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  1. I am kinda perplexed as to how this game is succeeding where pillars 2 did not so much (okay so we dont have official sales figures, but at least on steam pathfinder looks to be doing better than PoE 2 did). I mean, they are both appealing to a similar audience. Pillars 2 was critically acclaimed upon release, yet pathfinder had next to no reviews when released, so customers didnt have anything to go off of before purchasing the game. Maybe opinions of people who played the beta? The reviews i've seen for pathdfinder are not glowing either. Initial user reviews also seemed worse for path
  2. Well, I am not too bothered about play time all that much. Getting older has meant shorter play times are better in some way. It took me over a year to finish witcher 3 and all expansions, with 200 hours. And straight after Ive played Zelda BotW, which has also taken me approx. a year at 150 hours, so... yeah. Pillars 1 took around 100 hours also (with white march), but I was mainly confused as the Devs (specifically Josh as I remember) said that game was so much bigger than the first. Though there are people reporting there are less maps/areas in PoE2.
  3. I still haven't played but the amount I'm reading about short main story and lack of dungeons make me wonder how much content is actually in this game. Seems a bit contradictory to the devs saying it was much bigger than the first before release..
  4. That seems to be the general consensus. There are a few people that think Deadfire is better, most are content that it's a bit below. Okay, I'm mainly a lurker on these forums but honestly, I just had to log in to say that some of your posts completely baffle me...
  5. Maybe I should've been clearer with my wording with her job title. She is obviously a writer, but she is also "publishing and marketing coordinator" (https://www.linkedin.com/in/amber-scott-286a3168). Ive noticed when she introduces herself that's what she says as opposed to writer. She has written a large amount of whats in SoD for sure, but then so has Andrew. Nobody has used lead writer as a term but she is the only writer that has been mentioned, when we don't really know for sure which parts she's had a hand in. The Goblin companion (that calls your character racist), for exampl
  6. Just going to post a couple of "facts" here. 1. Amber Scott was not "Lead Writer" for SoD, her actual job title is more in line with marketing (hence why she has been in more interviews). Andrew Foley was the other writer on the team that had a significant hand in the games writing. I imagine a large portion of SoD was written before Amber even joined the team. "Maybe her anti-racist goblin will deter me from criticizing labour's immigration policies?" The goblin youre referring to was written by Andrew Foley, not Amber Scott 2. The quote where she says she was proud to wri
  7. What sort of attributes would you recommend? Not quite sure whether I want to use the great sword or a sword and shield now, lol.. Will have a think about the ranged weapons too
  8. Alright... I will likely still carry a bow as a secondary weapon depending on the situation but id rather focus on melee just as personal preference. So basically neither the ranger or pet will be "tanky" and I should just be going for more damage with both?
  9. Hi, So Im finally starting PoE and cant decide what class to play, however I was wondering if a ranger could be played in melee effectively. I usually like Greatswords, nut I dont know if this is viable or not? I will likely be playing the game on Hard mode
  10. Well, not every trans person has the same opinion on this topic either you know.. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/269735/Opinion_The_Siege_of_Dragonspear_drama_and_the_video_game_community.php Well, then why it is an outrageous surprise, that non-trans people might have different oppinions about this matter as well? *mind blown* The differing opinions are not a surprise, and I didn't even say that they were... But considering the actual content in question (three lines by the TG character, and a line by minsc) what has surprised me is how soft skinned some people are, and
  11. Well, not every trans person has the same opinion on this topic either you know.. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/269735/Opinion_The_Siege_of_Dragonspear_drama_and_the_video_game_community.php
  12. Maybe it's a Bioware thing? The hubris, I mean... I've long settled for opinions which I know reflect my own biases, which works well enough when looking at games. Be sure to tell me if you ever find a truly unbiased opinion, though... I tend to agree with a lot of reviews that gamebanshee does, so that is why I asked... So I suppose I should say "Gamebanshee reflects my own biases for the most part," if you want precise terminology. I didn't ask your opinion, no, but of course youre more than entitled to give it... I for one wont be playing SoD for quite a while, a
  13. Ive heard there's a bug where it wont stay in legacy of bhaal mode for some reason... Could be that
  14. Are you doing a review on it? Its kinda difficult to find unbiased opinions on this one... There's only two reviews from critics that I can find, and then there's virtually no point in reading user reviews at this moment in time.
  15. Just so you know, Im pretty sure the original games havent been touched... They just meant they tried to expand their personalities in SoD. Just tested, the characters dialogue in BG1EE is exactly the same, the line Hiro is talking about is in SoD only
  16. When people mention immersion in games, I always think of a interview a guy called Paul Barnett did on warhammer online. Shame that game wasnt particularly successful, but the interview still holds true. He said something along the lines of: "We're not aiming for immersion. Immersion is where your playing a game, your house is burning down around you and you dont realise, your wife has left you and the dog has died from starvation. We want to create a hobby experience." Or something along those lines... it was a long time ago now, but I agree with him, and the word immersion is thr
  17. Still no fix for the fact that theres too many fixes in the patch notes I see
  18. I just wish there was better communication on this matter... I will likely end up using a steam/gog key at this rate. I dont really have anything against those platforms, its just I planned to give my key away to someone else and I would just use the disc versions
  19. I dont think anyone in Europe is the target audience for it unfortuantely. Theres a $40 shipping cost ontop of that which brings it up to completely rediculous prices for me personally. Like I said though, I dont dispute that the price is high, just thought "cash grab" was an unfair term. To me cash grab means minimal effort has been put into the product and then quickly sold off for as much as they can milk fans for. The CE looks nice, just too much...
  20. $130 is a lot for the collectors edition, and Im not buying it... Although now I come to think of it, the pledge amount for a collectors edition of PoE was $140. Of course when backing through Kickstarter its a slightly different story, but judging from the actual quality of the PoE collectors edition (for me personally, it was about what I expected, but not something that i'd pay $140 for from a store), it doesn't seem easy to produce a nice boxed version on a tight budget and maybe with small numbers the costs are quite high, so to make a reasonable profit it has to be placed at that sort
  21. You of all people should know how long I wait to play games sometimes! But yes, it is nice to hear that the majority of you guys says the game has got better over time, which makes me look forward to playing it even more. I'm actually currently playing WL2 directors cut, and really liking it. But again I wonder what mu opinion would have been if id have played on release
  22. After all this time, I still haven't played PoE. Hopefully I will very soon, but I just wanted to talk about future support of games and how it is handled. I thought I was holding off playing due to possible bugs and wanting to play the game in the best state with the white march (and this still is the case to a large extent). However, I was reading a negative review of the game earlier, and the guys main beef with the game (only beef if I recall) was the rebalancing of classes and the game since launch, and how he would make a character, enjoy the way he was playing the class and the ga
  23. I don't think they've done the 3.0 update yet for the DVDs Though BAdler has said that we should at least have access to the white march part 1, but so far everyone is reporting that that isn't the case. Will interesting to know if its the same for everyone, but I assume it is based on these posts..
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