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  1. The one from the kickstarter must obviously be different from the ones sold in the shops, because I have seen boxed copies available in New Zealand in the stores.
  2. It works fine for me, it becomes less useful the further you get through the game though.
  3. Thanks for this, it helped me continue the game. Don't have to wait for a patch now.
  4. So If I accepted first quest from the Dozens and Knights and then accepted second quest from Dozens (before Winds of Steel quest) then there is no way for me to get second quest from Knigts and therefore invitation for hearing (even after patch) ? Yeah this is completely confusing. I just ran into this bug and there is no way I want to restart the game, I don't even have a save before I accepted the second Dozens quest. I want to continue with the knights. So is the next patch going to fix it so that if you have accepted "The Bronze Beneath the Lake" quest and not done it, you can continue on with the knights? Otherwise, there must be a console command or edit to rip that quest out from your journal. I just can't face replaying it all right now, this is so gutting.
  5. Yeah, I would like this option, would make ambushing enemies better.
  6. Completely agree, this is the most bug free RPG on release I have played in a long time. Only Divnity Original Sin comes close. Maybe I'm just lucky. This game is awesome and I'll be playing it for years.
  7. I have no problem with them, didn't know they were backer NPCs and thought the stories were written by Obsidian. Haven't come across anything really bad yet.
  8. I played mostly console games during my teens. This was before the days of downloading patches. I don't remember a single game which had a bugs as bad as this. My Aloth has 34 Intelligence. 34!!! His AoEs are enormous. There was also not a game with this complexity and scope back in those days. But there were definitely bugs in games back in the day too. I had a few that was impossible to finish due to a bug.
  9. Some gog games have achievements, but the developers needs to make it an internal part of the game. With Steam, most achievements is tied to the Steam client. Personally, I would prefer if I could disable achievements for all my games. I just don't have any use for them.
  10. Yeah, these cloth maps are always awful, I had one with Baldur's Gate 2 and it was a waste of time. Since then, I never forked out extra for them.
  11. I wish they said this in the manual, I haven't followed along the kickstarter to avoid spoilers. Well, that will definitely change how I approach some things for the better. My next character will definitely be a sneaky one so that I can avoid combat. Excellent.
  12. Thanks for testing that. Maybe there is some other way of speeding up the chants. Or maybe the battles will take longer later on, so making the chanter more viable. By the way, do you know if the number of chants in a song changes how long it takes to get to 3 chants? EG. If I have a song with only 1 repeating chant, will that build the 3 chants needed for an invocation quicker than a song with 3 chants? Complicated stuff! I had another thought last night, it makes sense for them not to be faster, because the phrases of the chants themselves provide spell effects anyway. So it would sometimes be detrimental for the chants to be too short. In most of the normal battles I get about 2-3 spells fired off. I did notice that different phrases have different lengths so there may be ones that are quite short where you can fire off spells more often.
  13. There is an option to turn of automatic attacks, then your characters won't automatically run across and attack enemies. I think they will still attack anyone that is next to them.
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