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  1. ok guys its been three months and still no update or fix for my issue. ive had a £40 game that doesnt even work. i feel conned. id either like my money back or a fix.
  2. still no light as to why its not working guys. really need help
  3. can you show me how to do that do you have skype or facebook so we can chat. ive also pmed you. have you got it to work?
  4. being able to skip tutorials if you have already been through the game as a different character
  5. any development on this mr developer? because i seriously wanna play this game i'm super serial.
  6. im not using steam beta. i never have and i even tried installing steam beta then starting then uninstalling steam beta. still the same result. ive reinstalled the game verified the game cache all the same result. please help
  7. ive been eagerly waiting for this game to come out all to find out that after i click play through steam it loads up the ubisoft logo, the obsidian logo, then the south park logo then the other logo then the game quits. i've tried messing with the .ini files. after this the default setting is having the dx11 off or false. when i turn it on it blows up faster. i cant play this game . my specs are intel i7 hex core 3.2 ghz 64 gb vengance ram nvidia gtx 680 the warning message that comes up is in the attachments and find my dx diag DxDiag.txt
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