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  1. At first i played a monk, but the +feeling+was not right. I ALWAYS play a wizard /magician first. So i made a wizard and atm its fine. But i alrdy think: MAN...how about a nice paladin tank or multiclass?.. But NO NO..i will finish as a wizard first...then i try anything else But yes: Wizard is rly weak compared to my lowlvl Monk....the monk can do SO MUCH MORE dmg..while my wizard is dead more quickly and is limited to his spells( i play on veteran).
  2. No i know how to use codes e.g. It was a steam problem it seems. I had to restart a lot..then +magicwise+ i got the items ^^ But thank you guys
  3. I started a monk. Maybe wizards/casters will be buffed later, but atm i prefere a melee gl to you pal with your druid.
  4. *deep sigh* A lvl 9 Spell is now rly weak..compared to beta :/...before it was: Absorb spells for 1min, up to 50lvls of spells. Now its: Absorb spells(max. 5. grade) for 1min, up to 50lvl of spells Rip mighty wizard ^^ Why did you guys do that? :///
  5. I cannot decide yet between singleclass Wizard bec. i love wizards or SC Monk Im not a huge fan of multiclasses, bec. i want to get the most out of my chosen class, but i can see the benefits of a MC too ofc. So...deciding deciding...:> Rly powerful spell-thrower of a rly powerful melee....
  6. Hello, at the top of my inventory when i want to read item stats..the graphic is flimmering...and its hard to read. My graphic card is ok..i got that problem only at PoE...any chance to fix that ? greetings
  7. Thank you Boeroer ! What about fighter and paladins? I guess a fighter could deal some nice dmg too and has a bit more defense stats and the talent where he can come back from the dead?
  8. Hello ! as always i only can find some dual wield/1hand or 1hand +shield guides ! But i always wanted to play a very nice fighter/barb/pala with the best (one of the best) 2hand weapon ! Does not matter if sword, axe, spear or so. It must not be a guide for PotD /solo build. I just want to have that char in my party Can anybody pls link me such a guide/build or give me some advise pls? Bec. its a long time ago since i played PoE and a lot was changed till then. Greetings Carte
  9. Hello Heijoushin and thank you for the quick reply ! Is the stat change maybe still doable by a mod or something like a extra programm (like stuff for baldurs gate back in the day?!)
  10. Hello ! when i played PoE back at release, it was not possible to change the stats/talents of NPC compaignons when i got them. Is that now doable ? Also: Are there big changes that only comes with the add on..like lvl cap or so? greetings Carte
  11. I had high hopes..rly for DOS 2...but im alrdy bored after some hours. 1. Worst camera ever 2. Its absolutly melee-unfriendly...and the +luck+ is a bit too much for my taste. 3. Story and compaignon storys are not enjoyable for me. 4. Combat feels boring and not that fun like @ POE 1 ..i have played other games with round combat but the dos'games are absolutly no fun for me. 5. Inventory is awful too..and very buggy. Its no fail-game..but just not my taste at all. I have high hopes for POE 2 !!
  12. I would love to see those improvements : 1. Pls for the love of all gods: Enhance the story...not only main story but side-storys as well. The main story was so boring till the end, and the side-storys were merely just like: GO KILL THERE AND THERE done... Not to speak of the awful companion storys...pls be more creative this time !! I want rly fine immersion...:/ 2. As far as i loved the castle/stronghold...it was just boring too. The dungeon could have been MUCH ! larger and deeper...and a simple dragon at the end,..RLY?! :/ Why not a super nasty +mega monster+ with different heads.....a ultimate wizard and 1 strong melee..or different forms e.g. ? The +quests+ were also not rly good..or the different +events+. Think at BG 2..where every +mainclass-type+ got a different stronghold..with special quests :/....there was so much more POSSIBLE !! 3. Dialoges...(i won t speak here bout the rly boring tyranny) but the dialoges were rly boring at pillars 1....pls enchance the writing ! 4. The combat system: It was decent, but nothing comparable to BG. Pls add MUCH MORE ! spells to the game...different shields , atk spells (that you can learn from papers..and not only have to pick from some list), weakening magic, heal spells, barrier spells....there a tons of possibilities ! 5.Bugs: Pls use more of your time to test the entire-game ! I can remember the stronghold bugs at start: Sometimes after i defended it vs monsters, my own mercs attacked me..and they were still hostile till the end of the game / reload. :/ Corrupted savegames e.g e.g e.g....pls test everything before ! 6. If you create an addon: Pls make REAL addons...not some quests in the middle of the game...but addons that take place AFTER ! the mainstory....who want to play everything again only to play 1-2 more quest areas ?! An addon for that price must add a lot more to the game and pls release it at once...no one wants it cut or even more cut to 33% ... If you work a bit, POE 2 could rly be better than BG 2, im having high hopes guys, but pls don t make anything more simple that it was in POE 1..that would be a huge mistake !
  13. Hi there are 2+ new bugs since the last hotfix. 1. Many texts (german) are not showing anymore like @ keep loading screens. 2. My Mainchar(Monk) is now SUPER SLOW ! at stealthing..while other chars are super fast (who don t have more in the 1. stealth talent) Pls fix that greetz
  14. Got a new bug (steam version). Since the last hotfix..mein mainchar (monk) is super slow at stealthing..while chars like hiveras are super fast ^^
  15. Sanguine Plate is like... two posts above yours. You get it from Pallegina's quest. no sry you get it from a guy where palleginas quest start..but its not a pala quest
  16. Any Monk players here who progressed very far at Potd yet? Rly unsure what stats at the beginning: Guess high might for sure...but rly low con/dex for Potd ? And high per and res? Guess res. makes sense bec. of some debuffs later but i feel a bit +unsecure+ with so low con /hp.
  17. So what would ya recommend @Monk for hardest difficulty Potd? What race and attributes? Maybe Moon Godlike bec. of hot /fire godlike bec. of more def. or aumaua /dwarf ? Guess high might and resolve is the way to go? And for build..hm...is a dps monk rly viable at Potd? I don t wanna play solo - 6 chars all the way.
  18. Hey last, what would ya say @start attributs for solo druid ? (hard or Potd?) Race should be fire godlike like you said xx sides before ^^
  19. wtf ^^ everybody who cries about a sexual joke..should stop living in the past omg..
  20. I need help again sorry due to the fact, tthat i was too late to visit a cipher at the town...i must search one at the Elmshore...but i searched everywhere...where is the cipher there pls ?!
  21. Im in act 3 now..and i have the highest reputation. Is that still not enough or buggy?? :/ edit: Im stupid sorry...^^ i was in the wrong building:D i thought it was at the archivar where you had access and not at the palace ^^
  22. Im here now too..and i rly don t know...so i killed both ! I will see what will happen ^^
  23. Hi, after i finished the 1. part with marwald i worked at my repu at the city so he could go to the archive. But i don t get anything from the archivar....and also not from the hidden archive. What must i do ?
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