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  1. Where is this new vendor? I've scoured Port Maje and can't find them. Do I have to somehow unlock them via GoG?
  2. I have also triggered this bug with Wounding Shot and a rogue with Deep Wounds, against both fampyres as well as liches: every DoT tick triggers the gaze. Relatedly, my friendly cipher triggers Psychic Backlash on every tick when affected by either Wounding Shot or Deep Wounds from an enemy.
  3. From what I can tell, DOTs trigger the bug. I can consistently trigger it with Wounding Shot or a rogue with Deep Wounds. Interestingly, if my cipher is hit with either of those it triggers Psychic Backlash every tick as well. I can almost guarantee these two bugs are related.
  4. I'm getting a crash during this same scripted event. save: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14zqxkp-HRNbnD77ZKR71J2LANXHzZiUs log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y9Od2ziPKbW2dSAAoj519exMl2tnXhdS
  5. In the Duel cutscene, the game crashes when I attempt (and probably fail) the streetwise check to look for higher ground (after I've succeeded at observing the duelists more closely). Save game: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WBiJgYypQKgxCeM-X8C-nB0UibyPi7Sh/view?usp=sharing Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hffYJatJoSUY-3aRYztMWs_Tzy2HgybJ/view?usp=sharing
  6. I have a character stuck just south of the wooden staircase on the Engwithan digsite map. Save game available here.
  7. This system is simple, RNG free, and makes dumping Resolve raise the risk of getting interrupt-locked. Interrupts don't cancel an action, just delay it by some % of the time the action takes. The strength of the interrupt is this percentage. Example interrupt values: Weakest interrupt: 5 points, i.e. delays completion by 5% Weaker Interrupt: 25 points, i.e. delays completion by 25% Weak interrupt: 50 points Average interrupt: 75 points Strong interrupt: 100 points Stronger interrupt: 125 points Strongest interrupt: 150 points, i.e. delays completion of the action by +150% (Thrust o
  8. I just tested the firing speed of the arbalest on my Dwarf chanter with 2 dex, using my chants for timing, attacking out-of-range spores. It has exactly the same overall time between bolts fully upgraded and unbound. I'm pretty certain that's a bug. Regardless of the semantics of the tooltip, I would expect a full-upgraded soul-bound weapon to offer more than just Superb and two CC procs, which makes me think the intent was 50% faster firing, overall.
  9. After a reload, it doesn't seem to trigger in subsequent battles until after the cipher has been attacked.
  10. It's not specific to that armor. Here's a save with the problem. Edit: In an 'interesting' twist, the bug is gone in the first combat after a reload, but then returns... but not always. This self Psychic Backlash doesn't preclude the 'normal' Psychic Backlash. It doesn't always show up in the combat log and seems to be able to happen more than once per combat.
  11. Despite the message log that the Devil is immune to the gas cloud (since it's a poison), the gas cloud still does damage.
  12. I have the Shod-in-Faith boots equipped on Zahua. An enemy attack triggered Consecrated Ground from the boots. I activated Stunning Blow on an enemy and allies affected by Consecrated Ground were also stunned on the next tick of the spell.
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