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  1. My game will crash whenever I try to exit Raedric's Hold. Files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qoadywbbnn14vyh/PoE_crash.rar?dl=0
  2. ^ Well competitive games are different because teams are well coordinated and supports have item's like hex ( turns you into a harmless critter), or the enemy team has just the right group of 5 heroes so that your life will be miserable. Strong strength based heroes / bruisers or whatever won't do much harm to a farmed carry. Actually you don't even need to be level 25 or super farmed to own the enemy team if you play a hero like Phantom Assassin, because of the very strong crit and evasion passive abilities. Then again Phantom Assassin is not that good in competitive because of the reasons I stated in my first paragraph, but hey it's called balance.
  3. ^ I agree with you. Diablo 2 had really nice big item icons. From newer games Path of Exile did it best IMO.
  4. This has nothing to do with the presented arguments and why the engagement mechanic sucks so much. I dont see any argument axept those which are obviosly defects, not intended behaviour, care to elaborate one? Only one i seen was 'I cant run away freely, i got hit by enemy' well for me its good feature not bad. Any other? I could also ask why you backed this game and then are supporting something that trivializes combat positioning and functions completely differently from the IE games.
  5. This has nothing to do with the presented arguments and why the engagement mechanic sucks so much.
  6. For some strange reason I got this feeling that Obsidian (Sawyer) are not that familiar with Dota and it's mechanics.
  7. @Starwars: I think that was the plan, but they are busy with other stuff.
  8. Are you talking about people who were backers or just random gamers? Most people have terrible opinions, (can be seen even here on backer forums) so I don't see that doing any good.
  9. These people don't even care about the games mechanics. Just make easy so easy that they can finish the game, problem solved. This way we could still have interesting systems and mechanics. Like it was stated by Sawyer " people liked the IE games because they were isometric and had cool locations". So, "casuals" could still be enjoying this game same way they enjoyed BG or IWD. I guess in reality all of these choices have more to do with Sawyer's personal opinions about BG or IWD. He didn't like the stuff that many people absolutely loved.
  10. Given the content we currently have access to, I'm not sure how you think you have enough information to make that judgment. I was a little bit too vague. I' meant that what PoE has to make it "KS worthy game not restricted by mean publishers" Obsidian went KS, they had a chance. Instead what we have now is this delicious looking cake with a disappointing taste.
  11. Whenever there's a new game, developers / publishers are highly touting how the new game will have improved mechanics compared to it's predecessors. Unfortunately, failing in this task. Doesn't matter if we are talking about first person shooters, cRPG's - these type of games were mastered already 10-15-20 years ago. Yeah, I agree, wanting to improve and tune existing systems and rule sets is a noble intention, BUT. Again what we're seeing is not "tuning" - it is an overhaul to a much more inferior system. I'm seriously not sure what PoE has to really set it apart from those numerous AAA bore fest rpg's, oh yeah - tons of text and no quest pointers.
  12. And this argument is the most retarded one ever, because you are controlling A GROUP OF CHARACTERS, in PoE's case six of them. Makes no sense at all. Unfortunately, I think you are right. It can be *fixed" but you will still have this little feeling that it could be better.
  13. Wow, Seari. That is a really nice mock up. Would play 5/5.
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