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  1. Ok I solved this same problem for someone today, just need to figure out the dll. If you go to the folder the .exe is located and launch from there instead of steam does the error change? If not can you go to windows eve4nt viewer and look at the error in there, you will get a path that tells you the file that is having a problem(it will not be the southpark exe) it will be a dll file.
  2. did you by chance alter the files to skip the startup logos? IF so one of those files breaks saving.
  3. Did you alter any of the files to make it skip the intro by chance? Cause there is one file that breaks the save feature.
  4. When you launch the game and hit the continue button at the main screen, does the volume chop a bit? If so I have this problem and though anoying if you launch the game like 10 times in a row, 1 of the 10 will work. It doesnt fix the fact that this needs to be addressed but at least you can play. I think its a corrupt dll myself I just need to figure out what one.
  5. Do you know how to check your windows event viewer? Its under administrative tools in the control panel, Under there you will see windows log, then aplications. Check for the south park ding, it will have a bit more information then this. It shoudl give you a path to the file that failed itself. Also did you alter the launch files at all to skip the intro? Thats causing some big bugs for people./
  6. I cant remeber on the ps3 but I know on my ps4 I can edit the screen to expand the size of the ps4 screen. I get it would be anoying before you are in the game but if you are like me and only going to be playing this for the next few days it may be worth trying instead of waiting for the patch.
  7. happy to hear man. I was not looking forward to having to explain how to go to command prompt and extract individual dll files
  8. I just replied to you and gave you facebook info anywho its under start, then control panel, administrative tools, event viewer, windows log, applications, then you need to search for the one that mentions south park. Your best bet is to launch it again now, wait tillo crash then check the log. Cause the log can be HUGEEEEEEE.
  9. Oh I should mention, I had the same problem as you, but did notice if I tried to start the game over and over out of 5 times, I would at least get it once. After I fixed up my nvidia settings though I dont get that problem very often. However I do have the same stutter issue at times a lot of people are getting.
  10. Cool, checked it out, not much info there. If you go to windows event viewer, windows logs, applications, find the error. Is there anymore info in there? Also did you check your nvidia options like I mentioned?
  11. if that doesnt work, I have one more question, do you know what language your os is set to, it would be under control panel, region and language. Then will say format, also under location were is it listed?
  12. Also I just did some reading on this and noticed that a lot of other games have this problem(not just stick of truth) a solution a lot of people found was using an external drive, or if using an external drive using usb instead of esata.
  13. Does it give you a code you could possibly use on your steam account itself? That way you circumvent the need for the cd, cause you can just do the dowload option from steam. Does not fix the cd, but it would get you going.
  14. silly question, if you sell it, then do a buyback, does it still have problem?
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