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  1. Agree re baldurs gate 2 although I think it's fair to compare this to bg1. I don't think its smaller than bg1, there's far more dialogue and quests with variable outcomes. Pure map size yes, but BG had a number of maps with a few enemies and not much else.
  2. I bothered to get to Od Nua on hard, the spiders there had accs of 30-40, pretty much in line with my PoTD figures before a 50% increase. So there's a spider with 45 accuracy but two maps earlier there's 5 boars with 77 each. Looks to me like a lack of consistency with accuracy more than anything else, either these should be brought into line (don't see the point in anything with <50/60 accuracy on PoTD) or deflection should be nerfed, as there are far more enemies in the spider camp than there are in the boar camp. Ultimately, without the accuracy to take down your tank they don't really have a chance. I appreciate I'm "complaining" about early packs of spiders but the boars at Magran's fork are some of the most accurate enemies in the game at lvl 2, whereas just before final battle you have things with 64 accuracy which is no longer a threat.
  3. I'd actually like to, but I don't think I can. I tried to up the slider to PoD, but that is greyed out, so it won't let me change it in mid-game. Don't really want to start over at this point. So I don't have the choice you propose. Anyway I think even on "hard" there shouldn't be near-invulnerable classes. You can't address that just by saying, "well, there's one higher setting" - it's balance that needs tweaking. Fighters = too hard to hit, which trivializes strategy because they can just sit in the middle of any group of monsters and tank with no risk. If the fighter came down to about the tanking ability of a paladin, I think that would work better. Still, I think the game is fantastic. No matter what, any new RPG system is going to need tweaks as they see what happens when it hits the streets. I tried the first bit on hard and the accuracy of the enemies is definitely upped by 50% on PoTD. I don't know if my game lost that later on or some enemies are just a bit undertuned in general. Or, rather, deflection is too easy to get or too powerful at the moment, especially on fighters. Interested for anyone further on on hard to post some accuracy numbers for the enemies I mentioned a few posts back, just to be sure it isn't a bug for me. By the way, it doesn't mention on char creation but you get deflection gain per level right?
  4. Maybe although as with the bears i've noticed wild animals can be quite high. If you could check some xaurips or mini spiders would be appreciated thanks again for your input! There's definitely something odd going on aa currently a wood beetle has more accuracy than any of the ghosts and spirits.
  5. I think I put Eder's stats above, but once you add a few talents, defender mode and a few items it's pretty achievable by a mid level. Doing some testing, first I went back to a gang of stone and wood beetles I didn't bother with ealier. Stone in bestiary at 52, wood at 46 but they're rolling 69 and 68 accuracy. I don't know if this is to do with my level now (I didn't think they scaled). Wood beetle is dead on, stone a bit low. If you chuck in damage reduction from his plate mail Eder gets hit for 6-10 pierce, which he will outheal on his own unless totally surrounded. However the enemies are now under levelled compared to my party. If someone could check this out with a lower level party on PoTD (Dyrwood crossing), would be interesting to see their accuracy. If the stone beetles had the 78 accuracy it would suggest they should, I could see the fight being hard at level 5. I did do the Adra beetle ones then and they seemed very easy. I then went to Magran's crossing and came across a delemgan with Acc 55 and two bears acc 82. 82 is pretty respectable - bears are in my bestiary at 73 acc. I wonder if that scaled? They could hit Eder, the delemgan couldn't. I then stumbled across Sly Cyrdel which is where it's all a bit odd: Outlaw Rogue Acc 34 Outlaw Barb Acc 48 Outlaw Monk Acc 71 Outlaw Wiz Acc 78 Outlaw Ranger Acc 69 Sly Crydel Acc 65 Kind of a mix there, I guess the rouge and barb are the ones present on 'easy'. Although the base acc of the rogue on easy would then be 22 which seems incredibly low. Finally went to Ad Nua lvl 1. Looters with accs between 40-50, a Goldpact knight with 36 accuracy. Spear Spider Acc 36 Spear Spiderling acc 45 one with 35 Ivory Spiderling acc 48 Queen Acc 60 (hitting for 3 pierce vs platemail) So none of this would have been a challenge at lvl 3/4 when he has 80 Defense either, they also vary between enemies of the same type, I think the bestiary score probably ends up with the highest level one of that type you fight. Be interested for someone to check these figures out on their own game. If they were all 50% higher which I think they very probably should be, game would have been much more difficult. Finally nipped down to Xaurip land downstairs, they had between 31 and 49 acc and a random wurm had 65. All seems extremely low for PoTD particularly when it would mean these guys had accs in the 20s and 30s on hard. Be great if a power from above could confirm if those Accuracy figures are correct or bugged. The PoTD description does say bonus to "most stats", I hope they didn't leave out accuracy intentionally.
  6. Going to test this again later I think there's some xauRips in ad nua I can check. If anyone is playing potd could you post me some to hit rolls of common enemies against your tank. I'm not trying to brag saying it's too easy I'd be very relieved if it was a bug. So far I have a caen gwla on burial with 64 accuracy vs eder s 101 def which doesn't scratch him baSically.
  7. Interesting. Thanks for the input. As I say xaurip champs are in as 52, pwgra 55, shade 62. It did seem to fall off in difficulty after I got the stronghold. Although I never had any issue with single hard hitters like trolls. As I understand it now though if the bestiary entry for the xaurip was 52 it should have an acc of 78 on potd, even higher than a caen gwla base. Will check but sounds like that would be more challenging than I've experienced!
  8. Well I definitely have potd enabled. caen gwla are 64 in the bestiary and I checked an attacked roll and it's 64 Not 96. So either the damage is already plus 50% and her accuracy is supposed to be 42, or there's something wrong as you say, which would make me very happy. I think xaurip champ was 52 so he should have 78 acc on his rolls?
  9. So Eder lvl 9 on my pre endgame save (possbily lvl 8 actually as I think I level shortly after the save): 16/16/11/10/13/12 Def 55/73/43/55. Equipped and with Defender def 101. He has sword and shield style and the extra +5 def talent. A Caen Gwla on the final bit has 64 accuracy aka zero chance to hit Eder. Xaurip champs, spiders, Pwgra all in the 50s. Some of the elder animals have high 60s/70s so they are still really struggling to hit him. Ok he has a few more levels since he fought them but it's very easy to get 80 Def very early at which point he's very difficult to hit, and that's without any of your party actually doing anything.
  10. Wow, yeah, that's very different from me. So even with Defender and comparable armor, you'd have low 80's whereas i have 111! I can believe you'd have a way harder time of it than I'm having! Maybe my 111 is bugged somehow. The problem is low 80s still allows him to tank anything in act one and two with no issues
  11. Outlevelling is definitely an issue too, in the backer beta you had a 4/5 party to do Dyrwood, here you've done basically nothing and your at lvl 6 easily. In the interests of fairness I am counting my wipes on the last battle PoTD given how much I've said it's too easy. 12 wipes and counting and barely making a scratch, beginning to regret my complacency with levelling and items.
  12. There's plenty of constructive threads too. I love the game totally and have said so in a number of posts, I do want to help flag the issues that mean the most to me however so that they can be worked on, after the bugs are sorted of course!
  13. Yeah, that happened to me in the last few fights. I didn't even give him Defender Mode, and he's still holding off like 4 enemies at a time while my PC Wizard and Aloth tag-team stuff from afar. MY PC Wizard actually switches to a 1-handed Rapier to help out once the enemies are thinned out a bit (that and I like using as much short-range magic as possible... just my style, 8P). I think maybe a few tuning passes are in order, to make things a bit less swingy? I don't have an issue with party setup A making things easier than party setup B. But, there are some things that seem way easier even on Hard difficulty than they're meant to be. I get things being not uber-hard if you do it right, but... some stuff's been just passively unworrisome (such as 4-5 things clawing at Eder, but don't worry... he's fine for like the next 6 attacks with me not actively making him fine). Really, the only thing that's been HARD hard were the first bears I fought. They pretty much laughed at Eder's armor and Deflection values. Of course, that was at Level 2. *shrug* Edér and my tank Chanter (which I build so that enemies had quite hard time to hit her even in beginning of they without speaking after couple talents and better itemization) held without taking much of damage adra dragon at bay after I had used summons to make her to waste all her breath attacks (which are just ridiculous as its grazes do over 170 damage) Hardest enemies that I have found were actually Ogre druids, but that was because of one of their spell is bugged and it causes permanent raw damage effect to anybody that it even grazes, only way to get rid of it is to switch effected members off your party or let them get maimed (which is not option if you play with instant death option, which means that if your PC is effected by it you need to load). And I find that Crystal Eater spiders can in some cases cause raw damage effects even when they miss their initial attack which in I think should not be the case. The most obvious solutions are to buff enemy accuracy or nerf deflection, of course this creates the problem that everyone else in your party will die even harder if they do get caught out of position. Perhaps prevent deflection modifiers from stacking and up the importance of DR a bit is the way to go, might make you want to have more than one guy wearing armour. As above, could be a bug, but the maths suggests it's not.
  14. I really hope so, because I really really want to start dying. I don't see how you can be getting hit often with that deflection at lvl 3 though. with damage reduction for grazes and accuracies in the 50s vs a 80/90 deflection the maths seem in eder s favour.
  15. Yeah I read about the bug and checked. His deflection and stats are fine so his unequipped deflection is say in the 40s, stick on defender plus sword and shield talents and you push 80/90. Throw him ssome help in a fight if hes flanked and the enemy needs an acc of 90 to have an even chance of hitting him, and most have significantly less.
  16. I'm amazed you feel that way about potd, especially with a custom built tank. Did you stack deflection? I have a standard npc party with eder as tank, have stacked deflection talents and pretty much steam rolled post stronghold to the last battle. None of the enemies can scratch eder unless they have a good stun (crystal eater) and neither can my friendly fire, so he just wades in while I chill out or fireball everything down if I'm in a hurry. Haven't needed to buff use potions food since act one. one shotted almost everything including all human parties. It's been my one disappointment in this incredible game so far. I'm concerned I could have some kind of bug but stats appear normal. Does your tank ever get hit? What's his deflection? In reply to another poster, I doubt anyone is sad enough to want to brag about being amazing at this game, I just want a challenge where I am forced to use consumables etc and think about each fight and try different approaches instead of fireball eder in the face until everything surrounding him is dead. Having said that, without a deflection stacked tank could see things getting very hairy very quickly. Looking forward to trying a run without an optimised tank next.
  17. Just arrived at the last battle on PoTD, looks fun and shall wait until tomorrow, but the road there has been disappointingly easy despite an amazing overall game. Deliberately haven't min maxed or done many side quests (party lvl 9). Chars aren't bugged. Thanks for the great game but yes, up difficulty massively for hard and PoTD please .
  18. I think experience on harder difficulty needs a nerf, I mean, you play hard or PoTD to be challenged, but you also want to do quests, I feel like doing side quests is ruining the challenge for me at the mo. That or tune the whole thing up which would be awesome too
  19. Spore room in the ruin above dyrwood crossing, first level. Upon being knocked out here some characters would remain lying down after fight ended. Even after resting they glide along the floor whilst lying down instead of walking. My guess would be they were charmed by the spore then killed while hostile to me. Only place I've fought spores so far.
  20. Thought process: a) I just nearly died in some ruin, and I have a potentially serious illness b) Both my companions are dead c) Town is just down the road where I can get some help d) Oh look there's a cave, going in there would be a much better idea e) Oh look a bear, well despite the serious **** I'm already in, it certainly would seem sensible to try and take him down.
  21. Currently finding PoTD too easy. Certainly not a nightmare like I was hoping for. Over level is very true, PoTD quest exp could be toned down for sure.
  22. There's a graveyard/undead zone song that sounds like it was inspired by the opening theme to Eye of the Beholder 2: Darkmoon. Not heritage hill on the official soundtrack., the one with high pitched kind of chimes which I can't find on youtube.
  23. Having played a bit more with this in mind I'd add increase the flanked bonus penalty into the suggested improvements.
  24. Music is beautiful, good post. Absolutely agree, got me humming away a number of them already including the first song on this thread. Some of the racier combat ones are also very catchy.
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