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  1. It's not you, it's the horrible insistence that people still use phpbb. worst forum software on the market but hey it's free and 'stable' , like a turd is stable because it never goes anywhere, just keeps on being a turd. Cheers
  2. Hey guys, check the link out! We can fix this bug without waiting for the patch and can continue to play now. I tried, and it works, except figment's table lack the endurance (called stamina in the table) bonus, which can be faulty as well. I modified figment CT file to include the endurance bonus successfully. My chars are all fixed. I will try to upload my mod CT file here. yes I'll just let this stranger run whatever executable they want on my desktop, because ... i trust the internet. hacking pointers is cool, but no way am I using this. Stay in school!
  3. hey guys, when you release software I'm pretty sure you know it's going to have some bugs and some of those bugs may be pretty serious. Some of those bugs are not going to be easily repro'd, at least not right away, and the typical developer reaction to these is the 'it works on my box' phenomena, meaning, "I hope that this is an isolated issue that is environment related and not an issue with code, and since i hope that, I'm going to go ahead and de-prioritize it because I can't repro it right now, so it's not really an issue until someone in QA or elsewhere gives me a repro scenario" and development managers/leads make decisions based on this logic, some of it is conspicuous logic, some of it is learned habits from years of punishment in development. makes sense, since you can't see the issue, how can you work on it? here's the thing, it may actually be an issue and if the symptom is severe, such as stats changing or missing inventory, it's worth telling the community about it even if you don't have an answer or even know if it's a "real" (happens on 'my box') issue. Do provide a conspicuous place for KNOWN issues, as well as SUSPECTED/REPORTED issues that have a severe symptom. right now you guys are failing at this. The community is being left to crawl around in forum threads to piece together their symptoms and workarounds, and the QA known-issues list ... wait, I'm sorry, the list of "things we are working on now" - which is even worse - doesn't mention a single word about some of the serious issues the community is reporting, namely those issues with stats and inventory. Please consider that it is in everyone's best interest to provide a coherent, conspicuous, and visible location to notify your community of not only known, but suspect issues that have serious symptoms. thanks
  4. entitled whining. It would be nice, though, if there were a conspicuous link or notification somewhere on the forum site that linked to the list of known major bugs and any player workarounds/things to avoid (like don't double-click inventory items) Why game developers continue to think it's acceptable to relay critical gameplay information by forcing them to go hunting in bullsh*t, ancient phpbb boards for individual threads or the occasional round-up thread that may be stickied is lazy community management in this day and age. if you accept the fact that you're going to ship a game with bugs, and that some of them are serious, you should position community services to make access to that information conspicuous and focused, not buried amid this horrible forum software. God i f'ing hate phpbb. Should have died in the early 2000s. and yes, I know this information is here , but it should be a specific callout by development and the site should draw people to this conspicuiously - this should be information Obsidian wants everyone to be aware of, not just another sticky post int he tech area that says "WARNING SPOILERS!!!" It's so easy to do better for your community, but there are a lot of lazy and crappy habits int he industry, particularly QA and Communityengagement EDIT; The post i linked to doesn't appear to address several issues folks have reported, such as the inventory and stat bugs. Why are these bugs not on some notification list? Why are game developers so goddamn reluctant to publish suspected bugs commonly reported, but not yet verified, to give folks a heads up and ask for additional information? It really blows my mind. @Obsidian : Do you have a place where we can go to review the list of known AND suspected bugs? I have heard and read on many threads, from many people, about inventory and stat problems, yet there is no place anyone can go to get coherent information on this feedback. You want us to crawl all over this forum to cobble together our own supposition because it's just not important to you to relay critical gameplay information about your software to the community. Forums are terrible ways to relay this kind of information and it is an insult that you would relegate serious bug issues to self-help in the community. I hate to say that this is sadly very typical developer community response, but it is shameful nonetheless. That thread talks about issues QA is "working on" , if that's the case, I'd say you guys are several weeks behind your own release.
  5. Well obviously things can change and there are delays sometimes but that was the whole reason for the poll they had about shipping the game boxes w/out discs. So you would have all that other stuff on release day (at least in the US). Since we have no tracking info it remains to be seen whether it worked out that way or not though. I just got mine! Signed, mint in box!
  6. And so it is...... now it's down to poor old Aloth, Crismond County Squishy champion and feinter going on four years now, and the Spider Queen who hath just made reasonably short work of his four more durable partymates. But today..... today Aloth makes a stand, grazing the queen for her last two drops of life just before her own peircing barb takes the last of his. Aloth smiles as he drops to his knees, seeing the queen writhe on her back in a death rattle, then horror crosses his suddenly pale, blue-tinted face as he realises he is the last ... "...t-the..loot....the loot..." and with an outstretched hand the lights dim for our party, with all that loot sitting with the bones.
  7. Just verified, yes you are correct the Aedyr culture is pre-applied - I didn't realize that. Slightly counter-intuitive from a workflow perspective, but thanks for straightening that out for me guys. Cheers!
  8. UPDATE: THIS IS NOT A BUG. The Aedyr culture is pre-assigned. This is not obvious when building your character, but you haven't lost a point - you're just moving one around. ----------------- Pretty sure this is a known bug and I hate to be 'that guy' but seriously, how can a game ship with a net-negative attribute point in character creation? Is there a workaround for this, because I'm not aware of one. Let's hope that day-1 patch is coming. For clarity's sake: You must get your culture assignment right the first time in to that screen. If you move back to the Culture screen, even after re-setting your attributes, the culture selection will 'stick', and if you change your culture setting it will add the corresponding attribute for the culture you selected AND take one away from the 'stuck' one selected prior. http://i.imgur.com/VzG4X5X.png Go to culture screen, select a culture. You see in this screenshot that 'Rauatai' is already selected for me ('stuck') , but my attributes are the same from the previous screen - the Con +1 that Rauatai provides is not applied. I have no attribute bonus. http://i.imgur.com/2BxHQ6y.png Yet, when I select any other Culture, -1 is taken from Con and I get the +1 elsewhere, shown here http://i.imgur.com/WjAwSuz.png I am starting the character over to verify that this is even working properly on the first run through the screen - which seems likely. Just a sloppy bit of missed logic on the screen transitions. Pity.
  9. Yeah i really wish the game were coming out, like, right now. I have tomorrow off from work. either way, looking forward to it!
  10. Every single game made with the infinity engine was a D&D game. ROFL. It really makes me wonder when people ask a question like; How many games were made with IE and not D&D games? My biggest concern is that this game isn't using a mature ruleset and is re-inventing many wheels. Remains to be seen if this is real creative inspiration or simply hubris. At least I have Sword Coast Legend to satisfy my desire for D&D canon.
  11. Hey guys so I'm back back back! Let's do this!! Let's review where we've been and where we are: The original backer beta was released back in august. I took a quick look. Nope, nope, nope. Not interested in beta testing this RPG and playing a super broken game while spoiling. I don't pay people for me to test their software, period. So I stepped back, posted here about my concerns, was very happy when the release delay was announced - I am very happy the developers could take the extra time, I know that is not always an available option (because money/groceries). At that point I resolved not to play the game until December, closer to launch. December came around, and I popped back in ever so briefly to look at the UI and combat progress. Played maybe an hour of content, never really left the opening areas. That was enough for me to feel better about the direction and progress of the game, however clearly all the time sunk in to re-inventing many under-the-hood wheels left a lot of rough edges (in comparison to mature systems like in BG2 and NWN) , and that's kind of where I expect the release to be from a technical perspective. However I am looking forward to this release in a couple days and anticipate enjoyment taking my time picking through the story. Clearly this game is hoping story-driven content fills the big gaps in the combat systems, but I'm prepared to be surprised on that front as well. Trying to be realistic and optimistic, so we shall see in a couple of days, right ?? I'm pretty excited to approach this game very fresh, with practically no spoilers. Can I ask you all, what's the one thing you are most excited about playing in the full game? What's your favorite part of the systems? Inventory or Combat - which one has better depth? Give me your unvarnished opinions! huzzah!
  12. I'm so excited! Can't wait to play this, i held out all through the backer beta so I have zero spoilers beyond the first little village. Whoohoo!
  13. I'm a man of my word, so here I am at the start of 2015. My last real playtest was Sept 25. I've stayed completely away from PoE and the forums and I'm going to dive back in with the latest build to contrast against my experience with the first few beta builds. The comparisons to D:OS are impossible to avoid, and honestly it's a qualtity and gameplay watermark I feel it is very appropriate to, to the point that it would be irresponsible not to, contrast this game against. Considering Obsidian's pedigree there is no reason to shy away from this comparison. The inclusion of "hey look it's a from scratch enging or mechanic or whatever we're making our own special sauce it might never be done so you can't judge it" excuses won't fly. You make a game, it is what it is. If you wanted to make a piecemeal decades-long experiment project, that would be a change in tune. I'm going to do my best to stay objective even though I clearly would prefer it if this game were awesome. Back soon
  14. You do know this won't be released this year? It's going to be next year now. I do know that, it is discussed earlier in this thread. i was talking about re-installing the beta.
  15. Just read the 10/24 patch notes. Very encouraging stuff, and very happy to see the thread links on many of the changes/enhancements. Probably going to hold out a while longer before I take another run at the beta, and part of that is just life and priorities but I have gone ahead and made this one of my Christmas presents to unwrap. Going from the initial two builds of the beta to whatever we have at years' end should be a fair contrast, by my measure. I'll still be lurking, hither and yon. Some of you people are genuinely clever. /tips hat Kindly resume your appointed toil.
  16. Just read the email that the release date is pushed to next year. Very welcome news. Cheers all
  17. DOS as a release quality bar is appropriate in this context, I feel. I remain cautiously optimistic and hope it all comes together.
  18. Woooooo! This thread shouldn't have been my first stop LOL. Downloading!
  19. I look forward to the first patch, until then I am not playing. There is simply too much left to speculation in the design and intent, which is sad because I would have expected those things to be more conspicuous in a beta, bugs and content coverage notwithstanding , but we shall see. GL all.
  20. The cheese, it is grating. Have you met my good friend Gromnir? It is love to all peoples. p.s. Where is our patch?
  21. Bugs matter no to khermann, khermann want good gameplay at release. If bugs make good gameplay at release, khermann happy. khermann no care about what IE is to all others, khermann understands subjectivity. khermann also know making classless classes with meaningless attributes is degenerative design, not progenitive gameplay. khermann also know gamers have too many good options to tolerate a **** release, patch or no, and khermann reckons backers will know the difference. HEH good fun
  22. ****ing this.Hard to disagree with this perspective. Also I fail to see hiw Helm qualifies as a troll. He makes salient observations and I haven't seen any personal attacks. He's allowed to have his opinion, but cheerleaders get easily confused when their biases are challenged and everyone who hurts their fanboy must be a troll? The net game is the same: ignore him because you can't handle it or offer a cogent aegument, but don't fool yourself into thinking that's Helm's problem.
  23. So? This is PoE. It contains a boatload of stuff you wouldn't expect to find in an IE successor.That makes no sense at all in the context of the quote. You do realize he was talking about player expectations, right? Expectations that Obsidian clearly and repeatedly set leading up to and throughout the Kickstarter. Edit: a word
  24. So character attributes intentionally have no bearing on recovery? That... explains a lot, actually.
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