conversation detection, whereas MEchanics affects ALL other detection values) a skill that ALSO makes some sense to raise there could also make sense. So I'm thinking something along the lines of Appraisal or Assessment might be a good idea for a skill. It could give a direct bonus to cash values (both buying and selling) when trading goods worth over 100 coppers (so it won't work to help raise values on a single sword, but it can on a decent set of armor or a fine or better weapon), and it will split off the detection of hidden caches from being related to Mechanics (which makes sense for detecting traps, but not necessarily anything else that's hidden) and possibly Stealthed enemies (if they're ever added to the game, which would be pretty cool if they were in my opinion). Now I have read from earlier Fallout related stuff that Mr. Sawyer doesn't like boring "Barter" skills that just give you a flat cash modifier. So I'm thinking Appraisal/Assessment could be related to a new, more active ability - Haggle. A per rest ability that allows the player to attempt to raise or lower the prices on a trade with a merchant based on a skill check: of the Appraisal skill. The idea being that when you make a trade with a merchant, rather than just buying the goods at the agreed upon price as normal, you can also try to haggle with them instead, and then the game will make a roll here - if it fails, the price you pay goes up rather than down by the potential modifier, if it succeeds you get your Appraisal modifier added to the transaction and if you critically succeed you get your modifier doubled. Haggling would be an alternate option to just buying and not back out-able (once you select it your stuck with the results), and like I said, you'd only get to use it a certain number of times per rest (based on the PC's Appraisal skill value). The total potential modifier amount would be affected by the whole party's total Appraisal skill (so there's a reason to potentially raise it for characters other than your PC). It would look something like this: Appraisal Rank 1 - 1 Haggle Attempt per rest at a 5% modifier, Detect Level 1 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 2 - 1 Haggle Attempt per rest at a 10% modifier, Detect Level 2 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 3 - 2 Haggle Attempts per rest at a 13% modifier, Detect Level 3 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 4 - 2 Haggle Attempts per rest at a 16% modifier, Detect Level 4 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 5 - 3 Haggle Attempts per rest at 19% modifier, Detect Level 5 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 6 - 3 Haggle attempts per rest at 21% modifier, Detect Level 6 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 7 - 4 Haggle Attempts per rest at 23% modifier, Detect Level 7 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 8 - 4 Haggle Attempts per rest at 25% modifier, Detect Level 8 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 9 - 5 Haggle Attempts per rest at 27% modifier, Detect Level 9 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 10 - 5 Haggle Attempts per rest at 30% modifier, Detect Level 10 Hidden Objects/Creatures But then, that's just one idea for potential new skills, what are yours?
  4. In consideration of the great success of POE,I think it could be the best RPG platform for hundreds times of replaying and modifing within next 5-10 years,just like BG2.But before that, it still need to be consummated and enhanced by expansions(DLCs).And as POE is good enough for me,I won't pay too more attention on POE2.For now, the expansion design is the thing I most insterested in. So let's discuss about it a little more.For my poor English,I can't browse all the posts before.I just say a few of my own ideas here.Maybe you have the same idea like me.if so, just vote it:) 1. Of course, more companions are always desired.I'm not sure will there be another 8 new companions waiting for me,but at least 3 new companions is a must,to fill the 11 class slots. 2.The stronghold system is a brilliant design in POE.But because of the lack of storyline,if become a little redundant in the game.So a new storyline base on the stronghold system,processing during the stronghold building, will be very helpful.More NPC interaction,more stories and quests about the hireling,more boss with unique stories in stronghold defending battles.Just make the stronghold as a rich role- playing content. 3.The third big city! Including two big cities,POE did a better job than a lot of RPGs on world building .Although the Twin Elms had much less content than Defiance Bay.If they add a third big city which have more content than Twin Elms,the game will be amazing as another Baldur's Gate Big World Project! 4.If you miss the adventure in Icewind Dale,it would be a good idea to explore the world behind White March.Sleep in the ropey inn in Cold Morn,start climbing in the dark morn.Pass the stalwart coverd by ice and snow,avoid the huge wurms under the snow,finally reach Fort Bonepicker and face the threaten from darkness outside the fort. 5.We had a good expansion in BG1 which sent us into the sea and explored a mystery island.That was a fun memory for me.Why can't we set sail again in POE?To buy a big ship with my treasure in Defiance Bay or Ozia, hire my sailors, cross the Grace of Ciamena,beat the sea monsters,explore the Palmivia,Spirento,and some nameless small islands,discover those secrets on them.That would be an interesting journey.Also, it could be a good transition to POE2, finally landing at the new land to start another great long adventure. IMO,only two expansions obviously not enough.At least 3-4 big expansions is needed to make POE a epic saga.So just put all your resource on the expansions now please!
  5. Thought it'd be fun to discuss some future ideas of Pillars of Eternity, in expansions or even mod viability. Ritualist: They are essentially weak, pansy Wizards but with demonic summoning and buffs, they take forever to do anything cast anything on their own, but if you have 2 or 3 Ritualists, their spells will cast faster, and naturally do more damage, than a single Wizard in a party. Their main part is their summoning. The price for demonic summoning is more than simply channeling some energy, there is a blood price, and the proper words, demonic demands, that has to be fulfilled such as trophies, sacrifices. To precure the right circumstances, the Ritualist must tread carefully, and thus ward the summoning area to defend themselves from the most nastiest of demonic bargaining. Thus, the more they are, the faster they can finish dealing with all the routine work (drawing circles, posture, domestication, focus, concentration etc. etc. resisting a demon and at the same time appeasing to it is busy work). If two Ritualists targets the same enemy with the same spell, they will cast a stronger version of the spell and whenever they chant a spell cast at the same time, they will chant faster as well. Together they resist demonic affliction as well, and can control it better. A single Ritualist controlling a Bull Demon early in the game might create a most unfortunate situation when the bandits are gone from its 9001 power that now sinks its teeth into its summoner. Two Ritualists could maintain control over it with ease. Resource: - Demonic Resistance: Ritualists have a 3/3 Per Encounter Resource, each Demon costs an amount of Resistance. Some Demons might cost 1 or 2 Resistance, others 9 or even 12. Thus, 3 Ritualists would have 9/9 in this resource. If number is greater, all Demons summoned go on a rampage or Unsummons based on their own strength and dice roll check. Example: 1 Ritualist, summons 2 Lesser Familiars with a cost of 4. The Ritualist now has -1 Resistance, and thus, the Demons get stronger. For each -1 the Ritualist have, the demons get even stronger, and you also lose control of them all. Meaning if you have 1 Ritualist summoning 7 Lesser Familiars, you'd have -11 Resistance, you'd have 7 pissed off, strengthened, hungry Demons after you. The Demons grow stronger the Weaker the Ritualist gets. With 2 Ritualists, you'd have 6/6, and could control 3 Weak Familiars (that are not as strong as 7 buffed up and angry -11 Familiars, obviously). Demons are both the Ritualists strongest weapon, and their biggest weakness. However, there are abilities such as "Unsummon" or "Hold Demon" as well, to be able to run away. Demons summoned could be permanent, and with this expansion/mod/sequel/future idea could be a combined hidden storyline (Populate the world with demons to wreak chaos everywhere in the world, and the world, NPC's, everyone, would fight back). You could summon demons into the world, which would unlock a new path, become a demonic lord over the lands of the Palatinate, or thwart a demonic plot? (Questline) Spells - Summon Lesser Familiar (In hindsight: Example ability throughout the post) The Ritualist summons a small demon, that serves excellently as a scout, or as an annoyance to target opponents. They reduce accuracy of anyone they attack, stackable, but hardly deals any damage - Costs 2 per Familiar - Unsummon (Core Ability) A basic spell that probably every Ritualist holds dear and thankful for. Many are experienced with rampaging demons, or a destroyed kitchen from too many small familiars. "Unsummon" allows the Ritualist, well, unsummon Demons up to -2. Upgradeable. - Summon Demon (Core Ability) A muscular, humanoid sized, strong naked dumb demon. A warrior. Upgradeable through Talents to give armor, weapon, strength. The more attire the demon gets, the more it costs. Some upgrades could even entail size of the Demon or mutations, making the Demon transform. The Demon is a mold, the upgrades the figure //Strategically, do you have many 5-6 Demons with low to mid gear, or 2 elite demons? A choice left up to the Player, nonetheless. This summoning can be copied, and named. Allowing the Ritualist to summon different types of demons. Example: - Memory Chant Pulling out from their library of knowledge inside their minds, the Ritualist increases the rate of their lips, their minds, concentrating with all their might to chant and ritualize the area of summoning. Their recoverary rate decreases greatly when summoning per Ritualist. - Demonic Affliction The Ritualist opens an eerie window through time and space, a phone call to the demonic plane, in target area of effect. In this zone, any demon currently summoned will go on a rampage and gain a buff, as well as Resistance would cost +1 more, as the smell and hunger is altered in this plane. After a Demonic Affliction has been cast, any Demon during encounter will cost more Resistance and be stronger (//You essentially give some bloodthirsty demons a wiff of some tasty souls to bloody, altered and modified to tempt the demons, baiting, teasing). - Summon Karaz'Gul Karaz'Gul is a captured demon, held in a flask. This demon is immensely powerful. Many naive Ritualists have tried to maintain his power time and time again, only to find a bitter end and sub-sequentally unleashing his power on the world. Karaz'Gul has a passive which randomly changes the Ritualist's Resistance over the course of an encounter, with a range of 12-20. Player can not control Karaz'Gul, but his AI will go for the enemies. Karaz'Gul is immune to "Unsummon" and must be trapped in a bottle (Item) by chanting a really slow spell (So you have to hold him off for a duration of time). Some math: A single Ritualist have 3/3 3x3=9/9 4x3=12/12 5x3=15/15 6x3=18/18 Summoning Karaz'Gul most safely would require 6 Ritualists in the party (Full), or a more daring approach at 4 Ritualists. Whilst this summon is intended to be super strong. Karaz'Gul is a sentient Demon, and can be interesting and interactive in the Plot, or even during/after in combat. - Sacrifice Ritualist (Quest Spell) This Spell uses the Ritualist as a conduit for a demonic summoning, and will summon a powerful demon to replace the Ritualist in the party (Permanent Companion). The Demon summoned is a melee NIP (Non-important) Demon, with the strength of a "Hero" or "Class". Can be named and levels up like a Class, with Demonic Spells. Though, depending on if the Player is a Ritualist himself, he may sacrifice himself to summon an alternate story-Demon. - Succumb to Darkness (Quest Spell) The Ritualist lets himself be possessed by Demons, to become a Demi-Demon, with new skills and powers, growing horns and fiery eyes (Unlockable Story Class) ----------------------------------- These are the only spells I could think of, but I'm sure if I gave it some more thought I'd think of way more. Also, Summon Lesser Familiar and Summon Demon could be the same. In fact, "Summon Demon" could be it's one and only summoning spell, and giving it the mechanic to upgrade the Demon Summoning Spell through Talents. Instead of gaining the option to pick a Spell (like the Wizard, Chanter, Cipher) at Level Up, the Ritualist could instead gain options to upgrade "Summon Demon". The rest of the spells would be for manipulating the demons, or freaking out enemies. The Ritualist relies heavily on each other, to gain the help from demons, compared to a standard party with Fighter, DPS, Tank, Ranged, Mage, Support etc. And it also can be inserted into a standard build. For instance, the Player having a Fighter, Rogue, Paladin, Priest, Ritualist, Ritualist. Or even have a build of 6 Ritualists, and rely 100% on the demons. Ritualists are physically weak, but can What do you think?
  6. Obsidian has said that there will be many complex and difficult choices that can make significant changes to your playing experience. So what is everyone's opinions on how big of an effect these choices should have? And how should they carry over to future expansions/games? Should you be able to cause major changes within a society? Perhaps by helping to liberate an underclass, or change their system of government, or maybe even set a civilization on a path to destruction? Should you be able to change the course of nations? Should you be able help an occupied nation overthrow its invaders or convince a nation to invade someone else? How should that play out in future games? If you help one nation or one major faction defeat another, then that has the potential to cause huge changes in a future expansion or game even if a sequel takes place in another part of the world. How fast should you be able to cause these changes? For example, if you're trying to help an occupied nation overthrow its invaders, you might not be able to completely succeed in one game. Maybe you can help liberate one city in the first game, then you can spread the rebellion throughout the entire nation in an expansion, then you can fully liberate the nation in a sequel, and in the third game, you can help that nation either rebuild or perhaps launch a counter-attack against their invaders. I would of course also love to hear how far the developers are thinking in terms of all the potential ramifications of the player's choices, their effect on the game world and future games.
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