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  1. Agreed. It doesn't make it outstanding either. No one said PoE wasn't fun. Big difference between a good/fun RPG and outstanding/long-lasting classic Well to be fair, a lot of the RPGs that are regarded as classics and whose spirit Pillars of Eternity tries to invoke did not even have good combat. Take PS:T for example (with Pillars being much better in terms of combat), or Arcanum, or, I'm gonna say it, even the Fallout games. So combat really doesn't seem to be the most important aspect to make a game a classic. (Also: It would be great if you could refrain from insulting people
  2. Definitely melee as stated in the title. For weapons and style I haven't settled on that yet. The character I have in my head would use fast weapons in a two weapon-style (because of cool looks), but that is something that's still negotiable.
  3. Hello everyone, I just recently started Pillars of Eternity and went for a mage on my first attempt. But you know how it goes, in a severe case of restartitis I decided to leave the character after having played the first few quests in Defiance Bay. (Mostly because I wasn't happy with how the character turned out role-playing wise. I really have the feeling I should play it with the conversation hints turned on, because being passionate is more a matter of tone than of what you're actually saying and I didn't actually want my character to be passionate.) Anyway I settled on a melee cip
  4. Of course they're facing each other. It's all there in the dialogue descriptions. ; ) (But seriously, that's how this game works. When dialogue starts all that counts is what's in the text.)
  5. So you're proposing Mass Effect 2 without the main plot, right?
  6. Without spoilers there won't be an explanation for this. You should probably just play the game to check it out. It is kind of a strange character though. (If it's in a good way or a bad way probably relies on your own taste.)
  7. The actually strange thing about this is that there was a person that thought, that an offended person on the internet (!) warranted a thread like this.
  8. Looking at the character portraits available I'm pretty sure they will add more later on. But while we're at it: More diversity would be good in general. It's not just age. There just isn't a portrait fitting the Ocean Human character, that I created as my first character. That being said, I still think there are more to come.
  9. This is a general problem with economy in games. In this example the buy/sell-proportion is either 15:1 or 2.5:1. Problem is, that this doesn't make the game more authentic or realistic, it just makes the game harder. I agree that during the iron crisis iron should be more valuable, but why is it worth less, when you sell it? The smith is in desperate need for iron too, it's not just your character. So in the end increasing the proportions doesn't make the game more immersive. What I would like to see is another handling of magical items and weapons. Because what need does your general Ur
  10. Ok, so here's what I think: I don't think it should be possible to "deliberately" (i.e. without meta-gaming) change a character's nature. This means there should be no clear dialogue choices that lead to this. You shouldn't actually know what is going on. That being said, I believe that being on any kind of adventure or simply travelling together affects people. The choices you make during your quests should have a "visible" influence on your companions. They might not agree with things you do at first, but they might see that your methods reach results. Or your actions might make them se
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