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  1. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/transphobia http://dot429.com/articles/2486-transphobic-officially-added-to-oxford-english-dictionary http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/transphobia
  2. Bad history in the sense that they are not an especially good historian and make several wild leaps with sources, obviously the idea that there were people we would presently understand as "people of colour" existing in europe historically is not bad history.
  3. Adding a question: 4) What is the current state of weapon focus talents? I'm given to understand that the wiki details are out of date. What category has the blunderbuss in it now, and what other weapons does it have?
  4. Simplest explanation for all this is that there are now 9 companions, but one was added relatively late in the dev cycle, after mentions of 8 companions had already been made.
  5. There are plenty of games where having characters who are no good at combat can be neat and compelling but a game primarily concerned with combat (which includes PoE and almost all of the infinity engine games) ain't them.
  6. Except that pretty often the drawbacks were fairly trivial for the best kits.
  7. Bumping CHA wasn't even really the solution in the old infinity engine games anyway. The Baldur's Gate games had barely any stat-gated dialogue, and little of it was charisma dependent. Planescape had some CHA stuff sure, but WIS undoubtedly unlocked the most content, followed by INT. Maybe Icewind Dale 2 had some? I don't really remember, but it was a dungeon crawler, so I doubt it was that significant even if it were present. I'd suspect that might will get more use than you'd think. Probably a lot of Might oriented intimidation options. Plus, don't forget the scripted interactions! Whil
  8. There are no class restricted weapons of any kind.
  9. God, same. It's a world with wizards and elves, gender equality is kind of a small ask by comparison. I recently ran a historical tabletop game set along the silk road in the medieval period, and I decided to have full gender equality up front. Because, yeah, misogyny existed then (as it exists now), and including it would be "historically accurate", but it'd do precious little to actually reinforce or enhance the themes of the game. Same for Pillars of Eternity, which is meant to be about stuff like colonialism, ethics in science, metaphysics, elves, etc, right?
  10. Why not, if it's appropriately hard to get it, then hell yeah it should be awarded. It doesn't have to be class restricted, it can be an ordinary sword in the hands of non Paladins. Also the HA is kind of an iconic weapon of the Paladin. That's essentially the same thing as being class restricted, though.
  11. Why would you say that? Because the design ethos of the game is strongly against that sort of thing? No class is going to get a ridiculous superweapon that basically exists to shore up the mechanical shortcomings of the class. I'm pretty sure Josh even said recently that NO weapons were going to be class restricted.
  12. They're clearly not actually going to get them though, are they.
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