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  1. Not to get off topic, but what are those weapon graphics, and the floaty pink spinning orb above that char's head? Is that a mod of some sort that I am unaware of? I have never seen those graphics.
  2. Yeah. ME2 on Insanity with imported saves (i.e. you start with crappy weapons vs. max level enemies) was really ....... easy. /facepalm I was talking in generalities. I'm not saying not a single challenging game has been released in the last 10 years. jeesh .
  3. I read these forums daily, and I've seen the complaint many times. Yes, this is another good point. People shouldn't ask for difficulty nerfs until combat is 99% bug free. +1 +1 My original post was supposed to be making a generalization about difficulty. I agree with what you guys are saying. I just cringe every time I see a post that says "It should be easier". That's just the wrong mindset to have.
  4. Single player games for the last 10+ years have been notoriously too easy, and I am really looking forward to PoE providing a serious challenge. That said, if you find a battle is extremely difficult relative to other content within the same play-through, then give constructive feedback asking for a specific encounter to be better balanced. There is a big difference between saying "It's too hard! Make it easier!", and "I think the difficulty of certain encounters needs to be better balanced for reasons x,y, and z". You guys will regret it in the end if you keep asking for the game to be made 'easier' (I've seen this request many times throughout this forum). The game should be kept as challenging as possible! Note: this only applies to difficulty settings above the 'easy' setting. IMO easy setting should be for people that just want to enjoy the story and dialogue without having to stress about being tactical in battle.
  5. I always considered running away a cheese tactic anyways. I don't mind the way they have it. Am I alone in this?
  6. Sorry. I actually have seen that thread, but did not know that this idea had been brought up inside the thread. Had I known that, I wouldn't have made this one. But not knowing that, I thought the idea deserved its own thread. Call me a narcissist .
  7. I know it seems nit-picky, but having pencil sketches for items is really important to me. It really helps the items feel unique and "alive" so to speak. Considering how many things there are to work on before release, I don't realistically see OE getting this done, as it's probably a back-burner issue (If they even consider it an issue). I don't know if the bureaucracy of game development would get in the way of this idea, but I think it would be cool to let the community here donate their own sketches for different items in the game. Just have us submit a bunch of random sketches of bows, swords, hammers, armor, gems, keys, etc... If OE receives enough good ones, I wouldn't think it would take too many resources to implement them, would it? Obviously the style of drawings would vary from person to person, but I think if the standard rule was "pencil sketches only", that that would keep the visual look between drawings similar enough for consistency. Bad idea? Good idea? Naive idea?
  8. Regardless of practical reasons to have or not have killing monsters give you exp, the bottom line is that killing monsters for exp is fun. When you down a foe and you see the feedback: "Party Gained Exp: 3000" it just incites good tingly feelings. It's fun. I would say just implement a system in which if you talk your way out of a battle, then you also get a comparable amount of experience.
  9. I personally think the feedback window should be in the middle, not the left.
  10. Very good video. I hope the devs take at least most of what you've said in this video to heart.
  11. They should stay until you leave area or rest.
  12. I like your proposed system, but I think Obsidian will be able to tweak their system to one that is equally as good.
  13. They could easily do it so it doesn't cover the portrait. Ya, they don't HAVE to put the icons directly on the portrait. There's room to be creative with it for sure.
  14. Concerning this issue, I created this thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67578-combat-suggestion/
  15. One of the awesome features of the BG:EE series is that they've added each character's current action/command onto their portrait. This is such a great feature, because you can look at your portraits, and instantly know what all of your characters are doing (Or not doing!). I know in PoE currently you can see a vague representation of your character's action above his/her head in the form of a generic sword, or a spell, but I really think it would be sweet if BG:EE's feature was implemented in PoE, so you could see exactly what your characters are doing or what they have been commanded to do without having to figure out who is who on the battlefield (Sometimes it's hard to quickly discern what is what on the battlefield, which is why being able to look at the portraits is so important). Here's what it looks like in BG:EE: Here is a crude mock up of what it could look like in PoE: From the above image, just glancing at that I know the following information: My archer is actively shooting at 'something'. My fighter is actively attacking 'something'. My rogue is doing *nothing* <--- Good to know! My priest is casting a heal, or is going to cast a heal. My wizard is about to cast rolling flame. Please consider implementing this feature, or some kind of variant. What do you all think? Thanks,
  16. Obsidian, PLEASE implement these features. This is part of the reason combat is so frustrating right now.
  17. Excuse my ignorance, but do we know if that's how DT works in PoE? DT doesn't work on a percentage scale, but a raw number scale?
  18. Hypothetical: Dagger does 4 damage/hit, and hits twice per second, doing 8 dps 2handed axe does 8 damage/hit, and hits once per second, doing 8 dps. Now let's add a might bonus of +50% damage Now dagger does 6 damage/hit (4 * 1.5), and hits twice per second, does 12 dps 2handed axe does 12 damage/hit (8 * 1.5), and hits once per second, does 12 dps. DPS values scale consistently. Am I wrong?
  19. If you want to just be able to faceroll everthing, then this game might not be for you. These kind of games are meant to be difficult. No one should be saying 'the difficulty might be too high'. I've been playing games that are WAY TOO EASY for over ten years now. It's time to make new games that test your limits. I'm all for making PoE as reasonably difficult as possible.
  20. After watching the video. I think the lightning looks good, but a little 'awkward' for lack of a better word. Though I thought it looked awkard in infinite engine games too. i always thought lightning attacks should just be instant conjurings of light streaks between the caster and the target, much like you would see an actual lightning strike between the ground and the sky.
  21. I'm trying to find the video mentioned by OP, but cannot find it. Can you please provide a link? Thanks.
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