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  1. I liked the shirt, didn't open the box yet to see map, same with my WL2 CE. Guess I should look lol.
  2. I would love to see a toggle to have a character remain static and not move. I have characters run into a horde of enemy after killing one, then autotargeting another enemy without my imput and getting killed. I don't WANT my tanks holding a choke point to ran after enemy without my direction. Make it so...thanks.
  3. They need to patch it. I am not interested in screwing around deleting files etc to make it work. I simply bypass it in new game and go to Stronghold to clear dungeon.
  4. Completely agree. I made rouge as main for first game, still on it and wow...he is worthless as a backstabber. You have one shot then get stomped, and the damage dosnt make the risk worth it. He is typically also the first to drop when focused on. The class as it stands needs to have a unique evade ability that increases misses or ideally as you suggest that each party member can be in or out of stealth individually. As it is...its a very poor way to handle the stealth mechanic and I am debating shelving my current game on this basis. Frankly the rouge in this game isn't a rouge.
  5. The key for me was pausing and using spells effectively, for example I discovered STOP can be used more then one on the same enemy, no immunity etc after its been cast. I used that, web and other spells in conjunction with missile fire to damage or destroy mobs before they can close to melee. Used the custom formation feature to set up one that works for you and keep the smooshies in the back. I am on my first play through and AM VERY IMPRESSED with fighter class, least the guy you can recruit in first town. I made a Rogue as my main and franky he isn't the backstab king, he does better as a u
  6. Same, went in via the vines, didn't bother to camo with the robes, just killed everyone was ladened with loots to tried to leave and it crashed.
  7. You can also find other pets in game, including another baby dragon.
  8. FYI for those that don't know, how the stolen and sold to resellers bit works. What happens is someone makes a copy of the key manifest at a legit site, then sells it through a channel to the other site. This means that two or more people are then given the same key, and one person gets screwed. Usually keys are provided in .xls format, so I'm sure you can see how easy it would be for someone to copy it. Especially if the person in question is manually input them into some other sites database. Believe it or not, some sites actually do use people to enter keys manually still. Interesting
  9. Be nice considering some of us paid a pound of flesh to see this get made via Kickstarter. How is that possible anyway? In short, Russian keys are often sold for cheaper but are supposed to only be used in Russia. People can get around that using [thing] or [thing] but sometimes there's no lock and anyone can use the keys. That's why the gray market is risky (if you buy a key and it gets locked in your area there's nothing you can do to get it off your Steam account and you cannot rebuy the game to fix that or get a new key). K...I don't buy grey market games so ive no idea. I jus
  10. Be nice considering some of us paid a pound of flesh to see this get made via Kickstarter. How is that possible anyway?
  11. Did not get a email, saw people were able to preload on steam so went to my account page and it generated. Pre loaded and am ready to rumble!
  12. How come the novella also won't be there? I was hoping to read it over the weekend (no big deal, mind you—I'm just curious). To Obsidian: Congratulations on launching Pillars of Eternity, and many, many, endless thanks for bringing back isometric party-based cRPGs! Additional, countless thanks for managing our pledges and rewards—God knows how much work you must have put into that, and you got bashed more often than thanked for it. Kudos and love to you! Save the scotch for the game novice alchemist!
  13. well i have the same thing. i pledged for the $50 digital edition. i should get the royal edition but i got the champion edition instead. Hi guys, the Royal edition includes the strat guide, but that's not in the $50 digital edition or the $65 boxed edition, unfortunately. The other redeemable items will be available on your Products tab on or by Thursday. Both are good, pretty much the only two I use. Most of my games are on Steam though, used to hate it...like it now
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