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  1. Oh boy, one of the strongest guns in the game gated behind a "random encounter" that, it appears, never triggers for most people. GREAT
  2. I"m also getting this bug, which is really irritating, with a custom history. Any word on whether the devs are aware of it?
  3. Yeah the free Domination from the Scepter has swung quite a few fights in my direction, especially since it can crit to last something like 20+ seconds.
  4. I'm thinking of pairing Steadfast and Dragon's Maw on a Fighter, so the fear aura can help with the Outmaneuvering passive.
  5. Outmaneuvering is for Chanters, Fighters, and Wizards, and lets you target Will instead of Deflection if it's lower (like Barbarian's Brute Force). It's kinda nuts.
  6. Wizards, for me at least, are mostly about crowd-control rather than damage. Ciphers have a good mix but late-game are mostly crowd-control as well thanks to Amplified Wave. Special mention to Mental Binding as well. I'm curious what level you managed to reach before quitting as the roles of individual characters really diversify late game once they have their full suite of talents/abilities/equipment. Also Sagani becomes one of the strongest anti-boss members of your party once she gets Borreslaine + Twinned shots, though you have to respec her from Hunting Bows into War Bows.
  7. Also once Ciphers hit late game they get straight-up ridiculous with Amplified Wave. Good damage and prone in an absolutely silly-large AoE. Ciphers are typically ranged combatants, although they CAN off-tank to a degree with some of their buffs (Psychovampiric shield, Body Attunement, Borrowed Instinct). But being ranged lets them keep attacking without having to worry about moving between targets, which is important for focus generation.
  8. There are a BUNCH of unique spells in that grimoire that aren't in your screenshot, but it glitches out if you inscribe them and then reload a save. Also it somehow has Shadowflame inscribed as a level 3 spell when it is a level 4 spell. My advice is to save before travelling there (you have to have seen the ghost in Russetwood about the apprentice hiding the grimoire), pick it up, quickly have Aloth/another wizard learn every spell, copy them into a second grimoire, and then save to a seperate file. Then you can test loading that second save to make sure the spells don't magically disappear. Some of those spells are extremely strong.
  9. It's the invisibility cloak. Sometimes when it turns you invisible it doesn't un-invisible you properly and you get that dark aura until you save and reload.
  10. Agreed, I was hoping that Aloth would start using his level 1 spells once I hit 9 but it seems like he still treats them as "per-rest" and will only cast them if that option is checked.
  11. Skeletons are very useful early-mid game, get weaker later on so I'd recommend eventually rerolling that talent come late-game. Charm 1/encounter is very good, baby sneak-attack can be very good on everyone who isn't a CC/healing bot. Mini-paladin aura is good if you're averse to taking Pallegina. Multiple wounding shots are hilarious with Combusting Wounds. Fist talent is surprisingly fine. Otherwise they're kind of meh.
  12. I'm playing on the beta patch and the proc is working as intended now.
  13. Ok after getting the Ondra priest quest the enemies spawned and I was able to obtain the weapon. Thanks guys!
  14. I am having the same problem. Went to the location north of Galvino's hut, no enemies to fight.
  15. Can anyone help me with the location of St. Ydwen's Betrayer? I keep hearing that you get it from a fight north of Galvino's hut in the little camp area but when I went there the area was empty (have tried at multiple times of day). Is there something you need to do to trigger this fight appearing?
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