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  1. I am not far enough removed from my Dishonored 2 playthrough to have hesitated. I figured out what was going on from the item name and descriptions pretty quickly and enjoyed the level quite a bit. It's ok to take your time and look for everything though.
  2. Hopefully Aramintai doesn't mind me stepping in and hopefully you like these Salinger.
  3. I found some neat looking Toshiro Mifune portrait on artstation so I gave it the PoE treatment. Some day my posts will be approved by the mods here. :-d
  4. I also enjoy the Edér portrait. Also fits in well for a fighter/rogue who has maybe lost some bulk in his late middle age, but has made up for it with tricks earned through experience.
  5. Maybe this will get the thread back on track, maybe not. Hope my watercolor edits are all right, anyone with a steadier hand is of course welcome to it.
  6. My first reaction was one of minor annoyance. I didn't think I could pan the camera. I mean, I knew we were going old school with this one. I didn't know we were bringing back all the ****ty things about those old games too. My next reaction was one of panic as I realized I'd set the game to hyper speed and gone to plaid. Good one. You guys got me. Started over, changed my key bindings, walked into the first building and the game crashed. Hrmm... OK. It is a beta. Fair enough. Start again. Repeat scenario one. Discover my new key bindings did not survive the crash. Good one
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