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  1. Definitely. I don't understand this comment at all. In both Gothic games the main character is a clean slate. He has no name and his only background is that he is a prisoner. He is voiced in a very neutral, soft-spoken way. On top of this, you are given dialogue choices and decisions to make that allow you to DEFINE how aggresive you want your character to be. So I don't get the whole "above average testosterone levels" comment at all. Of course there is a story. Yes, on the surface it appears to be the standard "Kill the evil dragons" thing, but its the DETAILS of how this story unfolds that pulls you in. Once you get into the motivations of the factions, the backstories of the characters you meet and so on .. you don't worry so much that the "MACRO" story isn't innovative. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sorry not to respond earlier, elkston. first, let me clarify a bit--I did not finish the game--in fact, I didn't get very far into it at all, so my remarks about the lack of story come from that point of view. Frankly, I was disappointed in Gothic II. I did love and finish Gothic, and felt that it had a fairly strong story with a few unusual twists(like taking place in a penal colony full of religious fanatics, drug-dealers and thugs, hands-on learning to hunt, etc) that made it a little more innovative than say, Morrowind. My issue about the character perspective(white male etc) is that you basically are who you were in Gothic I-a convict who fought his way to the top of the food chain, yet suddenly you are back to killing oceans of low-level creatures to advance. Yes, you do some fetch and carry questing and talking with NPC's, but basically you are not going anywhere without killing things--lots of things---frequently. Thus the testosterone level remark. A male human with below average aggression would not A) have survived the first prison camp, and B) want to be a combat-based fighter, thief or mage anyway. I had no fault to find with this, btw. As someone eles has remarked in this thread, combat is the traditional essential means by which characters advance in any CRPG. I really did feel, tho, that my character was pushed in certain pro-violent directions, regardless of my choices--like having to betray the thieves or side with them-very black and white. But all this discussion has revived my interest--if I play again I may try the mage route--the manual kind of scared me off with its dire warnings of early weakness. :cool:
  2. Gothic(numero uno) was better--but if you play awhile you will find the game's strongest point--immersion. If. however, playing as a white male human with above average testosterone levels is not your thing, you may not like it. as far as i know, there is no story but i find the inane English part of the charm of the german/belgian games... btw,you forgot to mention how terrible the voice acting was.
  3. RPG fan, and was surprized really at how well the KOTOR universe drew me in, since I am basically indifferent to most of the movies--liked the original, period. In fact, the aspects of KOTOR i disliked were the cinematics and feeling as if I were in a cartoon at times. But still, a good game.
  4. yeah, Divine Divinity had a nice gritty feel-the sorceror dude art (complete to pointy cap and beard) was hilarious. i even liked the voice acting. and the little pictures of haunches of meat and hefty bottles of Dwarven Ale were nice and substantial, like you were hauling real sustenance in an inventory screen reminsicent of a high school kid's room...
  5. When Canadians make things they are usually of exceptional quality and people *choose* to acknowledge it. When we don't make something that is exceptional it isn't noticed at all. I think that has some kind of advantage It's just like how the USA will *choose* to acknowledge when we kick their butt in hockey.... *runs away* LOL (I had to sneak that one in... sorry) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> no problem--we know it's so cold up there that brain cells frequently freeze unless spirituous liquors are applied frequently and so we make allowances---of course, not having brain cells, hockey players don't have this problem and so do much better
  6. many cool papers-phosphor's makes me want to find out what the heck farscape is. i presently have a grey-green castle from the highly anticipated Dragon Age by the great canadian game company whose payroll i am not on. really.
  7. Thanks -you all rock and "Please Note: This forum is for posting suggestions, ...(f) or games you'd like to see. ..." how about almost anything!???! Soon!! (as soon as realistically possible for the true crpg material within your fertile if crazed gamer brains of course....) (w00t)
  8. don't ever let a feminist hear you say that :cool: seriously, it will be sad if the forums go because of a few disappointed customers--everyone in marketing will tell ya that when people are happy with a product they generally don't bother to write the company and tell them so--but when they are disappointed they raise hell, often in the hope of getting something for free. i don't post a lot here. but i have enjoyed the RPG discussion forum since day one--it rarely needs any major moderation and the patrons thereof are generally well-behaved, so why not just can the particular users who are creating the distrurbance and let everyone else keep the OE flame burning.
  9. Ran like crap on my computer which has a 2 gig proc, and I found the incessant respawning of monsters tedious, far worse than Diablo II. Felt like a waste to me, but I never patched it, bought it first week out, etc. It's possible it would be a better deal now. I just got frustrated with the lag.
  10. that would be my thought also. after all mr. urquhart has a new baby and undoubtedly is hearing enough crying at home
  11. Icewind Dale art was awesome and avatars from all the Bio games were pretty classy. The games whose art really blew me away though are the Disciples series. The gameplay is good strategy gaming, very difficult at times, and that alone would sell the game, but on top of that, all the avatars, all the units, all the towns and buildings are drawn with a style and clarity that really go above and beyond the needs of the game. In fact when I think of those games I remember the art in front of the gameplay, which is why I posted on this thread. (It's canadian i think, so another kudo to all the canucks out there.)
  12. 1. Planescape Torment 2. Arcanum 3. Might & Magic VI 4. Gothic I 5. Icewind Dale-Heart of Winter-IWD II 6. Baldur's Gate series 7. Pharoah/Cleopatra/Emperor 8. Alpha Centauri 9. Master of Orion II 10. Disciples I & II ( These are all pc titles as i don't do console)
  13. These boards as well as being entertaining and often informative, promote the Obsidian cause, generate ideas and provide feedback. The trolls and maniacs, though tedious and repetitive, are no worse than many other places and will never be eliminated as long as there is a world wide web of idiocy. I post seldom but lurk much, and fervently hope some way can be found to keep the ship afloat--i for one see no need to have personal interaction with the Big Cheese on every topic that irks my little brain...and having seen POOR moderation at its zenith on other boards, feel that the moderators here are both tolerant and extremely competent at controlling those who can't control themselves. Whatever happens, thanks to all at Obsidian who have listened to the rational amongst us plead our cases for the games we wish we had.
  14. what is it with the French and game companies. i thought their major exports were wine and perfume... wasn't it Ubisoft that acquired all the 3DO properties when it went belly up a few years back?
  15. so Obsidian--you're all we have left of the days of past glories--my Black Isle logo games are so-o-o alone i know that the success of a game is judged by net profit, but if it were judged instead by the total number of hours spent playing it by the total number of players, i think BIS and its descendants could lay claim to a sizable chunk of gaming uber-dom. regrets to troika-but lessons will not go away until you learn them. i just hope the lesson learned here is not that making crpg's is a lost cause.
  16. Grok was silenced by having the entire thread wherein he made his April Fool's declaration mysteriously deleted. Gosh they just couldn't find it and don't know whatcould have happened to it...maybe it "timed out"(somwhat unlikely if they meant it expired since there are threads on that board posted before the game was released)or was accidentally deleted....sigh.... but i totally agree that atari will not abandon the rpg genre and that someone somewhere right now is looking at a proposal to develop a game called BG3. E3 should be interesting this year.
  17. Well, it does sound interesting, but then there are people who make a pretty good living making games sound interesting... realistically, i think it is extremely difficult to make realtime hack and slash combat interesting and not merely a means to an end--at first level, seventy-five goblins may require tactical decisions, but at fourth, fifteenth and fiftieth level, the seventy-five goblin sniper elite whatevers can be killed by mechanically repeating the first techniques you used in the game. so the only reason to keep playing has to be elsewhere, and that is where games like dungeon siege flop. i've only played one of Bradley's games--Wizard's & Warriors--and it was definitely what i would call a hard-core role-playing game, if somewhat of a smorgasbord of mixed delights including at least as many bugs as the infamous ToEE...i'll be curious to see how this one turns out. It does sound like they are putting a fair amount of effort into plot and the game world.
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