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  1. Banner Saga did not have codex system, there were no "lore items" to be picked up in the game and there was no dialogue aside from story-related. So the only way for devs to tell more about the world was to include descriptions on the world map. IMHO this was not right way to do it since the only time you are required to open the world map is during tutorial. Travelling itself keeps going on on its own: caravan just keeps walking in a straight line the whole game without world map prompts. I never opened the world map during the game and ended up not caring about the world that much since
  2. It would be nice if Perception stat affected the view distance. Rangers receiving a bonus to view radius would also make sense.
  3. Sometimes you're gotta do what you're gotta do. If you cater for your companions all the time, then you are simply a yes-man without mind of your own and do not deserve to be put in decision-making position. Unfortunately a lot of games are built this way: choose to agree with this guy or that guy and one of them is going to hate you after. As far as DA goes, DA2 was a step in the right direction. You could actually disagree with companions and explain to them why they're wrong. They were still not happy, but they listened and understood. The only problem I have with friendship/rilvalry sy
  4. Consortium. Pleasantly surprised about quality of indie games nowadays.
  5. I was just the way you you phrased it. Making a "personal profit" at funder's expense is not the quite the same as working.
  6. Which in turn paid their own salaries, so they are making a personal profit anyway. No, they are not. They are just paying their bills. What kind of job do you have IRL anyway? Are you making a salary? If you are doing your job for free, then what do you do with your living expenses?
  7. I'd just take canon companions since I like the characters I travel with to have depth. Traveling with custom made companions feels kinda empty to me.
  8. It's a good thing in itself, of course. I would gladly give a good example of carry over done right if there was one. Many RPGs with choice-and-consequence system besides ME, DA and Witcher attempted that challenge: SMT (original + spin-offs Devil Summoner and Avatar Tuner), Suikoden (original trilogy), Growlanser (original trilogy), Galaxy Angel (original trilogy), even Fable (Which in the end didn't carry over anything besides previous protagonist's gender and kingdom flag. But Peter Molyneux breaking promises won't suprise anyone anymore) and they all failed to deliver turning into TV seri
  9. Good to know. So forgive me if I'm a little frustrated if I see that people (not just you) don't read my previous posts cause I'm tired of reapeting myself to everyone like a parrot and Infinitron claiming that I'm highjacking his thread. You keep preaching to choir. I'm not in the mood to go through this whole thing again, so I'll just copy some stuff from my previous posts. Let's face it, as I've said before, episodic stories with savegame imports have never been done right. Because there's a limit placed in both the original game and the sequel from the get-go: sequels
  10. M4-78 becomes available only after you finish Korriban so you can't change it up, obviously. My pesonal KotoR2 route though has always been Dantooine (since it's easier to build a good first lightsaber there because of a crystal cave) - Nar Shadaa - Onderon - Korriban (because Ludo Kressh's tomb opens up only if take Korriban last). Just give him lots of ion weapons and construction kits.
  11. Dammit you guys Don't you see? If it takes a high level character to fight dragons in Pillars of Eternity's system, then that means that, like it or not, you are not going to fight a dragon in this game's story. By defining the game as a low-to-mid level experience, they're already excluding certain types of quests and storylines and making the experience "incomplete" by a certain definition. You'll HAVE to import your character to the sequel to do those sorts of things. What Mass Effect did isn't relevant here because ME rebooted its character system for each game and there was n
  12. And you know I'm right. It doesn't even matter what order do you play ME games in or even if you skip everything and just play ME3. The story itself won't chage at all. Shepard starts as level 1 character every time and all his acomplishments are the same whether you imported save or not. So he starts fresh everytime, a "nobody" you could say. Correct, there shouldn't be. Clarification: talking about games whith choice-and-consequence system exclusively. As I've said before, do it right or don't do it at all. It will just create more headache for the devs and render most of player's c
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