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  1. Wish fulfilment and escapism. We all like the thought of being a great hero who saves the world, but in reality this will never happen. The world doesn't need saving, and even if it did, chances are we won't be the ones to do it. If anybody is going to fight the evil monsters, it's going to be the army, consisting of big burly marine/commando types with shaved heads and arms the size of tree trunks, not some skinny weakling sitting behind a computer. ;-) Just deserts is also part of the appeal - many of us like to think that people get what they deserve, even though in real life that doesn
  2. A lot of people in the real world "know" that their particular god exists...only they can't all be right, because they all claim exclusive rights to monotheism. ;-) Seriously though, I think it's because fantasy tends to be based on ancient Dark Ages superstition, in which they believed that if you're a liar, and you say "if I lie, may the Lord strike me down!", then you would actually be struck down with a lightning bolt. Dragons come from the same source...people declare that a 'monster' was "this big, it were! And it could breathe fire, and rend the ground apart with its claws! I saw it
  3. Okay, I don't like the idea of that. I don't mind having an inventory stash at your camp, or one that you can access while adventuring, but I don't like the idea of being able to magically teleport stuff back to your camp. If you don't want to spend the time hauling 100 two-handers back to your camp, then you shouldn't be able to sell 100 two-handers. If they're going to do that, they might as well have a "Loot Dungeon" button which instantly opens up a screen, from which you can choose what, in the entire dungeon that you've cleared so far, to sell, and instantly get the cash for it there
  4. Actually, I think the "stash" is more immersive. If everybody has their own personal inventory...how, exactly, are you navigating the perilous dungeon with that +1 harness, Glaive of Cleaving, three +2 swords, 8 +3 daggers, Flail of Golemn Smashing, Mail of Epicness, 40,000 potions, and all the trinkets from quests that you never bothered to drop because you might need them later, all stashed away in your backpack? I don't care how strong you are, some things are just too big and bulky to carry on your back. It makes much more sense to have stuff like that in a wagon, or sth, IMO - the
  5. Actually I was more referring to trying to shoot at somebody who's engaged in melee combat, but...yeah, that too! There should be penalties both to attacks and to defence when trying to melee with a ranged weapon, and penalties to hit targets that are engaged in melee.
  6. But might makes a huge difference in ranged attacks in real life, so this is totally realistic!! You know how gangsta gunmen shoot? This is actually for a good reason, because turning the gun on its side and "throwing" the bullets allows you to project your physical strength into the shot, giving it more power. XD Seriously though, in most RPGs, ranged attacks are ridiculously underpowered - you can hit a fly from 100 yards away but you need to shoot it 8 times before it dies. I'd rather see ranged attacks more effective but less easy to hit, especially at longer ranges or when the target
  7. It actually has, in the Neverwinter Nights premium module, Wyvern Crown of Cormyr. tbh, it wasn't that great. Although the jousting was cool, but it was more of a scripted event - choose where to aim and watch the animation happen. It wasn't interactive at all. I think the main problem with horses and moutned combat is that it's hard to create graphics for. Aside from a whole new set of animations, you've got to somehow get the game to redraw your character sitting on a horse, including all of his kit - it's not a trivial thing, and from what I've seen, it adds very little to the game. Sur
  8. Good god, I hope not! Animal companions are just that: companions who are animals. They're not magic, and therefore shouldn't be capable of magical attacks. I certainly don't want to see pet dogs standing on their hindquarters pulling bows... (I'm having a scary image of some Teenage Mutant Hero Animal Companions now! XD )
  9. Personally, I think that's a good thing. Why would you kill an enemy if you don't have to? There's a technical term for somebody who kills things just to satisfy their own desire for killing: homicidial maniac. :D Think about it: you fight a party of orcs. You defeat them, and they scatter and run. What are you going to do: abandon your quest to chase each orc to the end of the Earth, or let them go because they're no longer an obstacle? XP for kills encourages the former, even for morally good characters who are supposed to be merciful. Tabletop games usually grant the players XP for
  10. QFT. Let's stop differentiating between male and female, we're all gamers! Spoilers: they did, kind of...they told us about a good deal of the campaign's story. I stopped reading part way through because I didn't want to know any more about what was going to happen to my character. I must say, though, character creation sounds awesome! I love the way you can select culture and ethnicity, because that's one thing I've always found lacking in CRPGs (except maybe for the Elder Scrolls games).
  11. Strongholds and crafting do not a great RPG make. I don't think it's a matter of "winning". For a start, they're not really in competition with each other. It's not as if everybody who buys one will not buy the other; with as much disposable income as we have today, most people can afford to buy many games, and its highly likely a good proportion of the RPG community will buy both games. Besides, you have to define "win" - win what, exactly? Most sales? That's not a fair contest. Bioware have all of EA's corporate assets at their disposal, including their marketing department. EA
  12. I'm going to say NWN, because having pre-painted 2d portraits depends on there being a portrait that accurately reflects your character. If there isn't one, I would either have to use a portrait that didn't fit my character, or go online and seek out a portrait that is more to my liking. But I don't like the idea of being forced to source a portrait from elsewhere to be able to use my character. I know it's important, for nostalgia purposes, to have 2d paintings - and granted, some of them do look really nice. But surely it's equally important for your character to look like you think
  13. It might get a foot in the door, but it'll suck, because everybody will be expecting a repeat of the Baldur's Gate experience, which they're not going to get. Because it'll fall short of expectations, everybody will rail at the developers for daring to release a title that wasn't to their liking, under the title of "Baldur's Gate". Baldur's gate was a product of the Bioware/Black Isle partnership. Many of those people have moved on to other things, and the entire gaming industry has become infected with Moderngameitus. If Baldur's Gate was made now, it'd have map markers, regenerating heal
  14. Why would anybody want a Baldur's Gate 3 now anyway? Are people under the impression that simply calling a game "Baldur's Gate" will automatically make it good? The team that made the original two are not likely to work on any kind of a sequel now. If such a sequel is made, there's a good chance it will disappoint. Also, do we really need a continuation of the whole "child of Bhaal" storyline? Besides, WotC aren't going to grant permission for anybody to do an RPG based on an outdated version of their game, so it will be made with the current version of D&D, which, at the moment, i
  15. Problem with romance options is, there is, literally, no way to please everybody. Romances don't write themselves, they have to spend time and resources on writing and scripting them, and if they add one, they will have to add at least another three. Remember the first time this was added in Baldur's Gate 2? It was supposed to be a nice add-in feature, but people started making demands because this add-in feature wasn't to their liking. People didn't thank Bioware for the romance options that they did include, they only complained about the ones that they didn't. Not saying whether I a
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