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  1. Agreed. Both the disengagement and the endurance/health thing are very unintuitive and unnecessary complex to new players. Even after all this time, I have no idea why they didn't do something like Attack of Opportunity and "normal" health with limited Camp supplies - it would've worked just we well, if not better, and it would've been much simpler.
  2. To be fair, the disengagement thing is very unintuitive and will have plenty of new players completely baffled as to what is going on.
  3. Hm... It partly depends on what companions are available (I'd prefet not to make mercenaries). Is it confirmed we get no rogue companion?
  4. I genuinely believe the feedback and effort from Sensuki made this game AT LEAST 10% better. Sometimes the threads got heated etc., emotions ran high, but the posts were always constructive... And much more often than not, they were based in fact, not opinion. Seriously. I want to thank you because I'm convinced you helped a great deal and I'm going to play a much better game in 4 days because of it.
  5. I haven't since the 2nd version, and I gotta say, the progress is HUGE. I'm glad that the devs are listening and reading and improving the game. There's still a lot of work to be done, both in combat and other aspects (I honestly can't see characters from the surroundings at times, and I see that's a common complaint).
  6. Just wanted to say, since I probably come off as negative in some of my posts, fanastic work in between these updates.
  7. I don't think that's unfair to expect at all. I've put my trust and my money into Obsidian because I believe that with this budget and the back they can make a good that catches the spirit and feeling of the IE games, but are certainly not inferior in any way. IMO, after a month and a half of beta, the game is still not even close to what I (personally) expect. Yes, there are bugs to fix etc., but the biggest gripe I have so far is the "change something for the change of changing it, whether it's actually good is an afterthought" syndrome. There are so many changes from IE games t
  8. I like it. Similar to D:OS, but looks tidier IMO. Thumbs up.
  9. I don't really see the point of discussing it... More options to progress is NEVER bad. You should get XP for exploring, questing and, yes, combat. Even out the questing XP and combat XP by having the non-combat quest option earn you more XP... Pretty simple IMO. ... Again, like a lot of stuff so far in beta, some things seem to be changed from the original BG concept, simply for the sake of being different, without actually improving on the original concept.
  10. Without going too much into the depths of what makes a Ranger fun to play (in RPGs I usually play a Rogue, with my 2nd character nearly always being a ranger - except in the Souls series, melee combat is too good to pass on there): - I like the idea of an animal companion - I'd prefer synergy (something akin to Lone Druid skills in Dota) - a mobile Ranger with some CC and decent damage (something like Windrunner in Dota) - at least 2-3 clicky skills, autoattacking alone really isn't all that exciting
  11. I don't know if this is true or not, but they're definitely going the wrong way about it. Inventory management can be such a pain it actually puts people off playing the game itself. I don't mind being limited by weight and/or space (with option to enhance it - Bags of Holding etc.), but 8 slots per character just feels like they're intentionally giving me ridiculously little space it's actually insulting. Like, seriously. I feel stupid and offended after I fill the space out after 4 combat encounters, 5 minutes after exiting the town.
  12. The Interrupt thing, to me, looks like a lot of the issues I'm having with the game right now - reinventing the wheel, changing something for the sake of changing it, and definitely NOT making it better or more modern etc. IMO interrupting spells should be based of two things: - damage taken theshold - straight out stuns/interrupt spells/skills Simple, yet effective in basically any game I've played. RPG, MMO, Dota, whatever... ... Again, though this new patch is an improvement over the first initiial BB release, I'm still having a lot of issues that I find concerning and som
  13. I just want to reply to this "it's a beta" or "it's something different" line of excuse-making. The level of things missing from the game and the amount of things not working, and the stuff that is basically sure to be in the game but the general view is that it's not good etc... Is WAY to much for a game that's suppose to come out in 3 months time. I backed this project, I want my BG successor great game, but unless they push it back a few months, I think I'm (me, personally) in for a massive disappointment.
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