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  1. Hello, I accidentally caused a sequence breaking bug without meaning to and I've missed out on a significant story event, the second talk with Eothas. As soon as I got to Neketaka, I took a break from the main quest, the Hunt of Eothas, and did all the sidequests I could in Neketaka, one of which was the one for mapping all the uncharted islands in Deadfire. During this line of sidequests, one of the hints for finding uncharted islands was to explore Magran's Teeth. In my explorations, I happened upon Ashen Maw and entered it, thinking it may have been part of the uncharted island ques
  2. I am also having this problem. I restarted the game with a manual history. I reforged the Blade and killed the Master Below with Scale-breaker. When this game started, I saved Chiputec, and after the prologue I have the fragments of the Whisper of the Yenwood bow, but not the Blade fragments.
  3. Annoyed with the lack of Vela and Eder in the Night Market, I restarted my game with a manually constructed history to replicate my choices in PoE1. This time, when I started, Eder was correctly wearing the Mayoral amulet, however, when I got past the prologue and asked him what he got up to after the first game, he said he left Dyrwood and went to go live in Aedyr with his parents. Is this a bug? It sounds like it. How can he be both the loved and respected mayor of Dyrford and also leave the country because "there was nothing for him there"? Or is this as intended? He became mayo
  4. Not in part 1, from what I've experienced. Perhaps in Part 2
  5. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I encountered a problem with the St. Yweden's Redeemer soulbound weapon. The second tier of it's binding requires you kill 50 Vessel enemies with it. I've been forcing Eder (who it is bound to) to pretty much fight all Battery Defenders, Shieldwalls, and Priests by himself to rack up kills. Problem is, Eder keeps triggering the Destroy Vessel ability of the Redeemer.... which is not registering in his kill tally. I assume this is because it requires you to kill enemies with weapon damage inflicted by the Redeemer. But that's annoying! I can't reliably
  6. I found the quarterstaff in Longfalls, in the southwestish-middleish part of the map.(I'm stuck on it's second level, killing blights, cause the only blights that are currently alive in my post-endgame run are Ice Blights from TWM, which are immune to crushing so I can't kill them with the staff. Ugh.)
  7. The way I think the game works is that you kinda help Aloth (and some other npcs like Sagani) build a hidden Reputation. Just like the player can have one for both Honesty and Deception, and one may just be higher than the other (or tied!). I believe that pushing Aloth to dominate Ishelmyr is a BIG mark in a hidden "Domination" Reputation, and accepting her is a big mark in a "Independent" Reputation. But there are many many marks to be had with him either way throughout your conversations with him. That way, you can constintenyly choose Independenty options for him, but when it comes down
  8. I finished the quest, and I was really disappointed to find that you can't sever its bond like you can with other soulbond weapons. Just thought I should mention it. (I had my rogue Watcher pull the blade, but I was hoping to give it to Eder. Not possible I guess. :/ )
  9. I got one reaction check for Drifter from Cacelhaught (however that's spelled). (It wasn't an option for me to choose, he just knew I was a Drifter somehow.)
  10. Man, thanks so much. I never would have even thought to look outside the White March area for the first verse.
  11. I was able to get him using the same method I got the rest of the apprentices. My party is Rogue Watcher, Eder, Aloth, Grieving Mother, Hiravias, and Durance. I lined up the Rogue, Grieving Mother, and Hiravias at the doorway, with Aloth and Durance behind them. I walked Eder forward to initaite the conversation, then once combat started, I ran him back to the doorway, while Aloth started casting Fireball and Hirvius Plague of Insects at maximum range. Then I stopped Eder a little ways away, but still within distance that Durance could clip him with heal spells. Everyone at the door used range
  12. Hello all! New here, so hope I don't rock too many boats. Longknife, I think the problem is that you're just a very rational person. There is nothing wrong with that. However, the logical answer isn't always the kindest, most benevolent one. Send the souls back to the Wheel? Yes, nice and clean. You know exactly what will happen, and everything returns to its course. But what about all the families across the Dyrwood that have been wronged? What of all the broken homes and crying mothers? Sending the souls back to the Cycle does not help these people. It does not right the injustice th
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