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  1. I'd have to agree, toss Sagani, Rangers are probably the most underwhelming class in the game all in all.
  2. I'd personally love to see a Bearded Pale Elf portrait, cause you know. Male Pelves can sport a big bushy beard.
  3. It isn't only that. To catch all the hidden items you literally have to stealth through town as there are several hidden nodes inside Defiance Bay alone. I'd most definitely agree that the party should be able to spot hidden Loot nodes while out of stealth because it is an inconvenient and immersion breaking pain in the ass to watch your party sneak around town in the middle of the day on the off chance that you might find something cool. And I for one have this issue that I Need to find all the hidden goodies, not because I have a shortage of it, but because I'm kind of a loot whore.
  4. Yes as in they do improve the spell damage? Yes as in Winter wind does freeze damage? Or Yes as in you're agreeing with Mungri? I would also like to know whether the talents affect spell damage output. Cause if they don't I've wasted 4 of Aloth's talents in my infinite idiocy.
  5. Right, the classes that the companions do not receive are as follows. Barbarian, Rogue and Monk.
  6. My PC does that echoey thing as well, however, he's a Cipher with the Noble voice set.
  7. Or the infinity engine games - where wizards are actually, you know, powerful. Instead of, you know, deliberately designed to be weakest class in the game. I wouldn't say that the wizard's the weakest class in as the game the high level spells (4, 5 and 6th tier) are insane with high might and intellect scores, and far outclass their druid and priest equivalents. And besides, Slicken was stupidly overpowered, like making the entire game trivial on PoTD difficulty overpowered. No level 1 spell should be able to be a complete game changer. I love Chill Fog though and I'll be quite sad to see it nerfed, since I did stack it on top of itself with reckless abandon. Nevertheless it'll most definitely be the most powerful AoE dot still (mainly because of it stacking on top of itself), and will only require better aiming to fully make use of it properly without melting friendlies.
  8. same bug here... only fully noticed it about 50 hours into the game when my PC Fighter didn't hold engagement with 4 opponents at once like he should be able to do. Afterwards i noticed that he didn't get the bonuses from any of the talents that have to do with equipment (like the weapon and shield and the knight weapon focus) or his racial bonus... Huge pain in the ass to have a mostly ineffective character, especially on potd difficulty...
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