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  1. I'll be honest with you, i don't expect them to listen much, especially if they are GA in three months. And I really, frankly, don't care. As I said before, I want them to make their vision and whatever that is I want it to be high quality. Their vision seems muddled and unclear, but that could just be the bugs talking, but the lore and backer updates were not very inspiring imo... and the quality.. Well, its just a beta right? Yeeeup, we'll go with that.
  2. It's not about the money for me, backing a kickstarter yyou have to be ready to accept you threw your money down a well, but i appreciate the thought. Now.. If we want to talk about a real investment risk... Star Citizen... My as* hurts thinking about how much money i already have, and will, pay for that game. /digress
  3. LOL. Sorry guys, i was venting because i was sitting here laughing at my attempts to discern the build/attribute logic and combat... Oh, the combat. It's a beta. Let's all hold hands.
  4. The entire kickstarter was a misrepresentation in my view. What we were sold: did you love IE games? We're making an awesome IE-like game that you will love and be familiar with What appears to be happening: We're reinventing everything and taking a lot of design risks because licensing (or just cuz? Or hubris?). We'll do our best to make it IE like but really it's just a big experimwnt to see if we can generate new code IP and if we are lucky license it. If you like it great but if not, wait till you see the patches and the sequel - thise will totally wow you" They are so proud of building "from scratch" like that is a good thing for the release. Sorry for the negativity, i really am far more entertained with this mess than I am angry or frustrated. At this point, all we have is hope and all they have is our money. That's how a kickstarter works, folks. Suck it up and make way for the cheerleaders
  5. Yeah i am not particularly fond of the results when devs try to re-invent mature and well designed d20 or d&d systems. It is rare that they achieve the same level of fidelity in gameplay, particularly combat. But again, i just want a quality product, no matter how it is designed.
  6. Amazing, unthinkable, i know. If only there were some path...some person...some great thing I could follow... have I told you about Jesus? Yeah, let's see how this goes, professor persuasion. wrong. i've played the beta a fair bit. I stated that I have decided to stop playing the beta. Thanks for going the extra mile and not clarifying my point with the subtle reference i make WITH ARROW to OP. Go back, start again. .....so, so friendly. I am swimming in compassion and empathy....devour me! I have. Got it. Thanks, mister!
  7. Oh so you are basically posting while drunk. At least now your posts complete lack of quality and huge amount of idiocy make some sense. I also appreciate you assuming I was posting just about you, and going out of your way to mention you haven't even played the beta yet think it is okay for you to post about the beta in the beta forums and how bad it is. Here is some friendly advice. If you haven't even played it, either take it to the non beta general discussion forum or shut up. Also maybe don't post while drinking because you just look like a moron. Meanwhile I did play the early releases of Divinity Original Sin, and yes, it was just as bad on it's first release as the first release of Eternity was. Maybe slightly less buggy, but not particularly fun to play or interesting either and combat was balanced even worse. @Junta: Mostly I am just tired of the same broken record posts over and over. All of us who have played the beta know it has issues. We gave our feedback. We know a patch is coming in the next week or so. There is no point to continue to belabor the point when the things being complained about might have already been fixed. Or in simple terms.... where I grew up we have a saying. If you don't have something good to say, don't say anything. heh, butts hurt all over. QQ and GG thanks for the advice, ma. Your ability to sustain a reasoned argument is, well, typical - sad to say. Take anything you want out of context, and relate it only to your perception so you may define all terms of the argument (no matter how myopic) -- and above all - assassinate all credibility against the person with whom you are supposedly "arguing", which is a tactic you avail yourself to in quite pedestrian fashion. I like you. /pat Good luck with life. Edit: pat
  8. I get it. If I felt compelled to reply to every hyperbolic "check your head,bro" post in a beta forum (ironic in it's own regard, given the context) I would barely have time to **** at home while getting paid to work. ..... probably shouldn't leave that sentence as it is, but.... labor day, bitches, ma drinks ohn, uhhhhngg.. ok so. I love all you guys, let's start there. So I am not playing the "beta" , as i more or less plainly explained in OP <-- that was me I'm on another playthrough of D:OS, in which I find combat lackluster but tactically sound, and the latter is more important to me overall, but we all have a level of fidelity that just "feels right" -- for kids this feeling is impressionable, for us old brajes, it just ain't that easy but we still love the spirit of the game. /single tear /pours out a 40 I don't hold grudges. Everyone should be passionate about a cRPG. But I will cut you evaluate your reasoned argument if you try and tell me what you think I know is something I think I know. edit: more spirit.
  9. Oh dear, now i feel compelled to illustrate how the comparison of thise quotes were taken out of context. Or not. Some people are just looking to argue, so, yeah you win, bro. Enjoy it
  10. This response falls in to category #2. Thanks for your stunning insight. So, you heard it, everyone, Karkarov said they're all like this and there is no cause for concern, or hell, ever discussing it. Go home everyone,Karkarov has finally shown up with a ruling the in this thread and us. He has a point, a really really difficult to understand point, but ima ask my mom to explain it to me. Also, look up, do you see the sky or a ceiling? If you're drowning, you're probably in the shower... Now we need someone to save Karkarov.
  11. A lot of wordsI ddon't know what you're trying to accomplish here, is it backhanding me because i am a silly panicky civillian who can't hold their **** together "because battle is too scary for me!".. Or something? War nerd? What? Or, are you just ejoying the sumgness of your smartness and breadth of experience, teaching me a valueable life lesson in How To Game? Thanks for bith, either, but you don't need to worry about me, bro. Go read my responses in this thread. I'm not being unreasonable, but plenty of people in this thread are. That I voiced concerns is one thing, but if you read all the words instead of stopping to reply to the first thing that you think you have such undeniably clever insight about, you might just get a better understanding of my position instead of a partial point that you felt you could turn in to THE argument because it is one you feel clever enough to defend and would enjoy doing so But.. You know, different strokes. You have a goodun'. I love the internet.
  12. That is so hilariously accurate, yet sad at the same time. You were the chosen one. You were supposed to bring us the best RPGs, not get bought by EA. Yup, we all always hope once the machine swallows an innovator "this time it will be different, this time the brilliance of my beloved dev team will tame the Corporatus Malignus..." And it never happens because greed. Bioware, Id, so many more..
  13. I thought he was talking about an earlier build.. I need to look at post dates better His presentation was convincing, so, well played, troll. Well played. Thanks
  14. @Bester, Yes that is fair criticism, thank you. Pathfinding is not a great example, I may have been reaching a bit because I didn't want to trash the obvious challenges with how the combat and xp systems integrate (so hot right now!) Anyway, thank you.
  15. @Mayama, thank you for validating my feelings. @Gromnir, heh yeah reach weap + opportunity were extremely op. Until the co8 mod made this enforcable i just played that only barb (or whatever fighter class i chose to bring, but just 1) could use reach weapon. It's totally playable that way and the combat is magnificent, every encounter is tactical bliss. Anyone who hasn't played TOEE with CO8 really should give it a shot. Edit: http://www.co8.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=31
  16. @mutonizer, I just wanted to thank you for your first post in this thread on the first page. I found it to be a very cogent and well defined analysis of mechanics impacting gameplay and "fun"
  17. Off topic, but an I the only one here who absolutely loved ToEE? Granted, buggy, but the CO8 mod has great bug coverage and enhancements, and the tactical combat remains one if my all time favorites alongsode IWD and BG series.
  18. Well, duh, but if all those patches do is polish a turd and tinker with gameplay design, what have we got? An extended retail alpha. I am sick and tired of people hiding behind post-release patches to implement, eventually, the "final product". Patch for bugs, fine, but when a piece of ssoftware hatches they are saying "this is the final product, please buy it" , not "this is what we have so far, please buy it, but we're not done, patches on the way!"
  19. OP here, hi everybody. I see a lot of talk in this thread (and elsewhere) about concerns and comparisons on gameplay design and features like the xp (reward/progression system) and inventory designs. First, I'd like to simply say that when code is in BETA, it is DESIGN AND FEATURE COMPLETE. Beta is about attending to code that needs to be re-factored or fixed to achieve those design and feature imperatives, not to rip-and-replace core elements of the gameplay. Furthermore, we did not back this game because Obsidian said it was making BG3 or NWN3 or TOEE2, they are making PoE. This isn't alpha testing, or pre-alpha, where design elements are still being fleshed out. While the incompleteness of the code exposes what may appear to be weaknesses in the eye of the beholder, what we have is an incomplete experience. Keep that in mind. This doesn't invalidate anyone's opinions on these matters, and while the feedback from Obsidian is non-existent, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that such feedback is welcome, but at this point there is substantively little they can do about those things without rolling back the release process and pushing out the project release timeline, perhaps significantly. We backed the game because we trust that this group knows what we, the true, the pure, PC Gaming Master Race, want. We have expectations in-line with BG, NWN, IWD, etc etc, but what we are really saying is "We trust you, make the game you always wanted to" - there is risk in that, because there is freedom and they are going to place some bets and hope they hit. For my part, I am wholly unconcerned with the design elements at this point. I want them to make the game they envisioned and I intend to play that with an open mind - trying to squeeze out bygone mechanics and take the game at face value. Yes feedback is good , but at this point it's all about implementation - stability, bugs, getting code-complete on modules and balancing - then polish to a mirror-shine. I do think it's fair to say how the inventory system presents has aspects that fall in to this category. What I am concerned about is what I see as the backlog in these areas and a looming December-or-bust release date. I will be hugely disappointed if this game hatches half-baked yet "stable and relatively bug-free" - that is not a standard (this isn't COD or Battlefield) , that is a goddamn pre-requisite - you get NO points for that. Pivotal concern in this light is in regard to the implementation of core elements like combat - areas that make the game exciting, rich, suspenseful and engaging - combat is it's own reward system in these types of games, and there will be no hiding from a let-down, as combat, in particular, has expectations and standards that none of us will be able to "turn off". If developers make concessions to the final product in these types of areas, the game will not be well received, so say I. Having a rich story and pretty backdrops only go so far. When steel clashes with steel, sh*t gets real. So, there is time. The game is what it is and right now it's so incomplete/bugged I don't think any fair assessment can be made on it's design and features as a whole. I just hope they can produce a quality product - regardless of the design. Edit: a few words
  20. Yeah i have seen three different interviews, including that one, all pretty firm and confident about December or "end if the year", same diff. We'll see.
  21. That is a rational response I can respect. Too bad you can't respect my desire to express my concerns. Drama queen out.
  22. Seriously, how can game dev's resist codpiece gear? It's like a necklace for your junk. I have many, many references to "codpiece of smite" in the lore at my gaming community forum. If only a game would make it real. The closest we've ever gotten was Conan. Must be an ESRB thing? Edit: added the esrb line
  23. @Helm: "He is wrong though" No, he is not wrong, he's just an as*hole. He's got his opinion of who I am and how I should mamage my experience with the beta and he is totally entitled to them. I have the freedom to do whatever I want in this respect. I don't see a problem. Edited: words
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