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  1. Cant say about poe 2 but I liked the poe 1 history quite a lot. Rich and original, imo. However, I also think that it was too much lore at the begining. It felt a bit overwhelming. I started to really enjoy the lore in my sedond run, when I knew what the lore was about and could make more sense of it and not having to "memorize it" to find out what was all about.
  2. But with that historical precendent on mind, a Paladin should be a PRestige class, after all the player character would have first to become an "esteemed knight" (somebody who has made heroic and chivalric acts) instead of a base class. Not that I would be against it. Some kind of "holy warrior" or "chivalric warrior" would work as prestige class even better than as base class
  3. I backed the game because I liked the previous one without worrying too much about the new rules. I assumed they wouldnt change much. My opinion on the things you have said: 1. The mere fact of changing things is not good per se. Is the new system of rules going to be better than the old one? I will have to play it first, but I think playing a system you already know is always better than having to learn a new system when you dont have so much time to play (like it is my case) 2. I dont like the fact that health/endurance is gone and spells are per encounter. It makes you too focused o
  4. I think i liked the expansion more than the original game (the enconunters and the maps, not the story, altough WM story was a good one). Try it. If after playing it you feel overpowered then choose that option that scales encounters for those who play WM. I didnt, because I like to feel powerful for all the "troubles" I have been through. He, he.
  5. Out of curiosity, which is the highest rated? (not professional critics, but users) Ps. Forget it, it is The Witcher 3 (BG 2 comes second). Both of them RPGs (sort of in the case of the Witcher), ummmm...
  6. Lilarcor (from BG2) was great. It had some very funny scripts. It was basically a crazy two handed sword bent on killing things (big, small, ugly... "he" didnt care)
  7. When both physical prowess and magic "power" depended on Might it made sense to name it Might. Now that it is gone it makes far more sense to call Might Strenght. A different thing is the balance issues that arise due to the change on relevant stat.
  8. I think 5 is a good number for an adventuring party. With six I always felt it was a bit cumbersome and it didnt really add to my overall tactics.
  9. Durance as a sexy Pirate-Dwarf? Sorry, the "sexy" part cant compute with Durance.Your PC will be at serious risk of exploding
  10. I dont like per encounter spells. I grew up giving some thought to when you cast this or that spell, instead of casting them like a machine gun because you will get them in the next fight again. I thnk that taking a decision about when to cast a given spell is funnier than simply not taking any decision but casting them as fast as possible (which usually means one spell per "round") I guess I am too old to like such a big change in magic mechanics.
  11. Yes, that would be cool. Even if soulbound weapons take your best proficiency options you cant choose if they are two handed or one handed weapons, nor some other bonuses weapons have (like the accuracy bonus rapiers get, for example) Giving the weapon the ability to change would solve the issue of a player finally getting his hands on it only to find the new intelligent weapon is a two haded one and his character dual wields.
  12. Oh, I will miss that soulbound talking weapon. So many fond memories of Lilarcor...
  13. IIRC, you fin his mates (and Fulvanos equipment), but not Fulvanos corpse.
  14. No way, man. That scam called Star Citizen has taken almost 150 million dollars (yes, the amount is correct) and they dont even have an alpha version of the game after five years of crowfunding. Imagine what Obsidian could do with 150 millions dollars for a single RPG game... PS. My guess is they would make a virtual reality RPG game. Finally we would be able to fight some "real" dragons.
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