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  1. I found IWD2 harder than BG2. Not that I found either really challenging.
  2. Well, Josh sorta answered that question in the OP's you tube link. Anyway I'll give my opinion: First, I will say, I *liked* IWD2's story(s). Isair and Madae were potentially intriguing villians. And just like the first game, all the major dungeons had decent back stories. The story behind the ice temple was really good, even if the temple itself was a rather dull/repetitive dungeon experience. The story behind Dragon's eye was really good too (the eruption, the Yuanti, the time loop, etc.) IWD2 could have had a much better storyline though. I wouldn't have changed anything, per se. Instead, I just would have...expanded it more. You can tell that Isair and Madae were meant to be far more "personable", but the devs simply didn't flesh them out.. Unfortunately the game manages to drop the ball each and every time they do show themselves to the Player. Every one of those cameos they do is like: "Oh hi!, we were just leaving. here, fight our minions!". Compare that with how BG2 handles Bodhi and Irenicus' multiple appearances. Also, IWD2 had so many areas. But many were wasted with meaningless filler (river caves, fields of slaughter, the monastery, the underdark, etc), when the devs could have easily used them to better flesh out the main plot. ^Considering AD&D lore, this *alone* was a risky (and potentially unbelievable) opening scenario on the part of Bioware. What happens if you decide to play an elf? Well, In D&D, Elves don't reach adulthood until they're about 250 years old. Problem: Gorion is human. So Chances are if you're an adult elf, you're probably older than he is. Except that you can't be, because the time of troubles wasn't that long ago and he supposedly saved you from being a baby sacrifice to bhaal after the time of troubles. So by the start of the game, you're a 20-25 year old elf. Which is still a baby. You're like, 2 in human years. Of course, this whole time-based inconsistency stuff in the BG games is made even more illogical in Throne of Bhaal when you meet a huge ancient Dragon who is also a child of bhaal, and who has a Son who's also a huge ancient dragon (if you're keeping count at home, that's a 2000+ year timeline discrepancy, since the time of troubles at the point had only happened, what, less than 25 years ago?) From my understanding, Bhaal had many children BEFORE the time of troubles; so a 2000 year old dragon child of Bhaal is fine, but you are definitely right about the elf thing. I think I read in the player handbook that elves become adults at about 90, but maybe I'm wrong. Either way, an elf PC makes no sense.
  3. Everybody would become passive push-overs. I'd think it'd be the opposite. With a lot of fear of death removed, it'd be easier to stand up against oppression. Of course, it depends on the other factors. Does the world value submission or bravery? Will you get a better next life if you're a conquering hero in this? Does XP help you along towards "the goal". Good point.
  4. I feel that a part of the argument has to do with what people consider level scaling. When I complain about level scaling I am only talking about the game world changing because my team leveled up. I feel like the game is cheating me out of my reward for gathering xp. If enemies got stronger for any other reason it wouldn't bother me; at least not by default.
  5. I think the stamina/health system is probably one of the best design choices Obsidian has made on PoE.
  6. Level scaling is clearly a solution to the problem of player characters increasing in capability much faster than they ever would in real life. It's a fake simulation for a fake progression capability that was built to feed player ego. Asking the designers to fix it is just asking them to heal a symptom, rather than the cause. My $.02 worth... Keep in mind that real life does not level scale or give xp for quests. As a game there is nothing wrong with leveling as a reward for quests. Maybe Im old fashioned, but I dont see getting powerfull in a short amount of time a problem.
  7. I'm sure the combat in this game will be at least good. I mean, this is Obsidian we're talking about. IWD/IWD2 had the best combat of the IE games. So it would be odd if they failed to make a good system.
  8. Thanks everyone for the great replies! I was worried that on hard they would just make enemies do more damage and have more hp, but now I see Obsidian is being alot more creative.
  9. The game will definitely have level scaling, but I wish it didn't. From my experience level scaling either ruins the game (Oblivion), or doesn't matter very much (BG2). I can't see how level scaling ever really improves a game it's used in, but maybe I've just been traumatized by Oblivion. Still very excited for PoE though, as I'm sure that Obsidian will scale in moderation.
  10. I was just wondering how difficult PoE was going to be on the default settings. I'm worried that the core game will be too easy and the only way to have a challenge will be to toggle the settings to give the player handicaps rather than more challenging scenario's. Maybe I'm wrong though.
  11. The old IE games could be completed with just one guy. Heck I beat BG1/BG2 with just one guy. If the same is true with PoE I wouldn't be surprised.
  12. Yeah, I know! I never let my main character be a Rogue before because they always seemed too wimpy. But now, I just might.
  13. I think this thread should return to the subject. There are plenty of romance threads to go to if you don't want to talk about the update.
  14. I've never had a problem with hit-or-die spells. On all the tough battles they just don't work; at least not without debuffs. At least, that has been my experience.
  15. I hope summons have some kind of distance from caster limit. In BG you can really abuse summons to do most of the fighting for you. Just scout with invisibility and then send a hord of skeletons/skeleton-warriors to pwn the monsters. Seemed a little cheesy.
  16. I just hoe to be able to adjust the resolution settings easily. I got BG2:EE and had to go through alot of BS to change my settings.
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