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  1. any possibility for youto watercolour it ? i know its very dark and might be complicated to get it right but i am in love with this picture a long long time...
  2. Is it possible to create a poe2 character portrait from my obsidian forum picture ?
  3. can i activate story mode for just 1 fight and afterwards change it back ?
  4. humans dont care about others, we are egoists. thats said, this is why critic dont works,too. if you want someone to change you would need that he likes to change. And thats said pls stop to being rude. because critic will be always answered my defense/anger words...
  5. i liked the fact that you can mention it you killed a dragon or have achieved other things and they consider it, but why should they let you pass ? They know they can not trust you and they like to get the artifact for themselves. So iam ok that i can not talk them go away and yes they are very tough fights but i learned a lot fighting them. Now only the Mage tower is waitin for me yeah...
  6. Its not reallly a bug but its an annoying thing to me how the AI is trying to kill my mage with getting weaker by trying it. 1) with 2.01 you introduced a mechanic which alerts the AI and goes for my Mage in this case Aloth to kill him as he produces a lot of damage in very short time, problem is that he euipped the speed boots which makes im faster running then the AI, i can outrun dem AI and as only melee is trying fo kill him, i lead them away root/stun them there and kill the others weaker targets meanwhile ) ... I understand what you wanted to acchieve but in my case it dont works. 2) second problem is, if you running to far away from the battlefield, enemies turn around and going back, GOING back... hey great you cant stun them/used your stun spells, but they stun themselves ;-) if they see Aloth they try again to catch him so you can "stun" them without spells, just using the in this case "bad" AI... sorry dont want to be rude. would love if you find a way to solve this or changing it so they would protect thereself or protect the enemy mage...
  7. sorry to say, but its ok - you dont have to play PoE, I wished i would have discovered the gamebreaking bugs you described (iam now in front of the pit and played through White March Part1) because i would post them into the bug forum, including save games and would try to help obsidian to fix them to get PoE right )
  8. yes i seen a few bugs myself,... For me, iam now finished the White March Part 1, and i have a few quests and bountyhunter goals to finish and i wont enter the Pit until they confirm i can play The White March 2 if i defeated Thaos before ;-) But the game is far far far from "broken". The game is all over playable and achievable. Have Fun! PoE is a great Game for me!
  9. to answer the question from the beginning. i finished the white March today, when i first time talked to both companions - i talked to them so far as they joined me then i never looked back and never visited them so far. iam sorry iam not impressed by a monk who sleeps in a barrel or a rogue who is a "ghost in the machine"-thing... i did not care about their both storeis Maybe the Monk i would take for a while with me, but i love to have Eder, Pallegina, Aloth, Durance and Sagani with me, so there is no space for another party member
  10. "Ghosts" (in the expansion) have a spell which can "skyjack" your charakter wich moves him a lot away from the group...gladly so far they only "skyjacked" my tank who is not in danger when they doing it...
  11. can it be he got charmed and moved "our of controll" to another group ? or maybe some other spell effects ?
  12. ok its done, if you have the same problem, send a short email to the support email and you get help very fast. thank you very much
  13. i would love if i could import my save game and play my hero from poe in poe2 ) with all the story which concludes to it...
  14. i dont know if this is a problem which can occur only with your main or with other charcters. at the moment i discovered it only with my Main. As my approach into a new room is first with stealth and on sight and after i took a good position to enter combat, i have a problem with my main who is a paladin and should go first. But he is falling back, behind the others, Not in stealh only, when i deactivate stealth and walk normally he is always the slowest one... he has not a smaller dex then others from my group, are there modifiers which i can not see which can slow him down ?... its not the worst thing as i still can play its only that i have to wait until he moves into position... and sometimes when i rush into a room i have a melee at my back which is sometimes nice too but i just wondered if this is a bug or maybe a feature i dont know how to solve it ? thank you
  15. i did not scale as i was lvl 12 entering White March and its a cakewalk ) So far and i have dont all quests before enter the battery its quite simple, so if you want a challenge scale it.
  16. Dont know why to use a Staff, because i can only do melee damage with it correct ? why i want to go into melee with a mage ?
  17. Es mag ein Wort sein das es gibt ... aber man ich habe es in 35 Jahren noch nie gehört. Gut ich habe kein militärisches Vorwissen. Wenn ich mir den WIki Artikel durchlese dann verstehe die Verwendung "Batterie" im militärischen Sinne als gäbe es dort Raketenwaffen bzw grosse Geschütze. Also nichts was man am Mann tragen und abfeuern kann. Ich möchte jetzt auch nicht gespoilert werden was sich wirklich in der "Batterie" versteckt. Ich empfinde das Wort eben nicht als das "schönste" das man hätte wählen können... "Geschützstellung" statt "Batterie" klingt schon viel besser für mich um den Zusammenhang zu verstehen. "Vault" ;-) Hätte mir auch gut gefallen, damit hätte ich was anfangen können und "Durgans Vault", muss ja nicht unbedingt der Name sein wie die Zwerge ihn genannt haben.Und Eigennamen von Orten müssen ja nicht eingedeutscht werden... Vielleicht auch "Durgans Feuer"...oder was ähnliches was dem Ort Charakter gibt. "Durgans Batterie" nach seiner Funktion zu benennen finde ich aus erzählerischer Sicht nicht schön. Aber ich merke schon ich verzettel mich... ) Lassen wirs einfach so wie es ist. Danke ich weiss ja jetzt was ne Batterie ist *Grins*
  18. gets your work recognized by Obsidian ? Battery mit Batterie zu übersetzen ist sowas von komisch, da hätts n schöneres deutsches Wort für gegeben... Party i dont think they understand german when they ask someone to translate it ( -edit- Thx for your work, i try it when i get home some day.
  19. Problem with the Scale up from White March it dont tells you which level they are around if you dont scale up, so to understand it i first needed to test how it feels when i dont scale up... but anyway it will scale up my playtime ;-)
  20. when i heard that there will be an expansion (i was already in the pit, meanwhile i reloaded to get a way out ;-) and stopped the game, Now i play further to have the experience from both together... i think as the game or some bosses are very hard to me i will still be there fighting to get the game done, but anyway for BG2+addon i played almost 2 years, IWD1 and 2 i remember i played them each around 1 year or so... every time i play PoE i like it very much and i get somethin back from the game! And i dont get the point whats makes a game "better" if you are done with it quickly ;-) PS: i startet my second BG playtrough when i heard there will be an "dragonspear" addon coming ) but i think by the lack of time i have THIS project will take me more then 2 years to finish it
  21. middest/3d half in the game you get up to 3 speed boots, which allows me to get my mage, my priest and my rogue out of every close comat situation very easily )
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