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  1. Nope. I tried that as well. The only option is to load your save from before jumping into the pit and go back from there. The game is kind enough to make a special save there for you. Once you're done with the expansion, you'll have to go back to the burial isle and jump in. I guess Obs will have to buff Thaos, but that's a different matter.
  2. And miss the heart wrenching drama of Khalid not making it? I think not. Not gonna happen. The omnipresent authority figure has plans for Jaheira. They involve this locked cell and forever.
  3. And here I thought that your party's gonna end up in the lowest parts of the Durgan's Battery with some impossible-to-open huge door that will only be accessible to the player after part 2 is installed. Phew You thought wrong. Take that, sarcasm!
  4. Part I is supposed to be a complete story that does not end with a cliffhanger, so I think it would be fine. Since this is a Tales of the Sword Coast - like expansion, I expect Part II to pick up other stories in other places. Still, waiting to get both parts is worth it if you want to get the experience of an old school expansion pack.
  5. 1. Check RES + Athletics 2. Check CON + Survival 3. Reach for soul and move like Plato 4. Ask for directions 5. Ask about character background 6. Ask for plot exposition 7. Use rope 8. Use hammer and chisel (FFS, NO!) 9. Leave P.S. This is a troll topic from the start (i.e. luzarius).
  6. So this soulbound weapons thing is kind of the MMO binding stuff mixed with Fable 3's weapon progression. I have a few questions in this regard revolving around how you balance enchanted/unique/soulbound? 1. Right now fully enchanted normal weapons are roughly at the same place in the loot ladder as uniques. That's ok-ish (minus the part where uniques don't feel unique), you either invest in making a weapon the way you want, or roll with whatever unique weapon you like (+/- one or two enchantments if possible). Now, if soulbound stuff is roughly in the same ballpark at max level, then
  7. Don't worry about that. The progression would probably expand to: Wyrm -> Drake -> Dragon (different types) -> Big ass mother****ing Dragon -> Cthŵlhŵ
  8. After equipping it and doing a fight, it grants me 10% burn damage for like 20 seconds while my druid is transformed. Hmm, that's not what it should do as far as I know. Try hovering your pointer over some of your hits in the combat log that you landed while in animal form. If it only registers slash and corrode damage, then it either enchances corrode or does nothing. If it also displays burn damage, then that's what it adds.
  9. It is supposed to work with any type of Wildstrike (including corrode). I don't know if it actually does, however - the item was bugged before and I don't know if it is fixed now.
  10. I should note that afaik MCA's role in Pillars was more supervisory than hands-on (although he wrote Durance and Mother at least), so I suspect his absence wouldn't affect the expansion all that much and writing in it will be consistent with the original in terms of quality.
  11. Wasn't it already dead? It was only mostly dead. Consult Miracle Max if you need a clear understanding of the various intricate levels of deadness that exist. That said those mind blades can be AOE so you probably many it dead dead with them OP. Nope, it is either alive or dead, don't let no quantum mechanics tell you otherwise. Unless it is undead. Then again when exactly is something that has nine lives considered undead is kind of a moot point. Aaaaaanyway, I guess that's a bug. Mind blades are not supposed to hit it.
  12. Although you use Scouting mode ("stealth mode") to search for hidden items, it takes Mechanics, not Stealth to see them (Stealth only determines how good you are at sneaking, it does not affect your ability to find traps and hidden items - Mechanics does). Spend some points in Mechanics and come back later. It will show up.
  13. Yup, I wondered about them as well. Could be a cut quest or just flavour stuff (you know, like those pirates in the cave beyond the hidden door in the Sea's Bounty tavern in BG2. There never was anything connected to them).
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